Katie Holmes Has No Idea What To Do With Herself

With Tom Cruise whisking Suri Cruise off to Disney World so he can secretly set her to ‘Matricide’ inside Space Mountain and his team of bodyguards no longer surrounding Katie Holmes so she doesn’t speak, think or come in contact with Thetan-contaminated surfaces, here she is yesterday with a shitload of free time on our hands, and no idea what to do with it. She probably walked up to random strangers begging them for instructions.

KATIE: Excuse me. Would you mind telling me what to do?
STRANGER: Get lost, lady.
KATIE: Ooh, a command! Thanks. — Say, do you wanna be my boyfriend?
STRANGER: I’m homeless. Will you let me live in your house?
KATIE: Only if you tell me to.
STRANGER: Wait, aren’t you the broad who drives that guy around who has sex with guys like me then dumps the bodies in the river?
KATIE: I was hoping you wouldn’t remember that. *shoots him with a ray gun* I mean, wait! Stupid reflexes.

Photos: Pacific Coast News