Katherine Heigl in a bikini has the poise of a Yeti

June 16th, 2008 // 113 Comments

Katherine Heigl slipped off to Mexico this weekend with her husband Josh Kelley. When I initially found out there were bikini pics of Katherine, I expected some sexy awesomeness. What I got instead is akin to seeing my arthritic grandma lumber across the dunes of Tatooine. Anyone who got that joke, I just want you to know not all girls look like this. Keep trying to make contact and, eventually, one of them will touch your lightsaber. Statistics is on your side!

NOTE: The Geekologie Writer is on record saying he’d hit it. I informed him we were talking about Katherine Heigl and not my grandmother. He has since retracted his statement. Not sure what he did with all that prune juice though.


  1. i bet everyone of you criticizing KH’s bod has a little wiener.

  2. extracheeseplease

    Does she have scoliosis?

  3. Bill C.

    i bet everyone of you criticizing the criticizers here is even fatter and sloppier than Heigl.

  4. meh ..

    saggy boobs ..

  5. Lon

    Apparently, she’s pussy-whipped Josh into shaving and/or severly manscaping his chest. In the pre-marrieage photos, you could tell he was pretty hairy but no more. I wonder if they took his balls to Mexico or left them at home on the shelf?

  6. Lon

    Apparently, she’s pussy-whipped Josh into shaving and/or severely man-scaping his chest. In their pre-marriage photos, you could tell he was pretty hairy but no more. I wonder if she let him take his balls to Mexico or made him leave them at home?

  7. Moi

    She’s not fat at all. You’re all idiots. That is a female of average weight. Learn what it looks like. I bet you’re all eating junkfood right now and sitting on your own cellulite as we speak and have no room to talk.

  8. carabella

    BE NICE>

  9. dude

    she is fucking gorgeous! i can guarantee you everyone flaming her here is just jealous… either that you arent as hot as her, or wouldnt be able to get someone as hot as her. she is successful and beautiful… jealousy is a bitch!

  10. Aubrey

    when I saw her face from the distance I thought it was Jessica Alba gone back to blonde hair.

  11. @ 110 I love the bleeding heart comments. I have to say I’m totally jealous of the trash bag ass and the cellulite and the sweaty fold underneath her grandmother tits. This site is dedicated to bringing celebs down – miss that? I could say I hope she gets raped by Amy Winehouse’s hair and it’s all good. Its the fucking internet.

    By the way, this was probably the greatest post in the last few months. Fucking fantastic.

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