Jamie Foxx Is 100% Not Banging Katie Holmes, According To Jamie Foxx

Back in August, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted dancing together which led to rumors that he grabbed her ass and she turned him down for sex. Which made sense at the time because Tom Cruise probably rigged her vagina to explode if it isn’t fully clothed, and that takes a while to not live in constant fear of. Which brings us to yesterday where In Touch Weekly reported the two are dating now. Which is either horseshit, or Jamie Foxx is simply trying to avoid intergalactic war with this quote. It’s a toss-up. Via Entertainment Tonight:

“[The rumors] are one hundred percent not true,” he told Nancy. “In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people.”

Of course, there is the fact Katie Holmes has been looking hotter, and naturally the only reason for that is to please a man. It’s not like she looked at photographs of herself from the past six years and went, “Jesus, I don’t remember any of that,” then bought new makeup and shoes per the deafening, never-ending instructions of every single cell in her body. That’s crazy talk.

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