Kathy Griffin weds couple, laughs obnoxiously

Kathy Griffin performed the wedding ceremony for a New York couple on Saturday. The couple had sent Kathy a request and considering she’s completely unemployable, the comedian said yes. Kathy became an ordained minister over the Internet and flew out from Los Angeles to marry lovebirds Brian Ankstey and Elsa Shapiro, according to NY Daily News:

Griffin’s 10-minute service was peppered with blue language and X-rated jokes about the couple’s sex life.
She also made the bride recite the menu for the reception.
“What did you get for the boring vegetarians and vegans?” Griffin wanted to know. “They’re such a pain at these things.”

Ha! Reciting the menu? Now that’s comedy. Anyway, what surprised me the most is that the couple are actually fans of Kathy Griffin. Which sort of debunks a long-held theory of mine that every person alive wants her to eat a ball of anthrax. I always felt that one was the most scientific. Followed closely by my wang being a nuclear love machine from the future.

Photos: Getty Images