Kathy Griffin wants attention

May 14th, 2007 // 19 Comments

Remember when Kathy Griffin ate it in a London parking lot two weeks ago? Well apparently she faked the whole thing for some publicity.

So she took a taxi to an event she knew would be well-covered by the paparazzi. As she was stepping out of the taxi, she “tripped” and fell face-first to the pavement. Photos of her tumble were posted all over the Internet and in newspapers. “It worked!” Griffin bragged to Page Six. “Part of episode seven is that I do anything to be in the tabs in London. They’re very big on pics of celebs falling drunkenly out of cabs. The shot was almost ruined when some nice lady tried to help me!”

If she really wants some publicity she should just kill herself. Forget the publicity, she should just do it anyway. You know, for the children. Or something.



  1. hahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  2. I can’t believe this is even news, or that an actual human person (i think?) would do something so incredibly retarded.

  3. FRIST!!!

    Suuure it was just an act….suuure

  4. InvaderZim

    Sort of funny…

  5. Because I am a natural clod, I think falling on purpose would be the LAST thing I would do for publicity. Give me a good ol’ fashioned cocaine scandal any day!

  6. chaunceygardner

    While it would be totally awesome for Kathy Griffin to kill herself, I ask her to wait until after Louis Anderson’s inevitable death by heart attack or suicide. I got money riding on that fat, unfunny piece of shit.

  7. Dureagonfly

    She WILL do ANYTHING for attention…she even tried auctioning herself off on ebay last year or so…
    She is such a attention whore…just like Brit, Par-ass, Blo-han etc…etc..
    She is just plain boring…(yawning)

  8. I don’t believe her because the fall was actually funny.

  9. Duh, y’all. Duh.

  10. this f’n bitch is not
    funny, she makez me
    want to kill myself
    when I hear her voice…

  11. raven

    who cares about her shes just a low life d lister

  12. harbormaster

    Umm, it sounds like she was being sarcastic. I mean, she is a comedian.

  13. kevindubrow

    I enjoy Kathy. She’s funny.

  14. johnnyluvsfrankie

    I used to be a huge fan of kathy’s but then I realize that she use’s our community to
    keep her career going. She’s nice to our faces but makes fun of us behind our backs.
    She calls us her gays as if we are pets.

    She did go to iraq which is a good thing.

  15. H.

    If you watched her show on Bravo you would know that it was a publicity stunt..That’s what you get for reading those crap magazines and believing what they publish, she knows what gets the attention, good for her. Negative publicity is better than none, obviously it sells because people buy it up, she even went out of her way to find out what those scandal magazines like in their issues before hand.

    Kathy Griffin is hilarious and beautiful. You guys are all just jealous that she can make a fool of her self, on purpose, and look great doing it. Speaking of attention whores, Whoever updated with this “news” would be the first to admit they were a “fan since day one” and always loved her if she actually died young, “or something”.

  16. LOL

    LOL, this is so funny! We all know that any D-Lister will do what ever they can to get attention and also get their picture on the internet and in magazines. Good one Kathy! Keep doing it, you are probably one of the most “Real” celebrities out there! A FAN OF YOURS FOREVER!

  17. Preston W.

    Kathy is hilarious and beautiful and I agree with “H.” (8-24-07).

    Long live the Queen of Comedy!!!

  18. Mark

    As she said herself to Larry King, the only reason she went to Iraq was to get Anderson Cooper’s attention

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