Kathy Griffin vs. Andy Cohen Feud Just Went Nuclear

I knew that Kathy Griffin and Andy Cohen have been having this petty back and forth since he took her place on Anderson Cooper’s New Years Eve show, but Griffin just took what was a bitchy public squabble to DEFCON 1 by accusing him of sexual misconduct. Griffin somehow received a letter from a fan detailing a sexual encounter he had with Cohen while they both were in college. The letter claims he forced himself upon the victim and “had his way with him” while visiting a friend at University of Wisconsin-Madison. An action this extreme is comparable to pulling an assault rifle on someone who let their dog shit on your sidewalk. This shit just got real…

Back in October, Kathy showed her claws by telling everyone how Andy Cohen offered her cocaine and nobody really gave a shit, but personally taking it upon herself to tell everyone on Twitter about his sexual misconduct is taking it to a whole new level.

“Proclaiming herself as the ‘Mayor of Zero F**ksville,’ the 57-year-old released a letter written by a man who alleged he was ‘pushed’ down onto a bed by Andy, 49, who ‘rather assertively had his way with’ him during an encounter almost three decades ago.

‘I find it hilarious that Andy Cohen’s current ad campaign for WWHL has a premise that implies that no matter where he goes people just want to spill their guts to him,’ Kathy tweeted before sharing the lengthy note. ‘People have been opening up to me for decades in any way they can, in fact here’s just one example of someone who couldn’t help but tell me their story.’

‘Enjoy your morning tea. Prepare yourself for some of his transparent retaliation,’ she quipped.” (from Celebuzz!)

You can check out the entirety of the man’s letter to Kathy here. It’s not quite the worst instance of sexual misconduct we’ve seen from a celebrity in the past couple months, in fact I think it leans more on the “scorned lover with an displeasurable sexual encounter” side of the spectrum, but nonetheless it sounds like Andy went over the line with a theatre kid back in college.

I found it kind of strange that “Forrest” found it necessary to bring up Andy Cohen’s lazy eye and tiny penis in his letter. He also really seems to have it out for this “Amanda” character, who sounds like a terrible friend. I have no reason to side with Andy Cohen on this, I think he/his show fucking sucks, but for Kathy to post something this inconsequential is a little unbecoming for a grown ass woman. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time she played an ill-advisable victim card.

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