Katharine McPhee in a bikini

March 17th, 2009 // 88 Comments

Here’s Katharine McPhee of American Idol fame filming a movie in Hawaii. While technically she’s in a bikini, it’s sort of covered up by some dress dealie. But, hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s not like you guys (Or me. Whee!) will know the difference. For all we know, these are shots of R2-D2 making sweet love to Robo-Cop. — It’s like I’m writing the world’s most erotic fiction sometimes.


  1. Que

    Que nice!

  2. surprising!

    she is really hot! what a figure, eh.

  3. j pease

    Nice bottom!

  4. I’ve got a mic she can sing into… (ziiiiiip)

  5. Jrz

    She shoulda stuck to the anorexia.
    Hey, Rich!

  6. Kaiser

    Looks good. Want fuck.

  7. Nice. My cock would fit nicely between those plump cheeks

  8. Zanna

    @8 – that is TOTALLY Rich….but like…every day.

  9. Jrz

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day Zanna-Doo! Hey, is it hotmail or yahoo…which one works…I forget.

  10. muacks

    the armpit´s hair shadow in number 6 is a real turn on


  11. Deacon Jones

    Looks like she’s putting her talent to good use..

  12. another bitch id chris brown… hard.

  13. thats one of the few girls I would let eat me out….and by “let” i mean “force to”.

  14. GuyHolly


  15. Jocko

    Is it just me or is the granny lesbo eyeing up her fun bags?

  16. That is me ladies… only I’m not breakdancing in that picture.

  17. Newcastle

    Great ass.

  18. Zanna

    My yahoo is still working. And so is my vagina.

  19. GuyHolly

    Rich– you’re shorter than I pictured you. And less……………………………….cool.

  20. Matt

    These pictures brought a smile to my face! I very much support humane fishing and it seems like they’re going to take the net off this whale that they caught.

  21. Anexio

    Ther lady in pic 9 with the yeloww stripped shirt is hawt!

    She sing real good and do it all and stuff.

  22. Really not a “celebrity” in my opinion but she is a chick in a bikini so …..

  23. ph7

    Nice ass – shame about the saddle bags – destroys the look. And she must be hiding a gut…

  24. Tim

    Pic #5 – fat ass!

  25. Jrz

    her yahoo is still working. and so is her hoo-ha

  26. Karen

    On the appropriate scale (…sorry…), she’s nothing in terms of post-Idol gluttony. Did anybody see Belly Clarkson on SNL?

  27. Valerie

    She is one of the few semi-famous girls I think looks truly good–I think it’s the lack of cellulite and weird boniness–good for her *clapping*

  28. Janey

    Somebody better get over here and kiss my Blarney stone.

  29. Anexio

    Ther lady in pic 9 with the yeloww stripped shirt is hawt!

    She sing real good and do it all and stuff.

  30. GuyHolly

    ## Mmmmwwaahhhhh, feel better now Janey?

  31. Fluffy Butt

    moving on….

  32. Jrz


  33. Danklin24

    God damn this girl is gorgeous. She’s definitely the hottest girl to ever be on American idol.

  34. Danklin24

    #21 Whale????? ARe you fucking kidding me?! This woman is anything but fat. Damn, Do you like fucking skeletons or anything? She was actually bulimic at one point in her life so she’s insanely skinny.

  35. Jrz

    Katherine McThunder Thighs

  36. Ted

    “She was actually bulimic at one point in her life”

    definitely time to put a lot more effort into the purging…

  37. PunkA

    jrz, c’mon. She is hot. Her legs would look really good spread out in front out me is all I know. Or wrapped around me. Bet she has never had good sex before. Her hubbie looks like a loser with a small unit.

  38. Anexio

    Ther lady in pic 9 with the yeloww stripped shirt is hawt!

    She sing real good and do it all and stuff.

  39. Frank O'Stein

    I’ve filled that McPhee with Shamrocks.

  40. Lowlands

    Who is this!? What is this!? And whose responsible!?

  41. Hottest chick that came out of that tired show…

  42. @43

    It actually was a singing contest, not a beauty contest. And she did not win at the singing part.

  43. Ohh really 43? I dont see anyone being on a photo shoot, making movies and touring…sound like a winner to me…and go tell Simon looks doesnt count…

  44. Tom K

    Nice! Finally a good looking girl!!

  45. Deacon Jones


    lol. She’s gonna see these posts and instantly break the sound barrier with her index finger enroute to the mouth.

  46. dude_on

    Congrats to the camera clicker for having a pair and creatively making the most with the angles. And there is no debate about Kat’s hotness. She’s the kind of chick you want to check into a room with for the weekend and just eat room service… and watch Nascar.

  47. Ike Turner

    Wow, I thought she was dead.

  48. Janey

    Fuckity… JRZ!!!!!!!!!!!! ZANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUYHOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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