Kate Winslet discovers tanning beds

December 4th, 2008 // 85 Comments

A freakishly tan Kate Winslet attended the New York premiere of her film The Reader last night, and as you can tell, she’s vigorously preparing for a starring role in Barbie’s Mom. I dunno about you guys, but I always thought Skipper was the hot one. Which probably has you thinking “Wow. How can one man be so awesome?” I’ll give you a hint: Drugs.

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  1. I didn’t know lymies could tan. They should worry about their teeth.

  2. minnie

    She looks awesome!

  3. hmmm

    would defininately do her.

  4. your momma

    Hey lefarge why don’t you go F**k yourself you sad racist F**k

  5. Creachy


  6. Kevin

    I’d hit that for a while! Loved her nips in Titanic, now she looks to have more to offer. Good for her

  7. ty

    Dang, bangable.

  8. PunkA

    She looks hot. I;d poke it and keep it around after too. Very MILFy.

  9. Deacon Jones

    “She’s a MAN baby!”

  10. Bill

    Terrible look, for her. She’s supposed to be pale with big boobs, a fat ass, and a giant bush. Her one-free-hand fan club desires nothing less.

  11. blp

    Fuck you LeFarge you likely French decendant cocksucker. Your website sucks too.

  12. Lola

    She’s a total hottie. But fuck her though… No reason for sayin that other than if we all had money like celebrities have, we’d all look like this.
    They can all lie, and swear to Tom Cruise and Oprah that they’ve never had any work done… Yea fucking right.

  13. Pixie

    I think she looks much prettier with a fair complexion. Not everyone looks good with a tan.

  14. blp

    Can’t believe I overlooked this but Kate Winslet is a ginger therefore it has to be fake tan because obviously gingers can’t tan normally. Lay off the moonshine Fish.

  15. her dress looks like is composed mostly of old 1986 Aries K car seat belts.

  16. Pixie

    As a ginger, I can vouch for blp’s comment. I just didn’t think it worth mentioning as anyone can tell this is a fake one.

  17. it’s called a sun-burn dude… you are usually right on superficial writer but not today my friend… just a sunburn dude… dag.

  18. click & see for yourself – she looks much better out of the sun…

  19. Markus


  20. Dirk the Magnanomous

    Another Hollyweird elitist liar. Not too long ago she was bragging about never having “work” done and aging naturally.

    Then I would assume that the rolls stopped coming, so she has gone for the fake “Barbie” clone. At her age, she can’t look that good after having had kids.

    But I do have to admit that her docs did a good job, and I’d do her. Hyposcrisy can’t get in the way of a good lay…

  21. Ted Mosby

    I want to strike her with my iceberg.

  22. Jethro

    Another Hollyweird elitist liar…ayup…(takes swig of moonshine)…we don’t like yer type uppin these here parts, nosireebob…

  23. gimme gimme

    I want that dress!!!!

  24. Lar

    Dumb white bitch is going to age sooner lol!

  25. b

    damn, id love to sink my titanic in her.

  26. Plobes

    she is so gorgeous and awesome
    but tan is not so good

  27. b

    yeah LAR and when she looks older she will still look better than ANY black woman on the planet.

  28. Brian

    I would definitely butter that english muffin.

  29. Insatiable Peter

    I miss her voluptuous and plump. Why conform, Kate, why. The hair looks fine, but I want you back to the way you were ravaged in the laundry room in Little Children.

  30. Pathetic Worm

    Hollywood can’t do the English accent, let alone the English Rose.

  31. cavy

    I love Kate Winslet, but I hate it when she goes off on the “I’m a fat normal breeder” bullshit…..listen Kate, you are NOT fat and you are NOT a normal, down to earth Mother – you seem like a very GOOD Mother, but most average women could never achieve your level of thinness or your hired help. I am into fitness and am thin and childfree (don’t want to be a parent at all), but I call total bullshit on all the “I’m just a normal woman crap”….I love ya and your craft, but please stop with the Fat woman shit – you are thin as a rail and GORGEOUS!

  32. Troy

    Yeah, im not a big Kate Winslet fan but she looks way good. The tan looks natural to me, not oompa loompa like which is always the key.

  33. ummm...yeah

    All you stupid motherfuckers…God!
    What kind of a fucking tan is that? It doens’t even look fuckin natural!!…
    What the fuck happened?…She forget she has armpits?
    She doesn’t look good here, I’ve seen the bitch look much better.

  34. mud shark

    wow she she looks great for a lymie. nice teeth too.

  35. AD

    Nicely done, Hervé Léger.

  36. Hefe

    holy shit the things i’d do to that body.

    she is beyond smokin hot.

    #34, i don’t know what you’re smokin…but you need to lay off it.

  37. Binx

    She is almost too thin here.

    I guess in spite of all her protestations, and her resisting the Hollywood / Fashion World thinness fascists (who are mostly gay men who have boys for an ideal) for a long time, she ended up hiring a trainer and a plastic surgeon after all.

    Too bad for those of us who love real, natural women like Kate used to be:: voluptuous but not fat or slender but not skinny; fit but not cut or ripped, soft but not mushy.

  38. Definitely thinner than usual but she looks great. Among the finest breasts in Hollywood.

  39. I love her dress, its so tailored, its like a topigraphic map of her body, like they applied a polygon mesh to her and then cut an sewed each surface. There’s a piece that is like a rectangle right around crotch region that doesn’t make any sense, but other then that bravo.

    she’s naturally more brunette than ginger, so though its probably an airbrushed on tanning serum there’s a chance it could be tanning beds. i bet the malibu skipper look is for a role, she usually rocks a more messy sweaty look in general. i think much improved, though i kinda miss the chub curves.

  40. JA

    I absolutely adore Kate but think this is not a good look for her. Love ya, Kate, but not your Californian-attempt at tanning. :oS Sorry!

  41. Brittish Prat

    #1 Fuck you LeFarge. You obviously have no idea how tough we downtrodden white anglo-saxon protestants are really sensitive to the race issue. Shame on you. PS, my teeth are now lovely thanks to the porcelain caps. Ta..

  42. kk




  43. Andie

    Ok, I have to interject. I think some of us have forgotten what a real tan looks like! I have no idea if this is a fake tan or a sunburn, but to the person who said “Did she forget her armpits?” :

    You, sir, are an idiot. A real tan normally doesn’t include the armpits unless you enjoy your outdoor activities with your arms raised high above your head.

    As far as my opinion of these photos: She’s gorgeous, but I like the creamy skin and red hair much better.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  44. Fuck McFuck

    ‘A freakishly tan Kate Winslet…’

    Read before you post.

  45. prinz

    I had a crush on her when she was younger. Not Titanic days, but Heavenly Creatures days. She had that lush English Rose quality. But I remember an interview where, after coming to Hollywood, she said, “The young women in Los Angeles are so beautiful.” Jealousy was obviously getting its hooks into her even then. So she ditched her first husband and kid, married a powerful director, and now spends her days getting tans and facials and massage therapy. Here’s the problem: L.A. already has a million women like that.

  46. dee

    That’s a head to toe spray on tan. It’s not real.

  47. Jacque Strapp

    I would f*ck the sh*t outta that.

  48. THIS JUST IN: Kate Winslet is smokin’ hot. No hatin’ here.

  49. american prat

    your right 42 racism is great in any form we must all embrace it.

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