Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe consists solely of bikinis (Someone get this woman a Nobel Prize, please.)

Katherine Heigl was spotted at her home yesterday getting ready to relax in her pool. Apparently she’s not done wearing a bikini, and God bless her, may just wear one all summer. In the meantime, why is she hiding in fear in her own house from the paparazzi? I don’t know about you, but if the paps were in my abode trying to snap a pic I’d come at them with something they’d never suspect: the whole fruit basket. I mean, these guys obviously braved the landmines, moat and T-Rex* to get a shot of your’s truly, so they deserve a glimpse of something awesome and possibly diamond-crusted. Wink.

*I have many valuables. (Read: Comic books and Swedish fish.)

Photos: Flynet