Kathy Griffin fired from E!

December 21st, 2005 // 27 Comments

kathygriffin3352.jpgKathy Griffin will no longer be covering the red carpet for E!. After mulling over the


  1. ElFurbe

    Bah. Kathy Griffin is frickin’ hilarious. I’m utterly dumbfounded how someone writing degrading one-liners about celebrities for a website dedicated to celebrity gossip and can dislike Kathy Griffin. That’s her whole routine. And it’s frickin’ hilarious, if I didn’t mention that already.

    Although, the irony of her getting replaced with Ryan Seacrest…that’s textbook. No wonder they wouldn’t tell her who her replacement was.

  2. kerry zaputz

    Gee, do you think that the fact she is UN-funny, untalented, and disturbing to look at related to her firing?

  3. mrschickee

    I have never liked this (woman?). She looks like some crazy transvestite lunatic who could land helicopters on her outrageously flat head. She is sooooo not funny. Ick and good riddance to her.

  4. ~S.Starr~

    Given…she isn’t that attractive…but most comics aren’t attractive…You either have the looks or the comedic talent.

    BUT…I think Kathy is really funny.

  5. AmarilisPR

    Kathy is soooo funny, they should fire Star Jones, i cannot stand her, shes always sucking up to the “stars”, shes fake and its sickening. At least Kathy made them out to be “human” and she made the whole thing enjoyable….

  6. Hey, there’s always a Surreal Life season she could appear on…

  7. Juliette

    ElFurbe- I’m with you! She is hilarious.
    They fired her because they are afraid she will offend someone, hence they replace her with some cheesy, fake-ass Seacrest. God, I can’t stand him.
    I really like Kathy…I love her self-depreciating style and how she makes fun of all celevs.

  8. Sheva

    Ah, line up and kiss my …. you know what. Just caught a show of hers on TV and she was just flat out awesome. Her bit of appearing on that crappy woman’s show going mano a mano with Barbara Walters when she was only there to promote an appearance on the SciFi Channel for the NYC Halloween parade was just flat out hilarious.

    Sorry, this woman just kicks butt. And some people here have very tight ones.

  9. LBoogie

    Are you kidding me? mschickee takes this superficial thing a little too literally. Kathy was one of the early adopters of the snark on celebs and ElFurbe hit it on the mark, how can you like this site and not like her? She’s F-ing hilarious!!!!
    I love awards shows, but I REFUSE to watch Star Jones call one more person “Girlfriend” I’ve always turn it off when she’s on, no matter who she talks to. BRING KATHY BACK!

  10. ebayfan414

    Like (almost) everyone before me has already mentioned, Kathy Griffin kicks ASS! I too cannot understand how a guy that writes a blog firing upon celebrities can dislike her…she is definitely my favorite comedian. That woman is flat out hilarious, and if you don’t like her you can kiss my ass. If she was fired from E! than that’s their loss- I mean, who wants to watch Mrs. Seacrest instead? She’ll probably try to catch her reflection in the camera piece so that she can make sure that her highlights are perrrrfect! Seacrest OUT!

  11. mrschickee

    LBoogie…when I am kidding, you’ll be the first to know about it. I think you have the wrong website….You want http://www.ikisskathygriffinsnotalentass.com instead. I’d rather have my hand crushed in a car door than watch this crazy hack. But that’s just me…freedom of speech, baby.

  12. bird

    I love Kathy.
    E is so stupid and ass-kissing and suck upish!
    Kathy is a crazy bitch

  13. Captain Awesome

    I don’t how many dicks it took to get where she got to. But she must give amazing head, because that face could crack mountains in half.

  14. sexxydex

    I love, love, love this crazy woman! If you can’t appreciate how awesome she is, then you should go back to sitting in the public bathroom stall you dragged yourself out of, and continue staring at the Star Jones collage you made yourself for Christams. Its either Star (fake, retarded, ass-kissing lard ass) or Kathy (sickly hilarious). Now wich team do you really want to be on?

  15. theyareidiots

    Griffin is not much to look at but then again neither is Star Jones. At least Griffin made up for her fugliness by cutting down those vacuous celebs … right to their faces. Brilliant! I could vomit every time Jones kisses some moronic actor’s ass. It’s hidious. But what did you expect, people? They immasculated Joan Rivers (who used to be equally caustic) and then cut her. Although I’d like to think her horse-faced daughter did her in.

  16. emazing

    Yeah………..Kathy Griffin IS pretty hilarious, even though she says she is “43″ and IF YOU LOOK AT HER WITHOUT MAKEUP AND HAIR EXTENTISIONS, she is EASILY 50………..THOUSAND. But she IS funny. I can’t help it. Oh, I know, Lord help me, she’s funny. I love the way she makes fun of all the “work” she’s had. At least she’s honest. But when she filed for divorce from her used to be hot and then got fat and now is losing weight husband? PUBLICITY KATHY! We KNOW you!
    One could write the Declaration of Independance on her forehead, but GOLLY GEE WHIZ, she makes me laugh! I hate the fact that E!!!!!!! is not using her anymore. RYAN SEACREST? Isn’t he busy doing more deals with THE DEVIL?

  17. winstonsalemdude

    KGriff is at least as funny, original and averse to phonies as The Superficial One. You two are like peas in a pod…ripping Hollywood and celebs in a like manner. She is also NOT a comedienne in the typical mold. She does not deliver jokes, punchlines or use scripts; the clever girl tells stories of her varied encounters with celebs and stars…so she’s more of a raconteur than comedienne. So get yourself oriented, Supervicious, we read you every day and expect you to be savvy enuf to observe and perceive someone who is on your team like Kathy Griffin!! She is awesome.

  18. Regurgitating Gordon Wood

    if your griffin’s age reference joke is somehow related to the SpaceBalls joke about Rocky…then you are brilliant I say, brilliant.

    too frickin funny.

    seacrest out!

  19. JerseyGirl

    I agree, she’s a little scary looking, but funny! No other comedian puts themselves out there like that and tells the true (hilarious) stories of the stars like she does.

  20. ~S.Starr~

    mrschickee: WOW…you are really clever!!! And by clever I mean fucking retarded.

    Simmer down…

  21. derekd

    Its true she does nothing for me sexually but neither does Dave Chapelle but they both make me laugh. Anyone who has the balls to talk shit about people publicly who she very likely might run into is okay in my book.

  22. derekd

    Oh yeah and Ryan Seacrest??

    you mean, “DOUCHEBAG OUT!!!”

  23. HollyJ

    OK – imagine “Man in drag at the White Party in New Orleans, circa 1992″ and scroll up to review her photo again…

  24. melikkab

    “…Bah. Kathy Griffin is frickin’ hilarious. I’m utterly dumbfounded how someone writing degrading one-liners about celebrities for a website dedicated to celebrity gossip and can dislike Kathy Griffin. ..”

    Exactly! I love Kathy and I think she says what everyone else is thinking, but are too busy kissing celebrities asses to say.

  25. BlooPenguin

    I agree Kathy Griffin is not funny and not talented. Why this woman makes money slamming others when she really is nothing to write home about herself is amazing. I usually change the channel when she comes on a VH1 or E! Show to make her rude comments.

  26. Xibee

    It’s interesting to me that people evaluate Kathy by her looks (like they did Margaret Cho in the early days), give her opportunity (like they did Margaret in her early days), take it away with a WHAT THE F*(%^ WERE WE THINKING! (like they did with Margaret), and then claim she’s not really a comedienne, but more of a raconteur (etc etc etc MARGARET).
    Kathy has only gotten a bit further because she looks like the white girl next door and doesn’t embrace the gay community as openly.
    But the formula works, and she IS hilarious, but I know where it comes from, and nearly 13 years later, American TV government is proving once again that they are still up for an ass-kissing (in more than one sense) white male instead of an empowered female who spits out the stinging truth and isn’t a trite trophy-hooker-icon.

  27. WouldntYouLikeToKnow

    What I don’t understand is how Kathy Griffen can poke fun at other celebs when she’s just like them. This phony bitch has admittedly gone under the knife herself in an attempt to make herself more aesthetically appealing to gaze upon. She’s just like Joan Rivers who ALSO should not be berating celebrities for their appearances and behavior, when their own leaves so damn much to be desired. It’s hilarious that this no talent, hack of a man/woman was replaced by Ryan Seacrest.

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