Kathy Griffin flashes her panties for Paris Hilton

March 26th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Paris Hilton helped Kathy Griffin film an episode of her show My Life on the D-List last night at Kitson. The two wore matching outfits which was all well and good until Kathy decided to flash her teal panties at Paris. As of this post, FEMA officials are still on the scene and citizens are encouraged to remain indoors.

Photos: Fame, WENN

  1. Valerie

    Holy shit! Paris fell into her vat of fake tan, maihn!

  2. Mama Pinkus

    I like Ms. Griffin but the gal needs to stay dressed.

  3. What the hell is Lady GaGa doing there?

  4. Jrz

    Wow….pictures really are worth a thousand words.
    Useless, worthless, talentless, annoying, obnoxious, diseased, ugly, hideous, revolting, infuriating, venereal, machete-worthy, tacky, classless, gross, vomit-inducing, uneducated, smelly, styleless, wrinkley, confusing, punch, hate……..

  5. If you dont think that dog licked that thing youre crazy, you see how depressed he seems…im not being gross!

  6. Hey Jrz, look what we did!

  7. B Movie Star

    I fuckin’ love that Kathy Griffin.

    Her unabashed snarkiness more than makes up for those pasty white legs.

  8. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t hit it after a few too many.

  9. Erection Ruiner

    Kathy Griffen needs to be hate-fucked.

  10. LPB

    If I don’t get my eyesight back, I’m going to sue you guys.

  11. Bang Kathy

    I’d bang that redheaded snatch

  12. James Class

    I just threw up in my mouth

  13. Zanna





  14. Jrz

    Look what we did, Rich. YAY!

  15. Jrz

    Look what we did Zan!

  16. I bet the whole sidewalk smelled like day old fish…

  17. The Dog

    That snatch tastes awful, and its fatty one too. Ruff!

  18. james

    I never thought Kathy Griffin was all that funny, but she does have a “South Park” way of trashing the stars that you just cant help laughing at.

  19. taurusred

    Admit it. You all gave it a good long look.

  20. dear lord, i need to send this gal some funderoos!

  21. Allen's Woody

    Could’ve gone without seeing that.

  22. testing

    Kathy is fugly, but most funny comedians are

  23. James

    Meh. Lift the skirts of most female commenters here and there would be much more screaming and eyeball melting.

  24. Peta

    Cute dog. Feel sorry for it having Paris as an owner, though.

  25. Zanna

    Look what we did, JRZ!

  26. Zanna

    And I think I see bush.

  27. Fuck U

    Hey, that bitch has a dick!

  28. Fuck U

    That’s a dick #26!

  29. Darth

    *Sniff* It smells fishy here! What’s going on!?

  30. Nero

    Did she just give birth to that little doggie!? That’s quick!

  31. Gando

    The father of that little dog can be found on photo 6!

  32. RichPort's Ghost

    I’d hit it.

    Of course, it’s either Griffin or Rosey Palm and her 5 sisters when it comes to my choices….. sigh….

  33. AteIsEnough

    PLEASE don’t do that again!!

  34. Q

    I’d hit it, many times over. Sure she’s not the best looking gal out there, but once you start throwing in the likes Paris Hilton, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, that cunt Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, etc., I’d say Kathy Griffin is one hot fucking near-50-year-old.

    All you fat nerds know you’d hit it if she bent over and invited you in.

  35. #32 – Still White, that gets like a 1 out 10… and, much like the priest who gave you TWO candy bars for the blowjob, I’m being generous…

  36. Rhialto

    Paris Hood,princess of the lill doggies!

  37. Nero

    That big dog is actually the boyfriend of that little dog!

  38. anonymous

    This is probably the first and only post about Penis Hilton that is relevant, and it’s ONLY because she’s with Kathy Griffin, who I love!

  39. Mal Gusto

    god! a little warning next time Fish!! Nobody want to see that!

  40. The freakiest thing about kathy shes does not look scary without make up! go figure…

  41. All over the news, THIS is news?! Wow, neither one even went to college….yet, they are rich for no reason and I’m poor :(


  42. RD

    damn! I always thought kathy griffin looked mannish, but the crotch bulge just sealed it for me! ick!!

  43. Funeral Guy

    Doctor! My eyes!!

  44. Jenna

    God, I love Kathy Griffin. I need to start watching My Life on the D-List again. So hilarious.

  45. Deacon Jones

    Man. Jews will do anything for fame. I guess they have to make up for the centuries of genetic inbreeding and subsequent recessive physical traits.

  46. What is it with Paris’ ridiculous looking fucking headbands lately? I think she is trying to hold her scatterbrains intact..

  47. metodiste

    Her bellybutton is adorable and those tight panties are fitting her just right. My main regret is I don’t get the butt shot.

  48. Kat

    So so so gross. I have no words. Actually I do, I blogged about it too (http://squareeyes.blinkx.com/2009/03/paris-hiltons-new-bff-d-lister-kathy-griffin/). But quite seriously, it makes me really said when grown women act like fools.

  49. Britney...more Britney

    F#ck this sh*t, I want Britney!

    More Britney, Britney, Britney!!! More Britney please!

  50. Britney...more Britney

    F#ck this sh*t, I want Britney!

    More Britney, Britney, Britney!!! More Britney please!

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