Katharine McPee dropped by RCA

January 11th, 2008 // 127 Comments

Katharine McPhee of American Idol season five has been dropped by RCA. A rep for the record label confirmed the news today. Coincidentally, season five winner Taylor Hicks was also dropped from his label two days ago, according to Us Magazine:

“I think the industry has seen that unless these artists can churn out strong enough original material, they don’t really have that much traction once we don’t see them on television week after week singing songs we already know and love,” Rollingstone.com editor Caryn Ganz tells Usmagazine.com.

Wow, this news proves a theory I’ve been kicking around for quite some time: I really can care less about American Idol. Seriously, sometimes I wish a plane would crash into the stage while they’re filming the show. Or even better; a private jet carrying Nickelback, Hinder and let’s say Chris Daughtry is the pilot. Also, during the nose dive, part of the fuselage breaks off and lands on John Mayer’s face. Hopefully God reads this post and realizes he forgot to get me a Christmas present.

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  1. lisa

    wow, she is so pretty!

  2. Snarf

    Who the fuck is this bitch?

  3. The Office Whore

    oh, come on. I like American Idol. Did I say that outloud? *turns Blake down on 1985 walkman cause iPods scare me*

  4. LadyJane

    She should just do porn already.

  5. I wish the EXACT same thing, Fish, only not the John Mayer part. I like him..

    Fucking hate the shit out of Nickelback and Hinder though!!!!

  6. Beautiful Deaf Girl

    I thought this was a picture of Prince William’s girlfriend.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    Fish, sorry for calling you an asshole on the last post. I’d like to see that private plane crash too! Attention Nickelback fans you are all tools! That is all.

  8. Chauncey Gardner

    It’s a good thing for her that RCA didn’t drop her directly onto my jock. She would have split in half like hotdog in a microwave.

  9. caljenna66


    I do like me some American Idol, though. The TV show, once it’s over, I’m done with it.

  10. This is truly a sad turn of events for her. Soon she’ll be reduced to being the opening act for W.Va county fairs, turning tricks for circus performers and trying to get pregnant to get a photo deal with some tabloid.

    Sad, really sad

  11. American Idol??? That show is SOOOO gay!!! When does the new season start?

  12. she’s amazing. How many guys can escape such a charming face. I was told that she is trying to find lover at bimingle.com, hope she can succeed. NO one will refuse

  13. Harry

    As long as it’s one step closer to porn for her. She’s hot. And she digs middle age men.

  14. joejoe

    WOW! What a revelation! The industry can’t use you if you don’t have a way of making them millions? Psh…They’ll use you up and have you outta there quicker than shit thru a goose! Get a life you unamerican idols, you glorified karaoke whores!..It’s a dying industry anyways, with all these downloading ipod fools out there…wow, it holds 100 gigabytes of music?! Great!!…until you drop it in the shitter or the HDD fails.

  15. Nitpicker

    You really CAN care less?? Then you must still care a little bit, if you could care even less than you already do… You me you could NOT care less… Yes, I know, grammar crap that I’m sure you couldn’t care less about…

  16. Spazz

    Another American karaoke bites the dust. Kinda cute though – too bad this wasnt Brittney’s fate.

  17. boo

    rollingstone.com reported to usmagazine.com? That’s reliable, professional news! I say cnn.com reports to tmz.com while spin.com watches.

  18. Pancho

    Ironically in this case something regurgitated Katherine McPhee.

  19. Andrew

    Sounds like another Job for Super Producer Kevin Federline….

    Kevin knows they will never take these Idols Stars seriously as performers
    So now’ he’s going to help these Fallen Idols to become producers

    As our sources confirm…he’s allready working hard behind the scenes (as a sperm producer) to bringing her in…”

  20. I would make this chick scream like she was on a rollercoaster with no seat belt, or as I like to call it, cowgirl.

  21. Oh, and I’d like to see her stick that microphone in her mouth.


  22. Hans

    I don’t believe this story. American Idol winners become huge music stars. Winners of “The Bachelor” become married for life. “Survivor” doesn’t have to filter out the sound of Hostess cupcakes packages being opened just off camera. Don’t lie to me, I know things about stuff.

  23. she is still my favorite idol contestant

  24. Lacy

    Well, if you can care less about American Idol, then you’re saying you at least care to some degree.


  25. even nitpickier

    Nitpicker, most people do make that grammatical error, but in this case I think he actually did mean that he CAN care less. As in, you think you COULDN’T care less about American Idol, but then you hear a new story about one of the “winners” and realize that, yep, you actually do care less than you originally thought possible.

    P.S. So glad Nickelback was on the plane.

  26. woodhorse

    Hasn’t Britney done something else by now?

  27. Nitpicker Corrected!

    #26–By golly, upon rereading I think you’re correct! It’s so often used incorrectly that I jumped the gun… Doh!

  28. could...err, couldn't...err...could...care...uncare?...fuck

    She’s a pretty girls with nice legs and all, but she’s an eating disorder chick. That’s a death penalty for high-quality sex – waaaaaay too much anxiety and self-consciousness when it’s naked body time. For great sex, a girl needs to be comfortable, uninhibited, and unable to dial 911.

  29. Shallow Val

    6- FRIST, I’m taking a poll….Why do people hate Nickelback? I like a few of their songs (I’m embarrassed now).

  30. BunnyButt


  31. Nanc

    The problem with Idol winners isn’t just limited talent, it’s also that they’re hooked on being onscreen. People with limited talent and name recognition can make it in music if they hook up with the right people and work like crazy, but not if they have lots of “projects” (trying to get into TV and movies). Maybe it’d be best if McPee quit music and did a remake of the Wiz of Oz.

  32. killbot

    Don’t go to “interracialloves.com” – none of the guys there tip or pay taxes.

  33. Gerald_Tarrant

    I was dragged to a Nickelback show. I wasn’t a fan because I generally hate corporate radio rock. I have to say, after seeing them live I have a new respect for them. It was a classic rock show. Drum and guitar solos, fireworks, potty mouths talking between songs, a Pantera cover. I was really impressed.

  34. Shallow Val

    Can’t stand Chris Daughtry, though. I throw rocks at cars that play his music. I hate his affected fucking vibrato!!!

  35. wordwile

    She’s so cute. Love her a lot. She seems to have a nice profile on a single’s club named ‘interracial loves. com’. She’s attractive, sexy and popular there.

  36. tight lipped smiler

    Chris Daughtry would parachute out cause he alone had the sense to only use his American Idol fame to springboard not to forever suck on the milk teat that was never suppose to dry up. As a result he had the numero uno rock album last year with yes – gasp – original material.

  37. Shallow Val

    34 – Mostly I like NB because they sound the same live as well as recorded. Not many bands can say that.

    OK, I’m OUT of the closet. I LIKE NICKELBACK (not so much their earlier stuff though).

  38. p0nk

    McPee? shouldn’t she be doing porn with Kim K.?

  39. woodhorse

    #30 I think FRIST was drunk and confused them with The Chipmunks. I don’t like The Chipmunks either but I like Nickelback.

  40. Shallow Val

    Is it because they’re Canadian becasue I like RUSH too.

  41. numberwile

    A better singles’ club is thankgodforthesicklecell.com

  42. Gerald_Tarrant

    My opinion about Kat, she is way hotter than Kim “Gypsy” Kardassfactory will ever be. I think it may be because Kat doesn’t look like a urinal, Kim just has that “pee on me” look in her eyes.

  43. The Office Whore

    why do the fucktard spammers have to include half witted statements in their peddling?

  44. p0nk

    um Val, ashlee simpson sounds the same live as she does recorded too. shouldn’t that tell you something?

  45. Nickelback just seem like wannabe somethings…I’m SORRY!!!

    They are just a band you either love or hate. I’d just as soon set them on fire with kerosene..

    I’m not DRUNK, I’m just big -boned!!!

  46. Stan

    Chris Daughtry’s success is surprising. I never looked at Joe Camel and thought, “I bet he’d make a great rock singer.”

  47. Fuckin A’ man… fuckin A

  48. Triumph

    Nickelback is a great band…for me to poop on!

  49. Shallow Val

    45 – Ahhh but the only instrument she can play is her boyfriends skin flute (guffaw!)

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