Katherine Webb Says No To Playboy, Is A Terrorist

The Superficial | February 5, 2013 - 1:28 pm

In the early, heady days of 2013 when our current Internet champion was but a lowly hatchet-wielding hitchhiker in a K-hole, Katherine Webb ruled the day. Except she’s grown smug in her finery, too smug, for she has made proclamations to TMZ of not posing with her naked bits asunder in defiance of the ways of the Internet. For is it not written that she who is blessed with instant fame must then perform acts, sexy in nature, under threat of losing said fame? Which in hindsight sounds kinda rapey, but these were dark times when dark covenants had to be made by men, sunlight-deprived men, who yearned to free this series of tubes from the tyrant AOL in pursuit of faster pornographic images and, yes, video, sweet streaming video. Well, freedom isn’t free, Katherine! *sobs* They still call me “babykiller” at the Internet cafe…

Photo: Splash News, WENN