Katherine Heigl doesn’t want to get ‘knocked up’ with an Emmy (Like the movie!)

June 12th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Katherine Heigl won for Best Supporting Actress in a drama (Grey’s Anatomy) at last year’s Emmy awards, but this year, she doesn’t think she’s worthy. And she ain’t bullshitting. Katherine declined to even put her name down for a nomination bid. The AP reports:

“I did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization” decided against competing, Heigl said in a written statement provided by her publicist, Melissa Kates, who was contacted by the AP.
“In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials,” added Heigl.

Okay, I can understand modesty, but I’m pretty sure Katherine Heigl just pissed in the faces of her show’s writers. That’s nice. I look forward to this season’s premiere when her character becomes a paraplegic coke mule that steals babies and eventually dies from the Ebola virus – during the opening credits. Grey’s Anatomy: don’t miss it!

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  1. Fer

    Stuck up.

  2. kkd

    German-American quality all the way!

  3. bah

    god she’s hot.

    but a huge bitch i guess?

  4. ganana

    Good lord, what’s wrong with her right leg; it looks like part of it’s been sliced off.

    I think this gal is vastly overrated — she’s a fairly cute blonde but isn’t going to age well because she constantly sucks on a cigarette and that ages women something terrible.

  5. Lola

    she’s a total bitch who speaks when no one asks her to…. she’s so stuck up….. her hubby is ugly as hell and looks like a rapist…. and she’s bitten the hands that feeds her one too many times
    saying the movie knocked up made women look bad…. bitch you ain’t read the script before signing onto doing the movie? that movie made you who the hell you are today…..
    stupid idiot…. that’s what you get when you give someone not worthy of anything a chance….. unappreciative bitch

  6. Nik

    Career suicide.

  7. PunkA

    I think we all know that Grey’s Anatomy has sucked balls the last few seasons. It peaked at year 2 like halfway through. All downhill since then. And her character is a joke, and we all know it, even her. Now, I wouldn’t whipe my asss with the paper the episodes are written on, it is that ridiculous. I mean, Days of Our Lives has more realistic plots.

  8. nipolian

    Brilliant career move Katherine……I’m sure that the producers at ABC will make sure that you go on to star in many fine straight to video movies such as “Knocked Up II, This Time It’s Interracial”.

  9. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.


  11. She’s saying very clearly that she’s worthy, but her writers are not. I pray to God that one of them pushes her into a stairwell and rapes her after breaking every bone in her face.

  12. eatherhole

    She may not be able to keep her pie hole shut, but it were up to me she wouldn’t be able to keep her baby hole shut either. I could eat that musty snatch for days. I’d also love to part her supple milky butt cheeks and tongue out her hot sweaty butthole.

  13. babe

    She looks beautiful. I love her. I saw her profile on mi*llionaire&celeb da*ting s*ite “”"”"”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”"”"” last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site.

  14. schack

    What is the big deal? She sucked all season long and now she does not want to explain why she did not get nominated for and Emmy. So she takes her name out before she can be publicly rejected for her sub par work.

  15. goob

    @ 11 & 12

    Yeah, real classy, you turds…

  16. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    If I weren’t such a crotchedy old fart (and a drunk) I would rape it. Oops, I mean hit it. Then take her for a drive.

  17. @11 Wonderful, I got the sadistic ass face troll today..

  18. snarkymalarky

    she should get over herself; her career isn’t gonna go much further than it already has. she should count her lucky stars as it is. not only that, but the girl can’t really even act to begin with.

  19. Rod Farva

    Ugh, that bitch is such a wet blanket.

    First she shits all over Knocked Up for giving no “comedic roles to women,” and now this bullshit.

    Take yourself more seriously, Heigl. No one will remember you in 10 years anyway.

  20. Kathleen

    I like her, but that was kind of a stupid comment.

  21. veggi

    #11 made me wet.

  22. veggi

    Irregardless, I could care less..

    ha. maka no sensa..

  23. veggi

    21. you’re quite a weirdo.. troll e ol e ol..

  24. havoc

    I’d hit it and I don’t even know who she is…..

    Wait a minute, I just saw her right leg.



  25. Maybe she’s had lunch with Neil Patrick Harris..

  26. Chris

    #12 – if you’ve got days for that type of thing – “tongue out her hot sweaty butthole” – you should try Kim instead. Might take days to just to reach it. And make sure you wear a miner’s lighted hat and take along some oxygen.

  27. He Veggi, How are you doing today??

  28. She’s got great tits, but if she started talking I’d have to rip out one of her nipples and feed it to the dog.

  29. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  30. Hey veggi, how’s your hangover…er I mean “cold”??

  31. veggi

    Hey FRIST!!! Hi Jimbo!! Hi sleepy person @29!!

  32. kat

    i can’t get past her fugly teeth. those things are caved in something terrible. you would think she would have the mony to have those suckers fixed….

  33. Ted Mosby

    That’s a slap to the face of writers. She’s saying that her acting was great but her script and storyline sucked so she shouldn’t be nominated on the basis of the quality of the work she was given.

    she may be joining Isiah Washington on the unemployment/cheese line in the near future.

  34. kp

    she has huge boobs

  35. Joe

    God, what a bitch. And not particularly hot either. There’s just something wrong with her body. And her face is meh.

  36. I was almost late for work today because there was a motherfucking HOUSE in the ROAD. I wouldn’t really complain except this was the FOURTH time this has happened to me..

  37. p0nk

    frist, sounds like you really ought to quit drinking early enough to be sober for your drive to work in the morning.

  38. someguy

    Stupid bitch.

    But her tits look great.

    Nice tits beat out stupid bitch.

    Except for Heidi “My smile is so large so that you can see the empty space in here” Montag.

  39. monkeyfightclub

    nice chesticles

  40. FRIST,
    Was it a one or two story house? How drunk were you? Can you share next time??

  41. #37 very funny p0nk. There really was a house in the road. They were transporting it and it was taking up 2 lanes and going very slow. It has nothing to do with how drunk I am..

  42. veggi

    FRIST!!! Next time, just hitch a ride with the house so you can take a nap on your commute!!

  43. ddhniodiodf

    She is hideous. I don’t understand why people are so into her.

  44. haroof

    great tits but wow that face is hideous.

  45. #43 – I agree, and I must at the same time compliment you on your complete lack of originality when chosing a name.

  46. FRIST, there is a new post..

  47. That’s a good idea, Veggi, maybe it has a liquor cabinet in it..

  48. jose

    I might actually tune in to Gray’s if they did that. It might make that show interesting.

  49. lin

    Ok boys and girls can anyone spell D I V A W A N N A B E?

  50. While I can understand her not wanting an Emmy if she thinks her work this year was subpar I think she should have let the voters say that themselves. If she sucked they’ll know it. I think she just publicly dissed Grey’s Anatomy’s writers saying that if she didn’t win it would be their fault. There’s a dumbass move for anyone’s career.

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