Kathy Griffin eats it

May 1st, 2007 // 196 Comments

Kathy Griffin completely ate it while getting out of her car in a London parking lot yesterday. And that’s about as hard as somebody can eat it without being drunk. She’s lying on the ground! I can’t even figure out how this happened. I’m looking at the picture and it looks like she thought she could get out without using her legs. Did she even try to walk? It looks like she was napping against the door and somebody just opened it.



  1. ImaCracka

    It’s cause she is full of Andy’s Dick…..

    Get it….

    they were on a show together….

    OH FUCK OFF!!!!!!

  2. RichPort

    Don’t you people have anything better to do than to sit around commenting on innate bullshit on your time off work (those of you who have jobs, that is), like perhaps GET A FUCKING LIFE. Fucking weirdos.

  3. (I think #52 may be Rich’s troll)

  4. RichPort

    Nuh ah, you’re a troll

  5. RichPort

    What are you wearing?

  6. EvilPotato


    What exactly is “innate” bullshit?

  7. RichPort

    Oh, I meant innane
    Er insane
    What do you want from me? I’m a fucking TROLL. Trolls can’t spell.

  8. daηielle™↵

    where the hell did dear old richie go anyway? haven’t seen him in months.

  9. Binky

    Yeah. Rich ??? And how about Sid the Thora Birch, anti-banker from a way back… ?

  10. RichPort

    Prison, I assume

  11. RichPort

    Betcha can’t guess who I really am!!!

  12. Binky

    PortRich ?

  13. RichPort

    I’ll give you a hint. I’m the coolest person excluding yourselves on here. And I’m female.

  14. Binky

    DanYell – you know the site better than me …Suggestions ?

  15. RichPort

    tick tock tick tock

  16. Binky

    osh cosh ? jrzy ? Tits ? turd ? ( Good god I have to get out more)… HollyJ ?. (I don’t even know which drivel is female)

  17. Binky

    Where’d everyone go ? Can I call a friend ?

  18. Binky

    Wally ?

  19. RichPort

    You can use your 50/50, oh wait, none of those were right

  20. RichPort

    That’s it. I need a martini

  21. Binky

    Ok. Like NicEyePatch, Lowlands, woody-horse, etc. could be M or F. So I’m like ‘Time-Out’.
    And really – who the h ever reads the comments, at this dive.
    So I give up. Or pass to Danielle.

  22. RichPort

    Ok, give up then. I guess I’m not that special. I’m going to take my xanax or like 15 and go to bed.

    Oh, and I just put that link up there to screw with you.

  23. daηielle™↵

    Sorry Binkster. No one on here is cooler than I. So….Rich, the female, aka either Jrzmommy or….I don’t know. She’s the only one cooler than I. I give up.

    Are you a homeless person who snuck into a 24 hr library?

  24. Hummm #73 could be a troll ?
    (But hit the links for the somewhat less superficial)

  25. Binky

    I give up as well. I don’t even know who Wally is.

  26. daηielle™↵

    Don’t give up!!! I’m sure we can guess “its” identity somehow!

    Oh wait, I have to CARE first. Nevermind.

  27. Binky

    Good point

  28. FRIST!!!

    No, I just want some ice cream

  29. daηielle™↵


    I clicked on that RichPort link and I must say, you are one ugly dude (if that’s you).

  30. Binky

    Oh. Ok. It could have been Frist

  31. daηielle™↵

    Hey FRIST!!!!! I like pralines & cream. Get me some, ASAP!!

  32. FRIST!!!

    Ok, you buy, I’ll fly

  33. daηielle™↵

    Why do I have to buy? I don’t get paid til’ Friday. Buy it for me please?!

  34. FRIST!!!

    Because I was supposed to get paid today, and my broke-ass boss didn’t fucking pay me!!! I might have to hook!!!

  35. FRIST!!!

    So whatever DID happen to that richport guy?
    That’s why I trolled him. I thought it would be funny. I should do it tomorrow morning and see if anyone figures it out

  36. FRIST!!!

    Oh, wait, they’re totally gonna read this, I blew it

  37. Binky

    Don’t worry Frist.
    Most people still haven’t figured out 9-11.
    (I still think you’re Rich and won’t go with the conspiracy)

  38. daηielle™↵

    I knew it was you!

    Don’t take less than 100 if ya do, dear.

  39. hazza

    Its obvious what she’s doing – trying to change her battery, but being female she’s probably checking if its under the car somewhere.

    lend a hand someone?

  40. FRIST!!!

    100? Jesus, that’s all they make??? I was thinking 250….hmmmm.

    But Binky, it IS a conspiracy. Don’t tell anyone though.

  41. daηielle™↵

    Hell! I was only going by Pretty Woman. Julia must be cheap, eh?

  42. cm

    That crass, loudmouth publicity whore took a dive, kind of like her career.

  43. FRIST!!!

    Well, I was just thinking that MOST lawyers DO have lots of money, and that would be the clientelle I would get, being in the loop and all.
    Wait, what am I saying??!!?? I’ve obviously thought about this before…I wouldn’t DO it though…
    I’m convincing myself of course

  44. daηielle™↵

    It looks so glamorous in movies ya know? But with diseases floating about, I wouldn’t try it. Although, you could ask for the money upfront as usual and then drug them and run.

    Yup, that’ll work.

  45. FRIST!!!

    Hmmm….that’s a good idea. Slip them a mickey…take their wallet…yeah!

  46. kamihi

    Why was anyone even photographing her here? We have never even heard of her. Oh and thats not “her” car thats a London Black Cab.

  47. She eats Trott Felipe’s cock all the time, who cares! Controversy!

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