Kathy Griffin in a Bikini (I’m Sorry)

December 7th, 2010 // 151 Comments

Because I also support the troops, I was avoiding posting these pics of Kathy Griffin until enough of you America-haters wrote in, making us less safe for it. So here she is wearing a bikini at The USO presents “Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops” which I can only assume was an effort to cool down the audience after exposing them to Katy Perry in this and this. Think having your mom call and detail the night you were conceived right after you just got a lap dance. Psychologically damaging? Yes. But does someone avoid getting Roethlisberger’d? Fair enough.

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  1. Zipit Bizzle

    good god. I hope all those bullets went off in her dressing room causing the police to think it was a terrorist and allowing them to unload all the clips through the dressing room door, putting us out of her misery.

    • shankyouverymuch

      Oh I know, wait, yes I do – I’d hit it … several times, HARD with a baseball bat!!!

  2. Richester

    That is just effing wrong!

  3. 539



  4. Ze German

    Admittedly the ass is fairly flat and showing some sag, I think overall she looks good for 50.

  5. fx

    not as scurry as bristol palins dwts pics

    • Mark

      I’d rather see Bristol Palin in a string bikini than Peter Griffin’s less talented cousin in a one piece swimsuit.

  6. I hope I look that good when I’m 63.

    • Kathy's Ass

      Let me save you the surprise.

      YOU WONT! Infact you will be WRINKLY and SLOPPY like Kathy’s Ass!

  7. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Tommy Lee's Cock
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    Damn bulimia does her good!

  8. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Tommy Lee's Cock
    Commented on this photo:

    The bulimia is really doing wonders for her! Now if only she could do something about that face…

  9. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

  10. nicole

    so what, she looks good in a bikini…its not like she’s some fat tub-a-lard with a muffin top hanging to her knees.

  11. mike

    I am really getting tired of having to clean the vomit off my keyboard. There should be some kind of warning above the pictures Like Stop here if you have a weak stomic.

    • blah

      I don’t think pretending to fake vomit is as cool as you think it is.

    • Alex

      Double negatives aside, the fact still remains it is spelled stomach. Much like riding in the back of a pick up truck, it’s hard to look witty when you are wielding a command of the written language on par with that of a 3rd grader.

    • Scott P.


      Don’t worry mike, there are sites for guys like you who don’t like to look at women in bikinis. They’re called GAY PORN SITES.

      AmIrightoramIright guys!…*raises hand for a high five and quickly puts it down when left hanging*

      FYI, she looks very good for her age.

  12. She looks good for being Ke$ha’s mom.

  13. Salad Face

    Daphne Aguilera looked better before the operation.

  14. Kathy Griffin is vapid, but somehow … I am curious what it would be like … even with her voice … hmmmmmmmmm …

    HEY, don’t JUDGE … some of you have sick twisted fantasies about women who are normally not considered attractive in the least!!!! Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Wilma Flintstone, Barbara Bush ….

  15. Franksinatrastein

    She’s getting there. If we can somehow talk her into another, say, eighty pounds, I think she’ll be just where we need her.

  16. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks pretty darn good for 50 years old (all plastic surgery aside)!

  17. guy rossi

    She’s single right? Cause that guy kissing her is not. Check his ring.

  18. McFeely Smackup

    WTF is with old chicks trying to show they’re still attractive by proving they aren’t?

    • So Judgemental!

      Please…. Post your bikini picture!!! I’d love to rate it.

      She did this because she looks better than she ever has. So she’s 50. I am 50 and in my prime, better than I ever have been. Even without going under the knife!

      Are people just like this all day long? So much negativity……..

  19. Cock Dr

    Credit where credit is due…….she’s done the absolute best she can. She starves, she exercises, she’s had some work.
    But you just can’t get the youthful skin tone back ever, ever, ever. Gravity always wins.

    • Douchariffic

      “Some” work? She’s been redone from head to toe. And still looks like a chipmunk’s asshole after a night of binging on Mexican food.

  20. Any Guy

    sadly enough – KG at 50 looks a million times better than that DOG Kesha, or Britney, or Christina Aguelira, the list goes on…

  21. joho777

    What’s a 50-year-old doing dancing in a bikini for the USO?

    Does she care that “the troops” are 18 to 30 years old?

    Does the audience even know who she is??

    • McFeely Smackup

      Yeah, this is like having your mom put on a bikini and dance at your bachelor party for you and your friends.

      damn you mom…

  22. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Excuse me while I file this under ‘Accounts Receivable’ for my accountant…

  23. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    A scene from the George Clooney sequel, “The Men Who Would Make Love to Old Goats”

  24. Douchariffic

    This is just never necessary. My eyes may never recover.

  25. jt


  26. wb

    Chop off the head and you’ve got a decent 60 year old…

  27. Hugh Gentry


  28. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Heya soldier – nice wedding ring.

  29. sal

    the face is beyond rescue, but that’s one nice flat stomach she’s got.

  30. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Aw this special moment is really highlighted by his wedding ring.

    • Jovy

      If I were his wife I dunno what I’d be more pissed off at: the fact that he’s kissing another woman, or the fact that he’s kissing something as ugly as kathy griffin.

  31. Richard Head

    Sorry? Why? I’m a 50-year-old guy, and I think she looks smokin’. Especially compared to most women in their 50′s. Keep the MILF/Cougar pics coming, guys, they make my work day!

    • wb

      because you’re old and shriveled up.

      • Richard Head

        When you’re my age, you will thank God if you like women their 50s. Because if you don’t you will be combing your hair over your bald spot and chasing grossed-out 20-somethings in your red sports car. A sad fate awaits you I have avoided. I’m a MILF-magnate, it’s great being middle aged!

    • Felipe

      wb got COMPLETELY owned.

  32. Wootang

    Come on. Don’t be so harsh. You can’t even see his penis.

  33. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still bang her

  34. jojo

    Andy Dick is everywhere these days.

  35. crazypants

    She’s 50 – human age. She looks fine, particularly for 50. Go to any Western beach and you’ll find that Griffin looks better than most, ages 20-50.

    Find me anywhere, tons of 50 year olds who look better in a bikini. Go on, I’ll wait.

    I’ll be waiting a long time.

    Grow up people. Oh,and anyone can wear anything they want, whenever they want – so I don’t want to hear any twaddle about dressing your age and blah, blah.

  36. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    That’s the hottest drag queen I’ve ever seen.

  37. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    Dude, I would KILL to look like her when I’m 50, or whatever. Except for the whole face thing.

  38. Brad Hallston

    I’d fuck her. But only in the ass

  39. horn dog

    Me too. But only with my toilet brush.

  40. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    surprisingly doable.

  41. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    Butter face.

    She does have a nice body, but she has a coyote ugly personality.

  42. Eric

    Coyote ugly personality. Can’t stand this skank.

  43. Remember that scene in Men In Black where the country bumpkin is talking about something wearing her husband as an “Egger (Edgar) suit”??

    Yeah, this is just like that, except ginger.

  44. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    S'up Bitches
    Commented on this photo:

    Christ! I’m not pre-approved for finger hut credit! What the fuck is a finger hut anyway? Sounds gross. Which brings me back to Griffin’s body. You know, kind of gross, like a hut made out of fingers. Or full of fingers. Or fingers made out of huts? Which ever you prefer.

  45. molly

    i hope my body is that good when I’m 50
    props to her for not letting it all hit the floor

  46. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
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    At least it’s better than Ke$ha.

  47. Ash Bones


  48. Kathy Griffin Bikini USO Vh1 Divas
    Commented on this photo:

    At least she had the decency to trim her muff.

  49. Jon

    If you were trully sorry, you wouldn’t have posted it hahahaha.

  50. This….is…. AWESOME.

    I like her, she makes me laugh and the shit she says about the people we say shit about is freaking funny AND she gets to meet them and be like SHIT! you heard about that huh? LOL

    Go on Kathy! Do you’re thing! Well……. stop doing this… it was funny this once, ONCE. I’ll give you one.

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