Katie Holmes Is Calling Up Old Boyfriends Now, But Mostly Just Joshua Jackson

September 27th, 2012 // 42 Comments
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Seen here trying to incept her way back into Joshua Jackson‘s mind just like Tom did with all those aliens, those dead, dead aliens with their oddly human muscular male bodies, oh God, she can still hear their screams… Katie Holmes apparently called up Pacey out of the blue the other day which sounds way too good to be true, except it literally came out of his mouth most likely to keep Diane Kruger from performing Nazi experiments on him in his sleep. Haha! Germans. Us Magazine reports:

Last Thursday, Jackson, 35, revealed that he recently received an out-of-the-blue call from his Dawson’s Creek costar Holmes, now 33 and freshly divorced from Cruise, 50.
“Like any old friend, it was like, ‘Oh, hi how are ya? What’s going on?’; ‘I had a kid,’” the Fringe actor said of his phone chat with Suri’s now-single mom. “It was very nice, actually.”

I like how Joshua Jackson thinks Katie Holmes just called to fill him in on her life even though there are hidden tribes in the Amazon who know she had a baby. Because I’m almost positive she wasn’t saying, “Yup, I’m a mom now,” as much as, “Holy shit, where did this kid come from and why isn’t it 2006 anymore?” Although, after that I’m sure it was a nice friendly conversation until she found an opening to ask why a person would wake up holding a bloody Klingon dagger inside a re-education trailer which, naturally, resulted in Pacey getting hit by a mind-sniper wiping his memory clean. XENU WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR INSOLENCE.

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  1. XGL

    They made a cute couple. Much more approriate than her and TC or him and Diane Kruger.

    In fact, Suri looks a bit like him…………………….what a coinky-dink.

    Just kidding. She looks WAY more like chris klein.

    • CF98

      No I thinks he looks more like Josh than CK its no coincidence he brought her up after her divorce and if you look at pics at JJ as a kid and Suri there’s an uncanny resemblance

  2. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but her kneecaps are too small for her legs. NEXT!

  3. EricLr

    “So what have you been doing all these years?”

    “Well, I auditioned to pretend to be Tom Cruise’s wife to make it look like he wasn’t gay. Then I was basically held as a drugged-up captive by a crazy-ass cult. Then I had a kid when said cult artificially inseminated me with what I can only assume was frozen semen from their batshit-crazy founder. And recently I escaped when my dad slipped me some handcuff keys during a visit….Oh, And I’m also doing an upcoming Broadway show! What have you been up to?”

    “Uh, just acting on Fringe, mostly…”

  4. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
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    From this angle, she looks like a character in the “FoxTrot” comic strip.

  5. memmememe

    katie is weird. who does that?

    • ms perfect

      Who calls an old friend that you have closely worked with for years? Yeah who does that?! How dare she picks up the phone thinking they could exchange a few words and catch up. lol That is just such a horrible thing to do!! How could a woman who have gone through a divorce and is doing everything to keep her relationship with her daughter intact call a friend?? My god let us stop this abomination.

      • memmememe

        She hasn’t seen or spoken to him in YEARS. Of all her friends she calls him? Surely she has closer friends (like ones she’s spoken to in the last 5 years) than that! Yes, I find that weird.

      • lalalala

        memmememe, I want an advice. I had this best friend in highschool…we haven’t been in touch for years but we were real tight back then. Is it weird if I send her a request in facebook or send a message just to ask what’s up? That would be classified under weird right? You’re the one sounding like a bitch. So you mean to say if it has been YEARS it is weird to go call old friends?? I would actually think it would be a nice surprise. Kinda like what Joshua Jackson thought. Did you notice how no one agreed with you yet? :)) Who says she hasn’t called other friends, anyway? Oh right. Because all people publicize it to the media whenever an OLD FRIEND calls up. So ironic how you are calling people bitter when you are the one judging a person for calling an old friend, flame, whatever.

      • memmememe

        FFS, i called her weird and got attacked. she married tom cruise so SOMETHING is wrong with her.

      • Weird or not, it sounds like she’s lonely, and has been lonely for some time now. I think she’s just reaching out to someone from her former life to attempt to recapture some previous emotional contentment. The fact that it’s an old flame indicates that she’s probably horny, too. GO FOR IT, JOSH!

  6. El Jefe

    Nympho bootycall time, oh yeah.

  7. Tom

    Diane Kruger > Katie Holmes

  8. Guess she didn’t want to wait for her life to over.

  9. YTBOY

    Man, Katie is so damn hot!!! Very sexy legs girl!!!

  10. Joshua, think for you a moment here. Anna Torv is available too. Plus, you really want to go where Tom Cruise and Xenu have been?

  11. qwerty

    memmememe, didn’t you read that Josh commented “Like an old friend” and “it was nice, actually”. I just feel bad for you who finds negative shit like a friend calling an old friend “WEIRD”. Don’t you have any? :p Oh no. Your life is just perfect I’m sure.

    • mike

      Then the conversation goes like this: “hey pacey, you still in the biz”
      “ah katie my name is Joshua”
      “oh yah new code names will get dawson so confused!” /maniacal laugh.
      So joesph…”
      “No it’s joshua!”
      “right! Can you hook me up on that one show of yours!?” /coke snort

    • memmememe

      Let me repeat myself… She hasn’t seen or spoken to him in YEARS. Of all her friends she calls him? Surely she has closer friends (like ones she’s spoken to in the last 5 years) than that! Yes, I find that weird.

      you sound like one bitter beeyotch. take a pill.

      • Charlotta

        Actually, Josh was her boyfriend for like a year and then became her best friend. There are family photos with the Holmes family for holidays with Josh there at Christmas etc. And right before she met Tom Cruise Katie just returned from a trip to visit with Josh in London where he did a stage play.
        The only weird thing was her instantly dropping on of her closest friends of almost ten years the minute Tom Cruise took over her life. For her to finally call Josh now as soon as her divorce is final says a lot .

      • memmememe

        well golly gee i didn’t know katie’s life story or her romantic history and you know too much.

      • Charlotta

        Just because someone knows more than you do, doesn’t mean they know too much. lol. It’s really quite the height of egotism to assume everyone in the world should be limited by your same lack of knowledge.

        Josh and Katie have both spoken at length in interview upon interview about their close friendship/romance/whatever for the better span of a decade, starting with when the Creek premiered. You could probably find one of them somewhere on a little place called the internet if you were interested.

      • qwerty

        No I’m not a bitch. Actually, I’m more understanding of why Katie called up an old friend instead of being, well, you the bitch who calls her weird. I’m sure she has other friends she has spoken to in the last five years but who are you to assume she hasn’t? Cos that’s what you’re so sure of. That she didn’t call anybody else but that old friend. So quit being a bitch and just be nice. People go through shit and if they need to call a friend or someone they knew when they were still wearing diapers, leave them the fuck alone.

      • memmememe

        take a pill. are you katie’s mom?

      • Hit that bitch! Scratch her eyes out…CAT FIGHT, GUYS…!!!

  12. this bitch is gross.

  13. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
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    “”…….hmmmm…… I wonder if this thing still works?”

  14. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
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    I love those fucking legs. I want to lick them all the way up and down.

  15. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
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    Scientologists stole her dentures :(

  16. NattyIce

    “Hmmm…that’s the third time on this walk that I could swear I saw Tom in the window peering out at me. Weird.”

  17. Molly

    Man, you have to be hard up to like those legs/calves/teeth/stench

  18. memmememe

    some very defensive twats on the site just because i think katie’s weird. fuck em all.

  19. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
    Commented on this photo:

    damaged goods….but id still fuck her

  20. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s up with her jaw? Were there theatons in there or something? Ugh. This girl will never be the same.

  21. Katie Holmes Called Joshua Jackson
    Lou rabin
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi Katie

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