Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Going Steady And It’s Cute

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are going public with a relationship that we’ve all known about for years. Keeping their cuddling on the DL was understandable, Katie Holmes had a paparazzi nightmare after a very public split with a level 48 high-elf Scientology wizard and her daughter, Suri, is just a 10-year-old trying to do her kid thing. Jamie Foxx, who dons one of the few goatees in the world I actually respect, was cool about keeping it private because he’s an OG nice guy… with a massive dong.

Speaking of dongs, do you remember O-Town? The boy band? I had a picture of them on my copy paste, let’s see if it’s still here…

WOOPS! Just kidding – I totally meant to do that. Getting pineconed by Legolas is way better than breaking news that two people have been dating for four years now.

Anywabbles, if you needed a good conversational de-gassing bomb for the day, just bring up the fact that Jamie Foxx is dating Katie Holmes. People will walk away and you can finally get that fart out.