Katherine Heigl about to learn why you don’t piss off your writers

July 17th, 2008 // 53 Comments

After dropping out of the Emmy race and announcing she “wasn’t given the material to warrant a nomination,” Katherine Heigl basically shit in the corn flakes of the Grey’s Anatomy writers. And now they’re striking back:

*Spoiler Alert*


*End spoiler.*

Did I do that right? Us Weekly reports:

“[Producer] Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers are pissed at her,” the source tells Us. “It’s their way of screwing with her. She won’t know whether she’s going to live or die.”

While I admire the writers for exacting their revenge, I’m a little disappointed. A brain tumor? (Oh, shit. SPOILER!) I mean, is that the best they can do? I was hoping for something along the lines of Katherine’s character falling in love with Osama bin Laden. Together they try to make things work while balancing their careers. (He’s a terrorist; she’s a doctor. Wacky!) And, of course, there’d be several subplots where it’s revealed her character hates puppies, freedom and the laughter of children. I should really write a pilot.


  1. ahahahah


  2. She can have the tumor in my bloomers.

  3. It's Britney Bitches

    hahaha I love it. That’s awesome. She is one of the most annoying and high-maintenance actresses in Hollywood, and I applaud the writers of Grey’s for screwing with her.

  4. She’s good looking but everytime she opens her mouth she proves what a bitch she is so bravo to the writers.

  5. Sendy

    I’m just a bit curious.The Magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profiles were found on the famous wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M last week and she was seeking her new guy there now! BTW, The girls there are really hot!

  6. sb

    She comes across in every interview as a world-class bitch and either doesn’t have the self-awareness to realize it or just doesn’t give a shit. I’m guessing it’s the latter. Anyway, here’s hoping they make her shave her hair while her character undergoes chemo. That would be awesome. “Come on, you wanted Emmy-worthy material. Nothing’s more award-worthy than cancer–didn’t you see ‘Terms of Endearment’?”

    Dumb bee-yotch.

  7. Julian

    i’ve never seen the show so i dont really know its style but hopefully she’ll be put in a comatose state and while shes out its discovered that she was really a drug queen-pin that sold LSD to kids and pushed old people down stairs. then they figure out that the only way to save her is to remove most of her brain leaving her in a nearly vegetative retarded state. then she’ll be forced to play that role for the rest of the shows duration. Revenge is awesome.

  8. Omnibacon

    Her face reminds me of a fetus

  9. havoc

    Never watched the show.

    Don’t know who she is.

    Bikini pics please…..


  10. jack

    The bigger question is why is her chode of a husband shaving his chest. Compare it to past pictures. What a dickbag.

  11. arthurmich

    Didnt they do this on an episode of friends? Wow, she’s too dumb to learn from a sitcom.

  12. Dot

    Reminds me of the “Friends” episode where Joey’s DOOL writers had Dr. Drake Remoray fall down the elevator shaft. Love it.

  13. Meh

    I’m pretty sure she’s one of the main characters. Wouldn’t it hurt their ratings if they kill one of them off just to be petty? I think the best way to get her back is to give her the most unmemorable, undramatic, asinine lines they could think of.

  14. Frank

    The writers themselves won’t have the power to kill off a central character without the say of the producers. Giving her character a brain tumour might just give Katherine the ‘material to warrant a nomination’ that she wanted.

  15. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Could they be more original please….

  16. A

    Well, I guess revenge is a bitch. She shouldn’t have said what she said because now she’s screwed. I hope she doesn’t have to do anything crazy like shave her head. That would actually be kind of funny!

  17. ZoomBoy

    Of course she’ll live through it. This coincides with Dr.Sheppards successful experimental brain tumor procedure he perfected at the end of last season.

  18. Truth

    The truth is whenever something needed to be said, she said it. She stood up for the faggy guy and she accurately stated that the show sucks.

    This show is dying already and she doesn’t want to go down with the guy that made movies about delievering pizza to horny, married women and paying a thousand dollars to the popular chick to go from geek to geek that still doesn’t get any, but at least isn’t being arrested for harassing one of his betters.

    Katherine Hiegl might be a bitch, but she is prime twat.


    Kathering Hiegl’s Father

  19. Ted from LA

    They should turn her into a nymphomaniac and have her humping patients and employees in every scene all season. I’d actually tune in for that. As it is, what a fucking stupid show.

  20. Uncle Eccoli

    Television is trash. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but it’s just pure marketing – viewers are nothing more than rats hitting the feeder bar for another crap pellet that’s completely devoid of any nutrition whatsoever.

  21. kathleen

    #14 you are absolutely right. I find it hard to believe that the writers for this show are that stupid that they would give her exactly what she wants as a “punishment”. So unless her character is in a coma immediatly, with no set up scenes at all, I think that this may be the writers giving her the material that she felt she lacked last season. Reality is, that although the show is a big hit, she is considered a rising feature film star at this point, and Grey’s really needs her more than she needs them.

  22. Huh?

    She’s with the creator of mana potion and the gun bluetooth….yup, she’s done with.

  23. morga

    I wonder if she and Christina Aguilera ever get together to commiserate about having ape-like lovers?

    Anyway, I would love it if that show got canceled.

  24. LanceManyon

    Who watches this drivel?

    Oh, chicks.

  25. suzy

    Um… if you read the updates or read what her Rep. said.. she’s not getting kicked off the show…


  26. Giggity

    Worst flight of my life. I was returning from Europe on a flight where the two movies were “PS I love you” followed by “27 Dresses”…

    I tried to storm the cockpit to turn the crap off…

    Darn anti-terrorist door-locks…

  27. Big douche


  28. Personally, I think she should be kicked out of Hollywood and only allowed back once she is willing to bare to huge tatas

  29. Crazy Asian

    She hot.

  30. dystopia.

    I can’t stand this show. It does nothing but steal from other sitcoms.

  31. Lola

    actually, i think it’s brilliant…. it might be what she wants, but she’s still under contract so she has no choice but to follow whatever shitty plotline they write for her…. those writers that she basically called stupid in public, will make her looking, feeling, speaking like the foolish one…. so if they write her a racial line or makes her character a promiscouis lesbian who loves having sex with random strangers and ends up with all the STDs imaginable, she has no choice but to read/act what’s written for her…. stupid ass bitch

  32. Harry

    Entertainment Weekly had an article about 2 years ago about the lowest grossing movie of all time, a movie that literally made,like, $60.00. Who did it star? Heigl. That’s what this woman was doing before Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up came along. And, oh yeah, banging the musician who’s music video she was in. So what does she do? Bad mouth Grey’s and Judd Apatow in interviews. Never met this woman, but every word that comes out of her mouth screams “self important”. Keep it up, Kathy. This kind of behavior did wonders for Debra Winger.

  33. Not to defend this smokey bitch, but isn’t it still

    actors=avg $50-100m a year
    writers=avg $50-100k a year

    Soooooo…who’s fucking who?

  34. jen hutchin

    What no one says is, she is right about the writing. Her part stunk, with that unbelievable romance with the little gay guy. Hollywood hates smart women who wont shut up. She can be a movie star so who cares what the writers do.

  35. veggi

    Brain tumor? Boring. How about something more original, like getting in a car crash and ending up a vegetable with a concave head? I know somebody who’d be PERFECT as a script consultant…

  36. Robert

    I just emailed ABC regarding their script. You don’t really need a famous actress to tell them that the script sucks, but I’m glad she spoke out.

    The script for this show did in fact blow chuncks last year and it’s killing the show. ABC seems to be hanging her out in the wind instead of incinerating some of their writers.

    How many episodes can you have with “codependant woman” as the theme?

  37. badmove

    complete bitch-on-wheels. this Kelly guy will be regreting they got married in a couple years.

  38. Monica

    This storyline is too good for her. The US article it links said it would bring back the dude she was engaged to for 5 seconds in dream-like sequences…viewers ate that shit up. They’d be better off barely acknowledging the character, and just giving her the dumbest lines imaginable, as others have suggested.

    I’ve only ever heard two types of things come out of this woman’s mouth — ungrateful, bitchy comments or statements about her “wonderful” married life/husband who I’m sure can’t wait to break free.

    # 32 — what did Debra Winger do?

  39. dawn

    I can understand the writers being pissed, however, you must respect her for turning it down. That is the problem in the world today, everyone wants something for free, she on the other hand, wants to earn what she gets! More people should follow her lead. I think that she is wonderful that she not only respects herself, but also respects the things that she does enough to recognize when she hasn’t earned something!

  40. Lon

    They should have her character lapse into a coma and then every week the other characters gather around their bedside, have lunch and talk about how much they hated Izzy… like they used to do with Old Comatose Guy. That way she’d still have to show up every week, put on an ugly gown, bad makeup and lie in a hospital bed all day.

  41. mamadough

    if i was a writer, i’d give her ass cancer that she contracted from participating in a mexican donkey show. and i would treat it with leeches or maybe burning it off with curling irons.

  42. nunya

    “actors=avg $50-100m a year
    writers=avg $50-100k a year”

    Actors don’t “average” anything of the sort, you stupid cunt…..at least do a modicum of research.

  43. nunya

    “actors=avg $50-100m a year
    writers=avg $50-100k a year”

    Actors don’t “average” anything of the sort, you stupid cunt…..at least do a modicum of research.

  44. Hillary the Female Cuckold

    Boy, her husband is ultra douchey.

  45. Kimberly

    Well that’s good. I’m tired of hearing about this chick.

  46. Brent

    Shes gonna fall down an elevator shaft!

  47. So she gets to leave the worst show on TV and gets to move onto something that doesn’t blow?

    I’m not sure how she loses, honestly.

  48. FCS

    #47 anything she will be in will blow. Bet on it.

  49. rocker

    the bigger question is why is she wearing a bra in the pictures?

  50. Dawg Chapman has a vagina

    The douchebag she’s with must be the best she can do. Pathetic desperation.
    “actors=avg $50-100m a year
    writers=avg $50-100k a year”

    50 dollars to a hundred million a year -vs- 50 dollars to 100 thousand a year?

    Looks like there are douchebags EVERYWHERE…

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