Everyone Wants To Bang Katherine Webb

If you watched the BCS Championship game last night, you probably witnessed announcer Brent Musburger wisely telling America’s youth to become quarterbacks so they can bang chicks like AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb. Which some people considered creepy but Katherine Webb did not because she seriously only bangs quarterbacks. These are life lessons here. TMZ reports:

Katherine tells us, “I laughed hysterically. I was flattered … and slightly embarrassed … but I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I never expected that.”
She adds, “I’ve been reading on Twitter that Musburger had backlash that he’s ‘Creepy’ … if I were to see him I would say, ‘I don’t think you’re creepy at all!'”

And this is why I can’t wait to get old. Instead of calling the police, people think it’s adorable that you’re a horny bag of droopy flesh who’s only prevented from committing unspeakable acts because Viagra will stop your heart.

SON: Hey, pop, how was your day?
DAD: Oh, you know. A bunch of people died at the mill because I kept ogling the nudie calendars.
SON: Again?
DAD: I just want to razzle dazzle those nooner-boxes. It’s all I think about!
SON: Ha! Oh, dad…

Photos: Getty, Twitter, WENN