Katherine Heigl in a Bikini

March 21st, 2011 // 62 Comments

Here’s Katherine Heigl taking a vacation from making movies so goddamn awful, of course your girlfriend wants to see every single one of them. Which is why I really don’t know what else to say here that hasn’t already been voiced by any man who’s found blood in his stool after watching Killers. At the end of the day, it’s just another quasi-attractive celebrity in a bathing suit. I know that’s practically anathema on a site like this, but did you see 27 Dresses? I’d rather have found a lump on my testicles and started at that for 107 minutes.

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  1. teal


  2. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she is hot….but she’s still an awful person….bleah

  3. Coyote

    At least see had the Decency to keep her ass covered up; Kei$ha take note!

  4. Franksinatrastein

    I like her movies, I like her figure, and I like her smile.

  5. Ted

    I’d butt blast that pot-bellied bitch.

  6. rican

    Xtremely overrated bitch

  7. Katherine Heigl Bikini
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    Is that a one-hit she is toking on? Rock on, Katherine. But, um, maybe try to avoid the munchies a little more.

  8. Steve

    Someone explain to me what the hell this sentence means:

    “I’d rather have found a lump on my testicles then started at it for 107 minutes.”

    • karen

      It means he’d rather find a lump on his testicles than masturbate unsuccessfully during her movie.

    • argleblargle

      Clearly it means you have not spent enough time on the internet if a single-letter typo throws you completely off the meaning of a sentence.

    • MrsEllis

      it was meant to be “stared at it for 107 minutes”, and it was a logical and funny enough joke that I didn’t even see the typo when I read it the first time

  9. cc

    Barely quasi-attractive. And she can’t act for shit. I sense obscurity closing in on her.

    • Bill Clinton's alter ego

      destined to do another 24 movies where she is the supposed wallflower girl next door that finally snaggs the super hot guy . Just put the scripts in the xerox machine , until this well runs dry

      • cc

        Do a ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ on the names of the characters and location and she’s good to go for her next role.

  10. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Double D
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    The wrap-o-shame = the surest sign that a formerly hot celebrity has hit the wall.

  11. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Double D
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    I have her belly in my refrigerator. Waiting for it to rise and then I’m going to make some bread.

  12. Deacon Jones

    Is she smoking one of those electric cigarettes? (shakes head)

    Kids these days, I tell ya!

  13. Katherine Heigl Bikini
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    She looks like a post op tranny Craig Stadler…

  14. Sian

    I have to come to her defense here: her body is average but her face is beautiful and she’s a very capable actress even though her movies all suck ass. Gerard Butler’s and Ashton Kutcher’s “acting” looked even worse when compared to hers.

    • Deacon Jones

      That’s like saying a shoplifter isn’t as evil as Hitler.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Never take a job as a movie critic. You clearly do not understand the concept of reviewing and rating one’s acting skills. Gerard Butler’s and Ashton Kutcher’s acting skills look worse compared to a pile of dirt, but that isn’t any indication that the dirt is a good actor. Katherine Heigl’s acting career peaked with “My Father the Hero” and has been downhill ever since.

  15. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    sara gilbert in background?

  16. sjaybar

    Is that Kelly Cutrone in the background?

  17. After this she held a press conference and accused bikinis of being sexist and exploiting women.

  18. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Honest Abe
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    Loving those big ole titties!

  19. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Honest Abe
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    “If she’ll stick a cigarette in her mouth…”

  20. Sugar

    She’s pretty from the front but has an ugly profile and that super deep tall woman’s voice is tranny-like.

  21. Mandy

    Kate Gosselin?

  22. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    i thought britney’s dad didn’t let her smoke.

  23. GrandDragon

    Hmm. I always thought her tits were bigger than that.

    I am disappoint.

  24. chels

    i actually really like her. as much as everyone rags on her about being “pot-bellied” or whatever, i think she’s got a nice natural figure. she’s not SUPER toned but she’s got a great shape and long legs. plus her face is gorgeous.

  25. Funny how a bikini photo barrage of Keisha and Snookie will lower the bar to the point where an average looking, possibly a bit flabby, chick looks like a goddamn goddess.

  26. Bill Clinton's alter ego

    not feelin it

  27. LIberal

    She is visual castration. Just looking at her gives me the chils.

  28. rican

    On Picture 8 she looks like she has a Ke$hass

  29. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Darth Vader's inner voice
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    I don’t think her ass is her best asset

  30. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Hollywood Big Shot
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    Can’t we find a girl with bigger tits and a smaller ass and pay her less?
    Seriously , there’s lots of better looking girls out there

  31. Hollywood Big Shot

    not even a nipple poke in the whole series ?

  32. See Alice

    What’s she hiding ?

  33. Juiol

    Hey Fatso!

  34. Andrew

    She actually looks a lot better than I would have imagined

  35. Brian

    Wow if bing spent as much attention to usability as they spend on ads the Internet would actually be enjoyable. Your ads and your search engine suck!!

  36. Katherine Heigl Bikini
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    I like how she flares her nostrils to take in the perfume ads.

  37. Katherine Heigl Bikini
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    Oh! I didn’t realize they were doing a Monster sequel!

  38. Urbanspaceman

    Smells like someone’s got a movie coming out. No wait, she doesn’t. And another thing, she’s not aging well, is she?

  39. Sam

    “taking a vacation from making movies so goddamn awful, of course your girlfriend wants to see every single one of them. ”

    Not sure if you are getting funnier or truer.

  40. ken

    Looks like a suburban mom after given birth to several kids…

  41. McFeely Smackup

    Half the people looking at this need to go watch the full screen version of “My father the hero” the other half need to figure out why their VHS tapes are worn in certain areas and the other half have not a clue because they will not watch anything but widescreen. She acted her butt off in that flick.

    • John

      Alot of movies were filmed in full screen and then cut down to fit widescreen losing alot of info. James Cameron is known to do this. Titanic and Terminator movies look much better full screen.

  42. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Kelly C.
    Commented on this photo:

    since when does Angelica Houston stalk Katherine Heigl?

  43. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    kool guy!;;
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    she is just like i rember ! heer when i first saw her in church! just a little bit taller! i rember once i met!;;ms katerine heigl”"at a mormon church at a sunday!”scholl class! in the bahamas! she was a little girl then and i was little boy!”! nowshe grown!”up! ..proffing! that life:;is::a:basket full of choclates ya never know! the flavour of the choclate!;tel ya bit:it:;..mrs kathrine heigle’”"looks awesomely nice chillin!”out on the beach! ;;;nuff respect to her@@@;;; thanks foreadin!”

  44. kool guy!;;

    !”just like!”’ she looks just like the day i met her when she visted our mormon church in the bahamas!;;when she was in the film MY FARTHER THE HERO!;;very beautiful!”,,hi my friends call me the kool guy! hi my mommy & daddy name ::me”"!————————–,nice to be here ,i had the fortunate orportunity to meet mrs kathrine heigl!’at the church,of jesuse christ of latter day saints,in the:BAHAMAS”!’while she was filiming my farther the hero!”,i was very youn a little boy !then and she to very young! but she was jut as beautiful!’as she is now!’! she was a heart breaker!;;…there was one flvour! to mrs kathrine”"‘i will always! rember the beautiful smile she gave me when ! we shock hands!;; i was a popular local mormon church boy! then::@ which aforded me the privilage of meeting her! ‘”"god, was god to me then and still is now!” it awesome to see!”‘her all grown up!”! looking stuning!”‘,,hey thanks forreadin! was here been there dun that don,t want to do it again!”thanks foreadin!’

  45. Katherine Heigl Bikini
    Buffy is Slayer
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    Gorgeous smile, lips that are made for IT, more than ample breasts, a belly and muffin that is normal, real, and imo Perfect!! and thighs lucious enough to eat. Her eyes smile when she smiles and she makes more money than most of us. She did something right. How bout good things or No things to say?

  46. Katherine Heigl Bikini
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    She is a babe. People should stop hating on her. They are jealous

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