Kate Winslet, also single

March 15th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Apparently it was Break-up Weekend because Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes are calling it quits, according to TMZ:

A statement from their lawyers says: “The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children.”

Great. Now how’s Sam Mendes going to make movies where Leonardo DiCaprio bangs his wife? Sure, he could remarry, but have you ever planned a wedding? It’s like trying to build a house of cards with nothing but a stick of dynamite and your drunk uncle no one wants to sit by.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Willie Dixon

    That’ll teach him for making Spider Man 3.

  2. Willie Dixon

    Oops…wrong director…hey, at least it’s better than “first!”

  3. i wondered why TSW didn’t use ‘kate winslet is single, also hot’, cause of course, she’s!

  4. Nameless

    Always like Kate. Considering she takes off her clothes for every freakin’ role, you know she’s a freak in the bedroom.

  5. tc

    She’s freed at last !

    Kate. If you want to use someone purely for sex while you are looking for someone pointlessly famous to marry, I’m available, and looking forward to doing all of those things I have been thinking about doing to you since you were 17.

  6. Aliens control you

    I have a Titanic woody!

  7. clc

    Yes! I’m all over this. Time for me to get some rebound Kate.

  8. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    I love Kate’s nipples and would totally do her up the pooper.

  9. Cutrone

    She is beautiful and smart. Look what she says about his movies (that they suck, in a word)… http://bit.ly/cfEwXm

  10. Parker

    At last! Now we can get back to that thing we had where I’d have anal sex with her and she’d make me a turkey sandwich afterwards. I really miss those days.

  11. She kept the second sperm donor around a lot longer than the first.

  12. bar room hero

    She is built good; wonder if she is crazy in the sack?

  13. Very nice photo’s she is fine as wine.

  14. Mendes. Sounds Mexican. He was probably going to get deported and she got scared.

  15. medi0169

    @15 If he’s Mexican, does that mean her pussy is ruined? Id still hit and I’m Mexican! Ay ya yaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  16. Fati87

    Love her

  17. eirin

    Time for her and Leonardo DiCaprio to get together!

  18. Rough-er Madness

    Amicable? after that Leo lathering….

  19. It is so sad to hear stories like this but since they both had a mutual agreement, good luck to both of them. It maybe the best decision for them to go for.

  20. datroof

    “Mutual agreement”?

    Fuckin aye right I agree.


  21. zuzuspetals

    That dress is fucking hideous. And I used to like Kate Winslet until she became totally annoying by talking about “her best friend” Leo DiCaprio in every single interview like he’s an award that she won. Who cares?

  22. Always like Kate. Considering she takes off her clothes for every freakin’ role,.

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  25. Wow!! she is looking gorgeous in this dress.

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  28. captain america

    she must be as desperate as hell looking to her taste of fashion, folks.

  29. sandra

    Looks like a scar under her left armpit. She is beautiful though.

  30. This is so sad news…and whats even worse is that he already had 2 husbands before the age of 35, hope they will be able to work out the terms of their split up especially that they have a son who is in the middle of this huge mess…

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  36. Kate is simply a beautiful woman, very classy. I love all her movies. Thanks for sharing.

  37. She is classy looking

  38. Emma

    Now she can start banging her best friend (Leo DiCaprio). Yay!!

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