Kathy Griffin eats it

May 1st, 2007 // 196 Comments

Kathy Griffin completely ate it while getting out of her car in a London parking lot yesterday. And that’s about as hard as somebody can eat it without being drunk. She’s lying on the ground! I can’t even figure out how this happened. I’m looking at the picture and it looks like she thought she could get out without using her legs. Did she even try to walk? It looks like she was napping against the door and somebody just opened it.



  1. Lowlands

    Did i mention my Irish bloodline?

  2. Lowlands

    101)Hehehe,just kidding.

  3. nothin funnier than some stupid old (not funny) bitch fallin down drunk…maybe she should add the fallin down part to the stand-up..God knows she needs something funny..

  4. Girls you’re always safe with me,i’ll defend you with my supernatural powers.

  5. OMG=BREAKING NEWS: Nice comeback Brittney:
    Let’s see: 5 old songs of yours,not new!
    Now : U R considered to be Ashless Simpson
    How does it feel to be 25 and all washed up…maybe U should do the HO- down..Nothing left for U, but those kids..so face it..no one wants to see a fake bitch pretending to sing.AT LEAST AVRIL CAN WRITE NEW SONGS.YOU R USELESS,BITCH….MAYBE U SHOULD HANG OUT WITH KATHY GRIFFIN,,SHE’S RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY..

  6. She faked the fudge out of that fall.

  7. oowhisperoo

    p.s. that’s definitely a london BUS, not a car.

  8. rrd

    As said on another site – look no expression of surprise – due to mucles paralyzed from Botox.

  9. fergernauster

    #108… yes. Fake-n’-bake, I say.

    That “fall” is a falsehood.

    I like the comment that she looks like Iggy Pop in 1st photo. She does.

    And I love how nobody seems to be rushing in to assist her. Perhaps the car rolled on with her limp body beneath its wheels. One can dream, can’t one?

  10. woodhorse

    The only thing I could find in Wikepedia is that she is a teetotaler. So that’s what a teetotal looks like…..

  11. jaffo

    I think maybe someone held a mirror in front of her just as she was getting out of the car and, gazing upon her own hideous reflection, she was instantly and forever turned to stone…

  12. DrPhowstus

    I must say, all I kept haring about is how funny RichPort was, how much better the comments were when he and others were posting regularly, and how much he was equally loved and hated, and, if that’s him (her/ it) above, he a fucking lame ass loser. Oh, and athy Griffin kissing pavement would only be funny if I punched her in her toucan beak first. This is about as relevant as Floridian bleach blonde teens.

  13. Captain Walleye

    C’mon guys, it’s simple science. Her face is so weighed down with ‘ugly’ and her body could no longer support it.

  14. deborah

    Now we know to the milligram exactly how much Botox it takes to render a person completely unable to register fear or happiness on their face.

  15. Good morning all!!! Just got back from prison. What did I miss?
    Oh, Dr. Phowstus, I had no idea I was so famous on here. Lame ass loser??? No, I ROCK THE MOST!!!
    Ok, gotta go check in with my parole officer. I’ll be back!!!

  16. DrPhowstus

    I thought RichPort was Black? That MySpace dude looks like he shuld be named Cletus McTrailerpark.

  17. BarbadoSlim

    We are still on this fraking ho’?

    *I highly recommend the Galactica box-set.

  18. DrPhowstus

    Really Slim? Over Kathy Griffin’s funniest moments boxset? Gmme some of what youre smokin’…

  19. Personally, I miss MrSemprini. Where he be?

  20. BarbadoSlim

    “Kathy Griffin’s funniest moments boxset”

    Sorry Dr:
    The existence of such a thing is a physical and theoretical impossibility. Stephen Hawking even wrote a paper on it.

  21. #118===what the fuck…?R U talkin about..I’m not f’n black,,yea I do have blonde hair,f’n kill me…Y must I be a dude..is that the only way it can be for U?lol,bitch

  22. RichPort

    Read #88

  23. RichPort

    But don’t tell anyone

  24. jrzmommy♠

    Senor Kelli, with an I: You mean to tell me that with all the shit going on in the world, there couldn’t be one little school shooting at your school? Just a little one….just big enough to take just you out?

    Last I heard, RichPort ran off with Vida Whatsherface and is happily tapping her ass every day, 20 times a day.

  25. kkkkkkooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll!!!

  26. DrPhowstus

    @123 — The adults are playing idiot. Back to your corner until I tell you to get up.

    @88 — You trolled RichPort and were never funny? I guess that makes you a fucking idiot. Anyone who can’t stand on their own two when either trying to be funny or insulting is truly a moron. Congrats, I’m sure I’ll be your next target. Go trade insults with #123. No wonder that motherfucker left…

  27. RichPort

    #126, WTC is Kelli talking about??!??

  28. FRIST!!!

    Jesus, what did I ever do to do, Phowstus???
    I was just trying to have fun.

  29. jrzmommy♠

    Oh, so Frist is the reason the Fish sucks so bad now. Way to go dickface.

  30. Hey jmommydropout….U have some balls talkin that shit so soon after so many died,,U Heartless Bitch…we did have a bomb threat last week,,thank God it was fake…U sound like someone who would be the shooter,,not surprised at all…that’s what happens to drug addicted dropout mommiez.bitch

  31. jrzmommy♠

    You got one thing right, Senor, I do got balls…..big fucking brass ones.

    A bomb threat? Wassamatter, peanut, did you think you were going to fail your Home Ec. test? If you spent more time studying and less time annoying the grown ups then you wouldn’t have to call in bomb threats to your school to get out of taking a test. Sheesh. And you say it’s the older generation that’s ruining the world…..

  32. #128==dickbrain…I don’t take orders from men,especially assholes…and oh yea, fucker, I left coz I’m at school, FUCKFACE,BASTARD…FUCKERS.

  33. #133===yea, we know your a guy…u fuckers did ruin this world..u people almost let your f’n selves get completely communists..unfreakinbelieveable…let the dictator tell u what to do,,old people r so weak, and if u got brass balls, then why r u in here…go to fucking work,slackers.

  34. FRIST!!!

    #134 Um…why do you have a link that goes nowhere???

  35. why do u suck chicken and plowshitz and last but not least…jmammadropoutz ass.

  36. jrzmommy♠

    fuckface bastard fuckers. hee hee hee.

    Old people are weak…..they’re bones are brittle and their muscle mass deteriorates over time….true story.

  37. DrPhowstus

    FRIST you didn’t do anything to me. I just don’t like the whole trolling thing. It’s excessively lame. You’ve been reasonably funny in the past under your own handle, I would just stick with that going forward.

  38. Fine, I’ll put my picture up, but you all will be sooooo jealous, you stupid tagots. Jeez, I so rule!

  39. boy that was a good one,,is that all u have, bitch from hell…..u would know about old,coz your ballz r gray…

  40. fergernauster

    For what it’s worth (nada), I’ve frequented this site over the months and enjoyed the semi-intelligent, quirky and/or depraved banter of resident posters. Similarly, I like to slam all the deserving quasi-celebs as much as anyone; however, frankly, I have not yet witnessed the depth to which the content of this site has now sunk. “I am being trolled!… Stop trolling me!” is now the mantra of the populace. Problem is, the “trolls” cannot hold a shit-candle to their victims of stolen-identity, and… ah… why the hell am I even bothering.

    Have a nice day.

  41. I hate old people because my daddy makes me lick his decrepid old ballz and hemmoroidz when he comes home.

  42. #143===u think that’s funny playing me? fine then,bitch,just wait ,,u will pay for that fake comment…I PROMISE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. #141&143 are no real, and just u fuckin wait..when u least expect it..it will arrive…

  44. #140-143 is going down and i know who your stupid ass is….u will suffer..deeply.

  45. DrPhowstus

    @143 — You are no kelLIE. I mean, look at your spelling and grammar… they’re flawless.

  46. Doober

    I think the bitch got all 80s all of a sudden and is doing some break dancing.

    You kids know what break dancing is, doncha?

  47. jrzmommy♠

    Senor sounds like he’s going to go Cho on his troll. Troll…..just you wait. when you least expect it, I will jump out of your closet in a chicken suit and bombard you with my Trapper Keeper!!!!

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