Katie Holmes is Becoming Self-Aware

“Oh, he’s gay, haha! I get it now.”

Seen here showing a wide range of emotions that suggest she’s more Thetan than alien race car driver now – *consults Dianetics* Nailed it. – Katie Holmes took the time from her own movie premiere to talk about how awesome Tom Cruise is or else he dresses Suri in an outfit from Old Navy because his heart is black and presumably full of angel rape. Via E! News:

Suri’s mom was lookin’ darn pretty in a Contrarian minidress and Lanvin stilettos at last night’s Los Angeles Film Festival closing-night screening of her latest movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. But we gotta admit, we were a little more interested to find out what she thinks of hubby Tom Cruise’s work as an ’80s hair band singer in the Rock of Ages flick. “My husband,” Holmes gushed, “is blowing me away.”

“Blowing me away,” interesting word choice. Even moreso when compared to other comments Katie’s made about Tom’s performances in the past:

War of the Worlds (2005): “When he talked about the aliens long, throbbing tentacles, you can feel a real sense of awe and reverence. It was inspiring.”

Mission: Impossible III (2006): “Why… can’t I.. think.. word.. stuff?”

Lions For Lambs (2007): “It’s like seeing a heterosexual man interested only in vaginal intercourse thrust onto the screen with absolutely no interest in butt sex – *KZZAAPPP!* – Context! CONTEXT, MOTHERFUCKER!”

Tropic Thunder (2008): “So hilarious! I just wanted to laugh and put on a cowboy outfit and then cry because I can’t grow a mustache the way he likes… Holy shit, these pills are wearing off!”

Valkyrie (2008): “Kanf youff fear me frough fis fuzzle.”

Knight and Day (2010): “Sometimes you forget what a great action star is. He just blows men away. Blows them all night.”

Rock of Ages (2011): “My husband is blowing me away. — Did I do it right?”

Photo: Splash News