Katie Holmes Gave Interview One Day Before Filing For Divorce From Tom Cruise

July 24th, 2012 // 21 Comments
The TomKat Divorce
Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce
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Everyone’s freaking out today over Katie Holmes giving an interview with C Magazine the day before she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise even though she really doesn’t say anything revelatory outside of refusing to mention his name and chalking up having a kid with the largest movie star on the planet as “Eh.” Via WWD:

Senior editor Kelsey McKinnon, who met with Holmes for the interview, said that while the actress wasn’t bragging about her five-year marriage, she certainly didn’t seem to be standing at the edge of a precipice, either. “Going back over the tapes, there were signs: Holmes was certainly very aware of herself, laying a couple cards on the table but never showing her whole hand,” McKinnon wrote. “Most noticeably, the one name decisively absent from her lexicon: Tom Cruise. She never actually refers to him by name over pages and pages of transcription.” When McKinnon asked if having Suri brought the couple closer together, Holmes added, “I don’t know. I mean… I don’t know. People have been having babies a long time.”

Granted, it’s a huge tell that Katie Holmes was able to override her programming and not spend the entire interview gushing over Tom Cruise doing his own stunts because he has magic heterosexual space powers, but it’s not like she sat down and went, “And then I saw him fire a ray gun into a man’s anus while yelling, ‘We’ll get these Thetans out of you even if I have to dig them out with my cock. My hard midget cock.’” Talk to me then.

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  1. Dick Hell

    Those last two sentences are magical, Fish.

  2. edamame

    This face is after photoshop? Damn.

    • Alex

      I’d look like hammered shit as well if I had listen (for years, mind you) to some sawed-off rant in his high-pitched voice about how a great opiate addicted, chain-smoking science fiction author discovered that some ancient alien with a Fu Manchu kidnapped another ancient alien race and then threw them into select Earth volcanoes, only to follow that up with large bombs then thrown into the volcanoes in order to disperse their essence of soul.

      And following that up with several pelvic thrusts in the direction of the butler.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    Tom Cruise does all his own stunts? I mean there is a level of danger associated with it, but getting barebacked by a random man at a highway rest stop isn’t exactly Evel Kneivel type shit.

    • Sven Golly

      As far as we know… It’s possible more than a rocket-bike plunged into Mr. Kneivel’s Snake River Canyon.

  4. [img]http://www.thesuperficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/24/suri-cruise2-278_349.jpg[/img]

  5. terry

    I believe this whole TOMKAT divorce is a well orchestrated PR campaign. We all know Tom is gay and Katie was his fucking beard.’Think, the photogs are at the right place at the right time. Fuck these two motherfuckers. And their weirded out ass child Seri!

  6. Ian

    At least she was able to get her daughter away from those crazies before they could brain-wash her.

  7. glass

    There’s a strong possibility Suri could become the Mecha-21st-century Drew Barrymore. Publicly doing crazier shit than any celebrity has ever dreamed of, then turn it around, win best actress and save a whole African country later.

    The future of celebrity knows NO BOUNDS…

    • Astrologer

      No way! Suri is an Aries (astrology) she will most likely try to blow up her school, shoot her classmates and then shoot herself(Eric Harris) or she’ll become Lady Gaga.
      I am an astrologer, I know these things.

  8. Katie is a straight-up, cold-blooded gangsta! Bitch is ICE COLD!

    I really don’t even know what I’m saying. I gotta go replay GTA3:SA.

  9. Whoopi

    She’s a smart lady!

  10. kimmykimkim

    Yeah, she’s on the cover of this month’s Elle, too. Everything was planned out. Had to be. Cults, dude. Fuckin cults.

  11. El Jefe

    Sexy and badass.

  12. Katie Holmes Smiling Sunglasses
    Commented on this photo:

    Add this to my favourite quotes of all time. “People have been having babies for a long time.” Fuckin’ right. Ain’t nothing special about it.

  13. tromba911

    The last thing that Katie Holmes can be described as is a a cold hearted bitch. Tom did something and we probably will never know what it was. All of the conspiracy minded and otherwise brain dead morons should just put their little dicks back in their pants and get a life.

  14. She looks hot on that cover. I want to fuck her. And not just because she dumped Tom.

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