Kathy Griffin wants attention

January 26th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Kathy Griffin was spotted in New York the other day hanging out of her limo’s window, waving her arms frantically and shouting:

“Hey, everyone! It’s me! Kathy Griffin!”

Jesus, how did this actually happen? It’s like an SNL skit making fun of Kathy Griffin, only it’s not a skit and the person playing Kathy Griffin is actually Kathy Griffin. And how does she have a limo? Shouldn’t she be driving a Kia Rio? Or a cardboard box with wheels taped on?



  1. griffmills

    she makes me extra limp

  2. meddlingminx

    what a total spaz.

    Didn’t the whole “obnoxious yelling comedian” thing go out in 1989?

  3. Did she get a nose job? Not that I find her attractive, but I just remember her being as even less attractive.

  4. griffmills

    oh…and see how easy it was…make a comment about the story..and move on….none of that “first” shit that so many of you MFers do, grow up

  5. kamihi

    Never heard of her is she a famous American transexual?

  6. wedgeone

    She has NOT aged well. I pray that a video camera was somewhere near her so that this behavior can be written off as part of an opening to a show she’s doing somewhere.

    Otherwise, I’d just have to say to her “Attention Everyone! Look At Me!”

  7. BarbadoSlim

    She’s the typical covetous ……comedian.

    hehehehehe she ruined her ex-hubby, financially.

  8. jrzmommy

    and there wasn’t one sharpshooter in the vicinity?

  9. Edna Bambrick

    Kathy Griffin – Queen of the Gay. She should be banned from TV and locked up in abu ghraib. My Church has cured over 100 people of the Gay.

  10. LL

    I find Kathy Griffin mildly amusing, so I hope it was a joke of some kind. The bar for “celebrity” dignity has been set pretty fucking low by Paris, Screech, Lohan, Anna Nicole, Danny Bonaduce, etc., so this isn’t even really in the top 20 most embarrassing celebrity incidents. She’s gonna have to try a lot harder than leaning out of a limo and screaming at people. Mel Gibson does that shit every day.

  11. LL

    I think I’m coming down with a touch of the Gay. What does one take for that? A little ‘Tussin?

  12. TaiTai

    Stop hatin’ on Kathy. She’s a Friend of Stern! I’d choose her over skanky Paris Hilton et al any day.

    But she is butt ugly.

  13. Captain Walleye

    #1: Isn’t your comment in #4 kind of like saying “By the way, everyone, I was first”.

  14. miyol

    To Post #9

    You sound like one ignorant bitch. Does your church have cure for ignorance for brain washed freaks like yourself.

  15. jrzmommy

    Hey, Griffmills, I got something for you.

  16. Edna Bambrick

    This first step in curing the Gay is admitting that you are infected and want help. Please visit http://www.ha-fs.org/ for more information.

  17. Edna Bambrick

    #14 You are REPORTED!

  18. combustion8

    she makes my penis weep… and not in a good way.

  19. Mick

    I think she can be pretty funny. She’s always making fun of herself and is really honest about everything.
    I’d expect her to do something like this because she’s poking fun of herself being a B or C list celeb.
    She isn’t pretty but she’s not trying to be hot.

  20. crystina

    #17, someone should report you for being a complete dumbass.

  21. Edna Bambrick

    #17 I can cure you sharp tongue with one phone call to Homeland Security.

  22. MissLaVey

    #12- Her being a friend of Stern cuts her down an extra notch. Thanks for pointing that out.

  23. misanthrope

    Maybe this was Kathy’s first limo ride.

  24. jrzmommy

    Hey Edna, drop dead.

  25. magickal

    I love Kathy. I really do. But, doesn’t she have a cock?

  26. RichPort


    wedge, when you say ‘hasn’t aged well’, do you mean from birth or conception? Either way, I agree…

  27. Me

    Ummmm…..Edna…..Umm, Kathy Griffin is not gay.

    And um……”The Gay”? I mean, i did not think people actually said that outside of joking. Are you being serious? THE GAY???

    You are so retarded!

  28. Me

    And really? Homeland Security? Really? Stop wasting everyones time you stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. scienceguy

    This woman is like a fart in an elevator. You can recoil, rock back on your heels and hope for the balm of death, but she still lingers on.

  30. Snowie

    She reminds me of that gay guy in Old School.

  31. I have heard that “The Gays” are very helpful at parties when you get one of those quizzes to predict who will win the Oscars.

    Oh, and I’ve heard that the gays also like to dance, which would of course explain why their name is a synonym with Happy.

    I’ve actually heard that many men who have seen Kathy Griffith naked join the ranks of “The Gays” as well.

  32. I have heard that “The Gays” are very helpful at parties when you get one of those quizzes to predict who will win the Oscars.

    Oh, and I’ve heard that the gays also like to dance, which would of course explain why their name is a synonym with Happy.

    I’ve actually heard that many men who have seen Kathy Griffith naked join the ranks of “The Gays” as well.

  33. griffmills

    #13 No
    #15 Thank you, what is it?

  34. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Jerry Seinfeld is the DEVIL!

  35. Morticia

    Edna is gay.

  36. Pointandlaugh

    it was really sad seeing her on her show “the D-list” — she really IS a D-list “celeb”, and it was painfully obvious she craves attention. She was a controlling bossy bitch to her spineless husband too. Poor schmuck.

  37. cardio

    #17 – Too bad text doesn’t cover the sing-song method we loved to use in 2nd grade when we yelled “you’re reported!” I still say that (and of course, no one has any idea what I’m talking about).

  38. Niecy

    Her life on the D-list isn’t going to get any better after this. I think she is actually on the Z-list now.

  39. Maskatron

    I’d have shit-faced drunk sex with her. Then I’d take money out of her ATM without her knowing.

  40. misanthrope

    Look at me! I’m riding in a big car like real life celebrities and prom goers! And I’m Kathy Griffin! I know… weird isn’t it?!

  41. jrzmommy

    A great big bag of fuck you. Do you want it?

  42. griffmills

    #41 JR must be proud of his whore-mother,
    must make a great impression at PTA meetings

  43. jrzmommy

    Who the fuck is Jr? Man, you’re new. And incapable of coming up with a zinger response.

  44. jrzmommy

    And I do make a great impression at PTA meetings…………..especially on the men.

  45. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    #27- agreed. Edna, The Gay? you make it sound like it’s some cult or group that requires recruiters or something. Go ahead and “cure” “The Gay,” you’re just pushing them back in the closet.

  46. L.ronhubbard

    She’s incredibly annoying. Her next role should be as the transsexual roommate for the Surreal World.

  47. LoneWolf

    Margaret Cho (who’s even lower on the celebrity list than KG) used to have a bit in her stand up act about her barely-English-speaking Korean mother talking about MC’s friend – “Ishn’t he…da gaaaaay?”

    As for KG, I’m betting she was filming. And say what you want about her, her house is fucking awesome. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  48. wedgeone

    Nice to see Edna’s conceited, narrow minded, and hatful comments back on the Fish!!

    I’ll just bet that Homeland Security has changed their telephone number because of you. Or they will have you arrested for all of the false reports you keep filing.

    Go back to sleep, Ms. Pringle. The matrix has you … follow the White Rabbit.

  49. whitegold

    Ah, it’s not really that bad cuz she freely admits to being an attention whore and doesn’t try to fake that she craves attention, like Oprah or Jolie do. Nobody really cares about her. She knows that nobody cares about her. So she makes jokes out of it cuz she really desperately does want people to care about her. She masks her pain through humour (well, assuming you find her remotely funny). But she’s alright, a little annoying, but other completely irrelevant.

  50. 9. I simply wanted to share that my experiences as a member of the Cockoholics retreat held at your beautiful Church of Proctology and The Gay, in Kabul, was the best time I have ever had! From the marathon “gay immersion therapy” with 20 well-hung brothers, to the “masochistic self-gratification” workshops, … all first rate!

    26. HAHAAAAAAHAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAHAAAAA! Even more mindless shit, but I’ll bet I convinced at least one of you to smile. Admit it! You couldn’t resist a confident “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”. I knew it!

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