Katharine McPhee picks her wedgie

August 8th, 2007 // 113 Comments

American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee flashed her panties when a gust of wind blew her dress up while on the set of the upcoming untitled Anna Faris movie. And if that weren’t embarrassing enough, she decided at that exact moment to reach down and pick her wedgie. What kind of person cares more about their wedgie than the fact that their dress is floating up at their face? She’s not even trying to keep that thing down. You could walk by and spank her and she probably wouldn’t care. And that, my friends, is the amazing true story of how Katharine McPhee became the greatest woman in the world.


  1. whackjob

    #47…..asshat. Ha!

  2. Texas Tranny

    Yeah Bite Me, I do kiss my Mother with this mouth.

  3. Farmer Ted

    She make me want to stroke my bologna!

  4. Megan

    She’s not picking a wedgie… she’s re-snapping her leotard thingey.

  5. richinhouston

    I like the ass, but the dress reminds me of a bedspread I once puked on in Tijuana.

  6. Fucking people are you blind, pic 10 she’s clearly pulling her boring pink panties out of her ass-crack.
    God-Damned Fucking Idiots. GDFI

  7. Abdul

    I am wishing to insert my penis wiener in her firgina!

  8. mrs.t

    Ummmmm-that nudey/brown thing is a GIRDLE. As in Spanx control garment. It probably takes three assitants to pull it down and do the hooks, thus she left it unhooked after her potty break.

    Shortly after one of my kids was born, we had to go to an evening event and I wore the tights version of the Spanx thing so my flabby gut would fit into my gown. I held off as long as I could, but eventually I did have to pee, and I literally sprained my thumb trying to get those things down. They are painfully hardcore, but they WILL take you from a post-baby mess to a non-flabby mess in minutes.

    My question: why does this young woman need a girdle?

  9. flavio

    #56 – no, look again. if she’s picking a wedge out of something, its definitely NOT her ass.

    which by the way is ONE NICE ASS!!! she’s fucking gorgeous!

  10. kylie

    Why is she wearing a gertle? She is so skinny already im sure she doesnt need the body briefer to suck in her belly

  11. Bite Me!

    Hey Mrs T how are you doing to day? I think we all agreed that she is wearing a pregnant belly suite. Look at the last picture.

  12. Anon

    Wedgie? Please. She was probably just trying to rehook the body suit, or hold the obviously flying dress down.

  13. jesse

    Don’t get me wrong.. shes one of the hottest girls to ever come out of American Idol.. and definitely one of the hottest in the spotlight right now. But dear god.. look at that pinky toe!

  14. Zeuz

    64th !!!!!

  15. Becca

    I’m sure this has already been said, but for shits and giggles I’ll put in my two cents. She’s wearing a fake baby bump for a movie she’s filming with Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rumer Willis. That’s what the trashy dress and chunky jewlery is all about. She’s probably on break from filming and decided to unsnap the poundage and rest.

    there it is… my two cents.

  16. tbk

    You’re all wrong. She’s wearing a pregnancy suit under the dress. The are worn like a swimsuit (but you pull them over your head-thus the snapping crotch) and have a prego belly attached. More than likely she’s wearing the “ugly” dress as a costume for the movie. I highly doubt a classy girl like that would a)let her ass hang out on purpose b)pick a wedgie in front of a camera.

  17. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    i for one, am relieved to hear that the ‘brown thing’ is part of a body suit. I was worried she was taking ‘gerbil stuffing’ lessons from Richard Gere.

  18. Malffy Hernandes

    This is just way too easy to snap on…if it were any more convenient my brain would explode.

  19. m

    she’s so hot

  20. i hate you

    texas tranny go kill yourelf you fucktard……everyone else follw suit

  21. Kareem OfWheat

    It’s Hammer time on the right pinky.

  22. gotmilk?

    curious, cleary she’s hot now, but did you think she was hot when she was on Idol and weighed a lot more?

  23. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    66, yeah people said that already. and she cleary is picking her wedgie in picture #10.

  24. TJ

    Did ya’ll know that she had daddy issues…she’s now letting a 40-something dude pound her mound. Lucky prick.

  25. Cardinal Ximenez

    Somewhere, Eric the Midget is spanking furiously in his wheelchair over these racy Mchee pics. You go Eric.

  26. woodie

    mmmmmmmmm nice tail wind. i mean nice tail.

    aw what the hell…

    Nice Ass!

  27. Lux

    Her ass looks good, but what is up with the unsnapped nude body suit over the panties? Is it attatched to her dress? She should of cut it out if she was going to wear her own panties instead.

  28. Lovely

    #46.. nice tombstone reference!

  29. mrs.t

    Hey Jimbo.

    So NOW I notice the pregnancy bump in the last pic. My Spanx tirade all for nothing.

    Tranny: how’s THAT for a strap-on? And what’s with the hatred on this thread?

  30. Lon Chaney

    As I stated in the Kardashian post…

    I WOULD MOTORBOAT THE FUCK OUT OF HER…Have you seen some of those pics of her cleavage? It’s absolutely perfect…

  31. Lovely

    lol @ all the ass comments… A.) She dosen’t even have an ass… and B.) What little bit she has is completely covered (since she has no ass…) She dosen’t need to be Kim Kardashian (sp) but lets give her credit where it’s due…. and that’s clearly her titts…

  32. x-music_junkie-tm-x

    ewww….is she wearin those granny panty things that suckk all the fat up?

  33. woodhorse

    #27 even uglier underwear. Texas Tranny has standards and she clearly didn’t meet them.

    #75 Buenos noches Cardinal! I don’t know the person to whom you are referring but I don’t think Brian Peppers has to go cruising tonight either.

  34. star69

    Look it’s Brigitte Jones with her fat corset!!

  35. Fullbug

    She got a Hungrybum!

  36. adie

    You are all wrong. She had on a girdle. It came unclasped. That thing is a high-end bodysuit to try to look skinnier. Trust me. I work with women trying to look skinnier every day.

  37. I love crotchlezz pantiez…no pantyz iz better, though??

  38. man_phat

    @87 what a fucking horrible thought
    *dry retches, goes to a dark room to sit down*

  39. ihatekelli

    #87 *GAG* The world has enough trouble with pollution and toxic gases, so keep your thunder thighs together and spare us your slimy cooze, you dumb slut.

  40. 88/89==puzzyazz man_phat comez out at night..when no onez around…..

    fuck U dickbrain DrPlowzomezhitoffhizdick==from other dick..gayfucker

    clozetfagg…U hate Kelly coz I don’t have dizeaze like your old azz doez…

    let me guezz..your dying from aidz up your azz..yea,,,I thought zo.enjoy..

    hope the dick up the azz waz worth it to U…probably waz….

  41. i think the only question here is where is this bodysuit coming from? i see the bottom.. but no.. still no top part to it! so she just sticks a bodysuit under her dress.. just in case she’d get the opportunity to the flash the shit out of the pap! so that we could all see that she wears bodysuits for the sole purpose of having the bottom stick out and not EVEN snapping it tight over her poon (which feel so right!)

    btw. who is she?

  42. lambman

    She is hot and talented, no wonder she has never been on this site before!

    #66 THANK YOU!

  43. Big Mama

    She looks like one of those Mexican ball in the cup toys – upside down!

  44. cosmetologist

    I believe that the body suit/girdle thing is called a “Merry Widow.”

  45. roughdaddy

    the most bangable american idol…

  46. A

    She is the prettiest idol, but Fantasia has the best ass

  47. chimpy

    Very fuckable! And great tits too. Man I’m drooling stiff.

  48. Robert

    she’s so sexy. I want to molest her

  49. LesbianKuntKelli

    Kelli. Were you brutally ass-raped by a relative sometime in your life sweety? You seem gay for girls yet call men gay disparagingly???
    Damn put some clothespins on your mouth and big pussy too keep em both closed. The stench is killing us.

  50. Lucky#13

    … she looks like Britney. WHY. I used to think she was pretty…

    Well she is actually, very. And Britney USED to be pretty.

    In conclusion, KATHERINE MC PHEE IS THE OLD BRITNEY SPEARS – in terms of physical attributes. I just hope she won’t end up like her.

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