Katherine Webb Says No To Playboy, Is A Terrorist

February 5th, 2013 // 12 Comments
The Anti-Kim
Katherine Webb
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In the early, heady days of 2013 when our current Internet champion was but a lowly hatchet-wielding hitchhiker in a K-hole, Katherine Webb ruled the day. Except she’s grown smug in her finery, too smug, for she has made proclamations to TMZ of not posing with her naked bits asunder in defiance of the ways of the Internet. For is it not written that she who is blessed with instant fame must then perform acts, sexy in nature, under threat of losing said fame? Which in hindsight sounds kinda rapey, but these were dark times when dark covenants had to be made by men, sunlight-deprived men, who yearned to free this series of tubes from the tyrant AOL in pursuit of faster pornographic images and, yes, video, sweet streaming video. Well, freedom isn’t free, Katherine! *sobs* They still call me “babykiller” at the Internet cafe…

Photo: Splash News, WENN


  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    She’s a pageant queen. She’s too vain not to have taken some dirty selfies and then shared them with an ex boyfriend.

    Have faith in the internet. We’ll see her pussy soon enough.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Beef.

    • Av01

      Ha! You guys wish dirty pics of her would show up! I highly doubt it. I’ve seen many interviews of her and she seems like a reserved, well raised southern girl. Not saying she is without fault but I’m sure she’s keeping her body parts/nudity from public viewing. Her and Aj will most likely marry and he’ll have all the viewing he wants leaving all the wishful pervs to fantasize and imagine. Lol! Sorry guys!

  2. grobpilot

    Fish, your shit is better readin’ than the bible (or Maxim).

    • Drew

      Saying TheSuperficial is better than reading Maxim isn’t much of a compliment. I’ve shit more interesting things than Maxim can put out.

  3. IQ Moron

    Remember when I said Satan created Skarsgard just to fuck with the rest of the male population?… I was wrong!

  4. DeucePickle

    Fish, with the power of this chicks refusal of nudity, combined with your velvety poetry, I am now crying tears of hope….from my penis.

  5. Flesh Gordon

    Manface doesn’t wan’t us to see her weiner.

  6. If she was willing to accept next to nothing as payment for appearing nude somewhere just about no one will see it, she might as well come dance nude on my kitchen table for my saturday night poker game. who the hell still buys Playboy?

  7. She is not going to do that, she is on a fast track to end up on Fox News or on The View or something like that. She is pretty much golden at this point. Watching her boyfriend seething with jealousy at her meteoric rise is hilarious in itself.

  8. Katherine Webb LAX
    Commented on this photo:

    “Gevalt! Vot a tuchus…”

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