1. Roofies Yum

    Quaid open your mind to me, ooooopen your miiiiind, open your miiiiiiiiiiind.

  2. diva


  3. Daily Moisturizing

    If she moves it just right she could pretend it was Jabba the Hut. Can’t you see the big chin! Perfect.

  4. kcarroll26

    You’re telling me she can’t afford decent plastic surgery to pull that shit back together and lose that gi-normous belly button??? Tommy boy must be savign all the mone for his anal bleaching procedures.

    • TomFrank

      “Tell you what, honey. We’ll pay for the tummy tuck with everything more you make by passing up The Dark Knight to do Mad Money.”

  5. kcarroll26

    *saving all the money. Keys aren’t working today. :)

  6. OK, who slipped in a pic of Tara Reid?

  7. Freaky

    She was so cute. 10 years ago.

  8. elle

    She’s loaded – why doesn’t she get that mess taken care of??????

  9. C.

    Clearly she doesn’t give a fuck. Good for her.

  10. jim

    Awww, come on man! I’m trying to eat here.

  11. Expert on Everything

    This is what EVERY woman’s stomach skin looks like after pregnancy. The skin stretches. 99% of women aren’t photographed in every possible position so YOU don’t know that. But EVERY woman will have this skin when bent over or even down a little bit allowing the skin to gather and look like this. It’s very easy to hide if your not stalked by papparazzi, my hubby does not know my ab skin does this because I can hide it (and do). He just thinks I’m super woman and popped out his babe sanz a trace. Not to mention, Tom and Katy are kinda boring in their great marriage. I’m so bored at any word of them because they are so average and normal. Stinking rich (which is the only weird shit about them), but so normal it’s stupid to read about how crazed they all are because it just seems so not likely. Just me.

  12. hH

    NOT photoshopped. She had a baby! That’s what it looks like after you have a baby and don’t have plastic surgery. Deal with it fellas… this is your future.

  13. Jovy

    You’re all lying if you say that you can NOT see Jabba the hutt in that thing.

  14. Fandy

    she has to starve herself….to fit through the transporter

  15. This heat wave is melting EVERYTHING!

  16. Christine in Cda

    No. No, that’s not what everyone looks like after a baby. I had three babies in two years (no twins), I was in my 30s when I had them, and my stomach doesn’t look like that. Yes, it’s definitely not as taut as it once was, but it doesn’t shrivel up like that either. Still, once skin is stretched, it’s stretched, and there’s not much she can do about it. I guess she could have a tummy tuck, but why? Standing up, she looks flat-tummied and great. If a little extra skin doesn’t bother her, why should it bother you?

  17. Christine in Cda

    Gotta say though, McFeely Smackup, your comment had me laughing!

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