Kathy Griffin in a Bikini (I’m Sorry)

December 7th, 2010 // 151 Comments

Because I also support the troops, I was avoiding posting these pics of Kathy Griffin until enough of you America-haters wrote in, making us less safe for it. So here she is wearing a bikini at The USO presents “Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops” which I can only assume was an effort to cool down the audience after exposing them to Katy Perry in this and this. Think having your mom call and detail the night you were conceived right after you just got a lap dance. Psychologically damaging? Yes. But does someone avoid getting Roethlisberger’d? Fair enough.

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  1. Simole

    The new super soldier project had shocking results.

  2. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh jesus…that ass….fuck.

  3. Robert Acquafresca

    For 50 she looks good. Most men would trade the look of their wives for KG’s. KG is single for a reason though because no one can stand to be around her for any length of time, no matter how good she might be in bed.

    The older a woman gets, the less crap a man will take to get sex from her. Its diminishing returns for most women as they get older. Hell, even Christine Brinkley got traded in for an 18 yr old.

  4. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Why??? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????

  5. Richard McBeef

    This was supposed to be a moral booster for troops in Shitganistan? Al-qaida wins another round.

  6. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Ahhh fuck it, a six pack and some dim lights, I’d hit it.

  7. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    I still can't believe its not butter
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    wow must’ve been a looooong war, eh?

  8. wingnut

    I’m not proud about it, but will admit that there is no doubt that I would bang her after a few beers.

  9. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Her ass is folding in on itself.

  10. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Agreed. Definitely tapable

  11. Mena

    Kathy Griffin – The orginal grenade

  12. rough nation

    Besides, being highly experienced in the art of Yapping, that’s not bad for a not quite senior…

  13. TFB

    Holy Shit there should have been a safety warning at the top of this page. This stupid ugly bitch has no reason to be wearing a bikini let alone in public. Quick, someone shoot her clueless ass.

  14. Ricky Rao

    She’s not talented, or funny, or attractive…….she should just fade away into obscurity

  15. Fellow Perv

    I have to say that for her age that is a pretty damn great body. Talk shit all you want but how many women have that body at her age. Also don’t lie in a dark room and with her not talking not only would you all hit it , you would enjoy it!

  16. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    celebs love me
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    That chick just turned 50, she looks amazing!

  17. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Mmmmh Baby!!!
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    Hell, she looks good at her age! Imagine KK, JWow, Paris when they get this old, if the y live that long. All modern celebs are druggies, but KATHY could not’ve been much prior to this. Again, all modern celebs are gonna look like KEITH RICHARDS or BOB DYLAN, the rate they’re going at. That prime ASS of Kathy’s looks mucho, mucho better than KK’s! Hers’ have the size and I’d do a KAMIKAZE dive into that ass in a heartbeat!

  18. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    AMAZING for her age :) yo go kathy

  19. Suzy Smith

    Just because Grandma can wear a bikini doesn’t mean I want to see her in one.

  20. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    With extreme discipline & lots of help from plastic surgeons you too can fight a desperate & ultimately losing battle against the ravages of time.
    That does not look like a 50 yo body. Nice job Kathy.

  21. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Anne S
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    She looks amazing! shes had struggles with her weight and finally the hard work has paid off! Dont hate haters!!!!

  22. Michelle

    As long as there is no talkie and I couldn’t see her from the neck up – then great. BUT it is still Kathy and there isn’t anything that can make that right – NEVER.

  23. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Looks like Andy Dick finally found a way to make out with a married soldier.

  24. Thank You

    I cummed :)

  25. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    who gave her permission to wear that? lol

  26. GeorgeWBush

    OHHH GOD, I can’t believe I clicked on this post….I really need some help

  27. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Are you serious? She’s got a rockin’ body, a cute face, and she’s FUNNY as fuck. I’d rather do her than half the vapid blow-up dolls you drool over on here.

  28. frank


  29. atomicmug

    Maybe some lonely, old divorced guys pushin’ 60 want to see 50 year old has-beens desperately clinging to delusions of hotness embarrassingly flaunting their diminished elasticity…

    …but soldiers don’t.

    Thanks, VH1, for ambushing our troops with this pathetic, leather troll doll.

  30. xanax in my beer

    something about her just looks like a normal sized dwarf.
    Like, if a midget was normal-person-sized.
    I can’t explain it.
    But that’s what she looks like.

  31. slapkatyperry



    Mr. Ed called and wants his face back and please add the horse hair to Kathy to cover the cottage cheese craters!

  33. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    arrrrghhhh!!! That is one ugly pancake butt. It’s an old lady butt.

  34. cm

    Good for her. She looks good! MEN: THIS IS WHAT AN UNPHOTOSHOPPED WOMAN looks like. I know you don’t get laid and have to rely on jerking off to pictures of celebrities. But I just thought you should know.

  35. Jimbob

    needs great big f’ing implants and I would do her. Love old broads with giant implants. Are you listening, girl?

  36. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    I want to lose my virginity to this chick.

  37. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    She looks fucking great. Haters gon hat and I bet none of them look this good. ESPECIALLY at 50

  38. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    You’re forgiven, Fish. I can still see.

    Griffin has a better body than Ke$ha. Do away with her voice completely, and she’d be relatively attractive. Even tolerable.

  39. kara

    her stomach is flatter than mine & i’m 5’4 & 103 lbs so she must be doing something right (also, i drink too much)

  40. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Perhaps the most overrated “entertainer”. Just not that interesting or funny.

  41. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    If there ever was proof of post traumatic stress syndrome this is it…

  42. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    I was at that concert, right at the front and let me tell you, she has one flabby ass in person!!!

  43. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    dont hate me but ive wanted to hit that for a long time. that girl that does the room store commercials too.

  44. wim

    you must see his/her PIMPLE/PENIS now?

  45. wim

    her pimple/p*nis is very clear visible now?

  46. wim

    …………….it’s a man.

  47. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    fat bottom girls
    Commented on this photo:

    Kathy looks better than a lot of twenty year old girls who have pigged out on fast food and have fat hanging off their bodies. Give credit where credit is due, most women would kill for Kathy’s body I bet some fat twenty something year old is taking the worst possible shots of Kathy because they know she makes them look so bad.

  48. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Kalgary Klutz
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    Kathy is an intelligent, witty and funny woman. I love her political incorrectness and her desire to ridicule the most vain and shallow people on the planet. On top of all of this she has a smokin’ body, and to be honest I would like to drink her bathwater!

  49. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Dick Throbbin
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    The idiot kissing her must be part of DADT or he’s JUST back from months alone in the wilds of Afghanistan where he saw ONLY goats.

    Fuck, she’s friggin’ hideous.

  50. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s a hot lady for 50. you’ll appreciate older pussy later in life boys…if you like pussy at all.

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