Kathy Griffin in a bikini

April 9th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Kathy Griffin shows off her bikini bod in the latest issue of OK!, and I want to say these are Photoshopped, but I don’t even think that’s her. It’s almost like the editors said, “Find a redhead, and we’ll say it’s Kathy Griffin. But not too attractive. Not too attractive…”

Photos: OK! Magazine

  1. Richard McBeef

    I would not.

  2. Wendy

    She has the body of the male commenters and the personality of the female commenters.

  3. Erica

    Awesome body though.

  4. Richard McBeef

    Ok, you’re right… I would.

  5. ShawPOW

    Her massive bush/penis is making the bikini bottoms gap.

  6. Jrzmommy


  7. mean but true

    Sadly, she still suffers Tori Spelling syndrome- all the money and effort in the world doesn’t make it attractive.

  8. Objection sustained

    I clicked on this one before I remembered who Kathy Griffin is…. now my eyes have liquified. I’m typing from memory. Thanks, Fish!

  9. ihateobama

    No wonder she’s on the D list…her demographic is deaf and blind gay men.

  10. sam

    Her body looks good, but why are all the poses the same? Does she have something hideous on the right side of her thigh? Maybe the same deformitiy hiding under former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s bangs?

  11. eun

    Well, she looks better than I thought she would, but I still wouldn’t. She’s more annoying than Jesus.

  12. id hit it, haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. I dont want, none of the above.

    i wanna piss on you.

  13. I image sex with her ould involve duct tape.

  14. Molly

    I think she’s adorable, but I don’t care how cute her body is, I don’t want to see it.

  15. Spo

    i’m still convinced that her and Andy Dick are the some person. I bet there’s junk under there.

  16. I have a thing for redheads…

    It’s called my penis.

  17. cavy

    Hawt as always! Gives me hope in my 30′s to look that good in my 40′s – you go girl! <3

  18. stook

    i just threw up…..thanks…..I need the extra room for beers at happy hour!

  19. Danny

    Meow ;)

  20. Walter

    She does look good for any age. But for 48, she looks great.

  21. Eeewww… this is like that time I ripped off the head of my GI Joe and stuck it on my sister’s Barbie…

  22. db


  23. ahha

    I would have crazy sex with her. She looks like she probably gets wild in bed.

  24. jt

    stop with all this “for 48 she looks great, shit.” she’s admitted having had liposuction, botox and numerous facelifts. she’s man-made.

  25. combustion8

    tons of surgery + photoshop = still ugly as sin.

  26. Yikes

    Why the hell is that dude wearing a bikini?

  27. Chelle

    Well, for 48 years old, she’s smokin’ hot. But I’m not sure if she’s bikini-hot. I’m sitting here thinking “Wow! I hope I look that good at forty-eight!”

    But I’m also cringing just a little bit. I mean, does her head look like it’s made of plastic or what? What?

    I’m scared now. Somebody hold me.

  28. Randal

    What a beautiful smile to go along with a beautiful woman!

    Kathy has brought many to their knees from laughing tantrums but yet still finds time to eat right, work out and continue to look great.

    You are what you eat and Kathy eats healthy! Great work girl!


  29. hisfavoritebrunette

    all i can think about is the pics fish had on here the other day of her pulling her skirt up when she was with Paris…..did NOT look anything like these pics!!! give me a break……

  30. Blah

    She is such a repulsive woman. Its like seeing Carrot-top in a bikini. BLECH

  31. Karri


    no one wants to see it….

    why is this happening??


  32. Jason

    Wow, Woz got to hit that??? hahahhaha

  33. Gotta love photoshop…She looks good for her age though.

  34. Name (required):

    YO. WTF…Why did you even have to post that?!

  35. KG

    Good body for a 48 year old, but that’s a three bagger face.

  36. shankyouverymuch

    Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’d hit it … Yeah I’d hit, hit it hard, with a crowbar, then a bat, then the front bumper of my Mack truck, then an eighty thousand pound wrecking ball … After all, isn’t that the only way to make absolutely sure that you’ve killed the Werewolf? … the end.

  37. boush

    Why would anyone photoshop cottage cheese onto their thighs? Nope, these are for real.

  38. Long-dong-silver

    The magazine needs to changes its name to-

    OH NO!!!!!!

  39. Nah, that’s really her body. Woz and I had a devil’s three-way with her and, other than the talking vagina, it wasn’t so bad. Then again, I really like horses and fat chipmunks. That fucking farmer was annoying as hell, but hey, when in Rome.

  40. ekki_skila


    Her body looks fine. It’s just because it’s Kathy Griffin and she’s almost fifty.

    chop the head off and you have a great body.

    carrot top in a bikini is just cruel imagery.

    cottage cheese PS on her thighs? Yeah, where?

  41. big teeth

    Sure, a bridge troll might look good in a bikini too, but who would want to see it?

  42. Cathy’s looking hot baby! Fire in the hole. Jessica who?

  43. dude_on

    Her D-list status isn’t enough to be seen with me in public – but with proper lighting she is welcome to bend over my couch. I refuse to make any remarks about her face or age… I’m sensitive toward women in that way.

  44. Cathy’s looking hot baby! Fire in the hole. Jessica who?

  45. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Nice bod, shame about the tranny face.

  46. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Is my gorgeous girl maybe here?

  47. Darth

    I’m trying to analyze her cameltoe,which is quite difficult.But her body still looks tight like a cashew nut.

  48. Gando

    She looks fit enough to crack a nut!

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