Katherine Heigl’s wardrobe consists solely of bikinis (Someone get this woman a Nobel Prize, please.)

June 24th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Katherine Heigl was spotted at her home yesterday getting ready to relax in her pool. Apparently she’s not done wearing a bikini, and God bless her, may just wear one all summer. In the meantime, why is she hiding in fear in her own house from the paparazzi? I don’t know about you, but if the paps were in my abode trying to snap a pic I’d come at them with something they’d never suspect: the whole fruit basket. I mean, these guys obviously braved the landmines, moat and T-Rex* to get a shot of your’s truly, so they deserve a glimpse of something awesome and possibly diamond-crusted. Wink.

*I have many valuables. (Read: Comic books and Swedish fish.)

Photos: Flynet

  1. Ted Mosby

    She’s got good boobs.

  2. Vas Deferens

    Sweet fucking rack!

  3. Lola

    In pic # 4, she’s describing her hairy hubby’s penis…. It all comes DOWN…. HA

  4. I Spel and Gramer Good

    shee shood go fer a run and clearh hwer lunggs and titen herr dumpppy ahsh.

  5. havoc

    Not bad. Not bad at all

    Who is she?


  6. Trover

    They are real.

    Ugly bikini though. But at least her abs and chest look good in it. No saggy butt shots either.

    Man, this chick must be banking on her summer vacation. Bet she calls the Paps every day to tell them when and where to get the good shots. Must be nice to get paid just to show up in a bikini.

  7. snarkymalarky

    That would sooo piss me off if I were famous & had paps taking pics of me at home in my yard. I get irritated enough just having neighbors to the left, right, and across…too fricken close. But at least they’re not hiding up in some tree trying to get pics of me (…I think). I like my privacy. I guess thats the irony of fame; all that money but seriously no privacy or peace unless you stay tucked inside.

  8. Pamela Anderson

    Who is this woman and why is she wearing tube socks with gerbils inside tied around her chest?

  9. dude_on

    A ‘thank you” is in order… no money shot but we’re on the right track here.

    Nice inny. Kat has every right to wear a bikini every day for the rest of her life, or at least until she turns 40ish. I would suggest she start work on her cartwheels now.

  10. Karma

    That tube style bikini is doing her no favours, but she does look good despite it – great shape and well proportioned.

  11. Que

    Que good!

  12. TOOL

    I’ll bet she is listening to Hiedi Montags HOT new single!
    We love designer
    oh la la la

  13. Mike

    Bet she snowballs. Which is a good thing.

  14. Gadolf Titler

    Wunderbar! I would eat her scheiss!

  15. Consists solely of UGLY bikinis. Hey Katherine, come over, you can borrow one of mine!!

  16. delores claymore

    Bikini? Check. Posture corrected? Check. Still annoying? Check Check Check.

  17. That Katherine Heigl is one hot piece of ace, I know from experience dude. If you know what I mean.

  18. stephanie

    where’s her wedding ring????

  19. Hary Peniz

    Her chest would look much better if I dropped a Cleavland Steamer on it.

  20. What’s up FRIST?

  21. combustion8

    I’d rather see her in My Father the Hero… again.

  22. OttoMate

    I’d hit that twice

  23. Grunion

    Wow this turned me on as much as the other 50 Hiegl bikini posts. Which is to say not at all.

  24. ph7

    Box shaped body.

    She looks like SpongeBob, with nice cans.

  25. Harry Ballzack

    Yeah and from the looks of the next to last picture, she spotted the paparazzi too.
    But hey .. nobody said she was going to be “obscure” if she went into acting. It was HER choice to be a celebrity/actress (and I use the term loosely)
    She’s the one who wanted fame and fortune and an celebrity lifestyle.
    Well there ya go sweety. Hope you enjoy your success and about the paparazzi …… They go with the territory so webtards can unscrupulously comment on celebritards on sites like Superfi.

  26. Deacon Jones


    Get to work on the new pics that just hit the net of Rod Stewart breast feeding from his wife on a yacht. I can’t make this stuff up

  27. #20 – haha. Classic. Plus, I bet she’d love a Cleveland Steamer! But, only if it was followed by a Dirty Sanchez!

    I liked Heigl until she got all snotty after “Knocked Up” and then said she hated the message from that movie and all that crap. Bet she didn’t hate cashing that big ass check they gave her!

  28. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s just another self-important Hollywood twat who needs a serious spanking from Life.

  29. Chauncey Gardner

    Also, she’s got the same beady pig-eyes that the man-voiced redheaded bitch from That 70s Show has.

  30. @28 Sportsdvi, Be carefull of #20. There is only one person around here that talks about Cleavland Steamers and she it pretty scarry.

    @20 How is your brother steamer girl??

  31. mamadough

    “what i REALLY want is a hideous bikini meant for a 12 year old girl. i really want it to pull my tits down about 3 inches, flatten them out, and make them as saggy as fucking possible. oh, i got that going on? awesome.”

  32. titty

    LMAO at the Spongebob comment.. so true..

  33. mamadough

    i’ve seen better tits on an orangutan.

  34. the_dudeski

    is that an i-touch ?

  35. Johnny

    @30 – OMG, so true. Thank you, she’d looked kinda familiar in a weird kinda way for a while.

    She may have nice tits, but they’re certainly not in the right place.

  36. vito bonespur

    I’d go down on her like an elevator and suck on her clit till her knees gave out.

  37. Fuck the lot of you

    Haha, haters! I told you she was fucking HOT.

  38. ObiTheWyteKnight

    Those tits look a little too saggy to be on her. She’s only like 29 or something, she needs to be augmented. I didn’t think her body would look this nice though cause all you ever see her in on her show is scrubs. I want topless!

  39. Yan Can Cook

    She looks like even her vagina is a self-important cunt.

  40. KBF

    Eww, the bitch looks like a skeleton listenin to her Ipod. Always makes me laugh when the fat, grandma basement living Trekkies give their opinions on here on what looks good.

    That includes that fat, slobbering idiot who writes for this site.

  41. Grunion

    #38 u never told me, and you should get your eyes checked

  42. qwertygirl

    yours, not your’s

  43. She was so busy with the bikini’s, SHE SIMPLY FORGOT TO EAT!!

  44. Arguman

    I love seeing bones poking out of women’s skin. Its soooo hot. ;P

  45. the bottom half of her body looks yucky

  46. nerdkiller

    she = yummy town

  47. Jeanie

    She’s at home! That is so creepy that we have pictures of her there. I like the one picture where she’s looking at the camera obviously skeeved out.

  48. alisa

    she looks so good in these pictures…. probably because her body looks just like mine! but only from the front. and my thighs are smaller. shes so hot :)

  49. Mr V

    She’s just really normal neighbourly looking to me. Don’t understand the hype. University was full of girls like this.

    Maybe she’s awesome in person. Anyway it’s not as if anyone who comments in The Superficial has actually met any of these stars.

    @32: I fully agree with the sentiment. Apparently a career in the spotlight with red carpet competitions and having a stylist assigned to you for a show, doesn’t mean any fashion advice trickles down to private life. Honestly, these strapless bikini tops should come with a huge label saying “Do not wear unless your boobs are plastic or are A cup mosquito bites that haven’t migrated since you were 12″.

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