Kate Winslet claims this isn’t airbrushing at work

November 4th, 2008 // 75 Comments

Kate Winslet is featured in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and is reportedly pissed at recent comments claiming her pictorial was airbrushed. Her rep issued the following statement to People:

“Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed. She is in terrific shape and what you see is how she looks or she would never have agreed to pose for those shots.”

The Daily Mail brought in an airbrush artist who offered the harshest critique – because it’s true:

The face: ‘There is no real detail in her face. Any detail or wrinkles have been removed. There are no eye bags, contours and smile lines. The whites of her eyes have been cleaned up and are now a really clean, crisp white. I’d say her lips have possibly been made slightly fuller as well.’
The skin: ‘Her skin has generally been retouched all over so she has no lines or blemishes at all. Her skin is completely perfect.’
The hands and feet: ‘There are no wrinkles or lines or veins on her hands and feet and this just is not natural.’
The figure: ‘Her back and lower body have been pinched in to make her look thinner and to give her some curves. Her bottom has been rounded off so it looks nice and pert. I would be very surprised if her bottom was like that naturally. Her thigh appears to have been made slimmer so it appears more toned.’

Okay, seriously, who is looking at these pics and thinking: “Yes, that’s exactly how a woman looks.” (Not counting World of Warcraft fanatics, and everyone who beats me at Halo.) So, c’mon, Kate Winslet, cut the crap. The freaking T-Rex from Jurassic Park looked more realistic. Your ass looks like Toy Story – and I’m talking the first one. Not the shinier second one where Woody gets too cool for the other toys, and I yelled “Stop being a dick!” in a theater full of toddlers.

Photos: Vanity Fair

  1. max

    Who cares…I’d hit that so hard she would walk bowlegged for a week. But she’ll be smiling from ear to ear. One of those smiles that make people wonder.

  2. Melissa


  3. Melissa


  4. John Obama

    I’d get paint all over my cock to hit that Toy Story ass….

  5. haroof

    she’s stupid for trying to argue that it isn’t airbrushed.

    that being said, i would fuck that from behind all night long.

  6. Rick

    In real life she’s got a mommy body – pudgy, pock-marked, stretch-marked, cellulite here there and everywhere, saddlebag thighs, fallen boobs and butt.

    Who the fuck wants to see that? If you’re the husband of a mommy-body woman, you have to pretend to find her “still sexy” and not let her know that you visualize the 19-year-old next door in order to maintain an erection during sex. We’re not her husband. Thank god for photoshop.

  7. ___

    Max, you should have left it at “Who Cares.” The rest of your comment proves what a douchebag you are. Chances are you would probably hit anything that would let you.

    But at least you didn’t say “FIRST!”

  8. #

    Do people realize that if John M. dies, Sarah P. will be RUNNING OUR COUNTRY?

  9. frankinSloth

    I’d hit it airbrushed or not!

  10. Dave

    “Do people realize that if John M. dies, Sarah P. will be RUNNING OUR COUNTRY?”

    Only if they’re elected, Einstein.

  11. Andrea

    A washed up, overly pale person who’s clearly lying – how timely, a tribute to McCain!!!

  12. i was expecting to see a cluster pimples on that ass….

  13. G

    This looks like something that would be painted on the side of a van. All that’s missing are rainbows and an eagle.

    To #10 Don’t worry about it, McCain has as much chance of winning as Kevin Spacey does winning a wet t-shirt contest at Hooters.

  14. ???

    Anyone who refers to Obama as a monkey is a retard.

    This dude graduated Magna Cum Laude (look it up) from Harvard Law. He has a higher IQ then the last 2 generations of your inbred families combined. Now go make up some bologna sandwiches for dinner and don’t forget to brush and floss your tooth before bed. Your mothers would have taught you that when you were a kid if she wasn’t out turning tricks for meth all the time.

    I’m just sick of you retards. And I am not even voting for Obama.

  15. Scolomb

    Anyone know what size feet she has? In the cover photo, they look really big, like what I’d imagine Frankentstein’s Monster’s feet would be like. In strappy heels that is. . .

  16. Muy bueno el blog, muchas felicidades.

  17. I'll eat my own ass if thats not photoshopped

    AS IF!

  18. Bringbackbabalu

    Why does it have to be airbrushed? Maybe she is just really fucking hot…

    How is Sarah Palin being possibly president worse than Obama? Obama just flip flops everytime he opens his mouth! The guy just lies about everything. I love hearing him say something, then a few months later he says “thats a lie, that is not true I didnt say it” when I hear him say it. The Fact Checker’s are Obama’s worse enemy. McCain and Palin aren’t great, but Obama and his sad little campaign is the worst mistake our country can make. The rest of the world wants Obama because they know he has a spine made of jelly, and he would put himself and personal interests above the country. Is that the kind of change you fools want? Personally, Id rather keep my money and take care of myself. Obama want’s to take it all and do as HE thinks is best. History has shown he has terrible judgement.

  19. clichewaste

    bullshit. thats the fuzziest ass i’ve ever seen.

  20. thephotoshopwhisperer

    I’m also a photo retoucher. Been doing it for five years. Her skin has definitely been retouched all over, particularly in her face. As far as her waist being cinched, I say it’s a hit or miss. Since her body has been retouched to emphasis the matte tone of the photo, the cinched look could possibly just be a product of the resulting shadowing.

    That being said, there’s nothing to be ashamed of with having had photo retouching, especially with skin blemishes/finishing. Think of it like digital foundation!

  21. norton

    Kate Winslet, whether heavy or retouched is hot. Period.

  22. Sarah

    Why does it matter? She’s gorgeous with or without the airbrushing.

  23. G

    “Personally, Id rather keep my money and take care of myself”

    This attitude has been the problem for 8 years. Don’t worry 18, they don’t tax unemployment checks…

  24. Can I airbrush my woody into her?

  25. Max Planck

    Compare it to the picture on Wikipedia if you think this is close to real.

  26. Taft

    #18 it was William Taft, a REPUBLICAN, who we can all thank for the 16th Ammendment.

    Big Brother and the Republican Holding Party’s mind control propoganda campaign have taken hold in your weak mind.

    Republicans are the real Socialists.

  27. Sarah Palin

    #18 – I agree, thanks for your support! It’s good to hear from a pro-American, for once! And I have important news: when John McCain and I are elected today, we will enter the White House with a breakthrough anti-terrorism agreement with the President of Iran, Mr. Ahmayed Adoodi. I just got off the phone with him!!!

  28. Markus

    Why did they paste Keira Knightley’s face on it?

  29. Thandrale

    Well she’s right technically . That’s computerised retouching. Nobody does airbrushing anymore.

  30. I’d love to make her stay in that position until she can’t hold it anymore and a small turd pushes out of her ass. Then I’d grab it and smear it all over her face. Who’s with me??!!!!

  31. Sarah Palin

    Furthermore, we will restore Judeo-Christian morals and family values across the nation starting in Washington D.C. No more abortions. We will protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. But most of all, Jesus will be our co-pilot!

  32. i fucked sarah palin

    dats nothing……see thr wonders of photoshopping


  33. I knew jimbo was into dirt play,,,irrrrrk

  34. Ming

    So…anybody else wonder why Palin released her medical “records” (actually, just a note from her doctor) late last night, to technically comply with releasing them “before the election”? What is she hiding? 100 bucks says she had an abortion when she was young, before she got married.

  35. I can’t believe she use to weigh 200 in high school. That being said, she was very gifted in the torso region. Sometimes there is just more to love with having more to love!

  36. Binky

    My sources are saying she hasn’t been ‘hair-brushed’ either.
    (Can’t vouch for the Brazilian (?) at present time)

  37. Cliff Clavin

    #8 – If Obama, who is a smoker, dies, and Biden, who is old, dies that leaves Nancy Pelosi running the country. That is one crazy bitch.

  38. King Monkey

    Still have’nt gotten rid of the “cheeky” links yet I see fish-shit

    I’ll check back another day ………

    Your stories are not good enough for me to spend an inordinate amount of time reading and putting up with those “weak-links”

  39. Bearskin rugs and naked chicks = Class

    If you have a British accent, you can probably suck off donkeys and people will still think you’re classy.

    Look at Kate Beckinsale. Or this slag. Sorry, classy is not being a wealthy actress and then marrying a Jew to have even more money. That’s classy in the world of Valley of the Dolls, not in reality.

  40. Beth

    God, what an asshole! I mean, she’s stunningly gorgeous and yet you find a way to pick her apart. Just let her be beautiful and shut up.

  41. bob

    why don’t you post the entire article from people. they also said that “The only retouching was the usual work on skin tone that happens in every glamour shoot,” so that would account for the skin.

    she’s really not showing all that much so she probably wasn’t made to look thinner with retouching. she’s just posed awkwardly to appear more thin.

  42. haroof

    A pic of Winslet’s ass is on the front page & you morons are talking about the election?

    Get your priorities straight please.

  43. Mark

    I think vanity Fair are being 100% honest. It was not airbrushed. Airbrushes went out with the ark (and Nicole Richie).

    That there my friend is a classic case of Photoshopping if ever I’ve seen one.

    Leonardo Da Vincis drawing of her in the film, “Titanic” was more realistic. Cheers!

  44. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Not bad looking for a photo-shopped fat chick…….

  45. Makeup Puff

    If she even resembled these photos in the slightest then Leo wouldn’t be Gay, would he. Case closed.

  46. Me 2

    I firmly believe that this isn’t airbrushed

    Here’s why she looks so good: 1) she is wearing something on her skin (full body) that makes it look even – she’s literally glowing in a few spots, 2) THIS IS NOT A CLOSE-UP. Its shot from far away so whatever imperfections she does have are not visible, 3) she’s wearing a fucking lot of makeup just like everyone else who ever had a spread like this in a magazine, 4) the blanket is positioned to obscure parts of her torso on both sides – THAT’S why she looks so thin, 5) the way the shot is lit is innately flattering – anyone would look good in this lighting.

    I can never understand why people think that airbrushing is the only way to make someone look better than they do in real life.

    Plus, I don’t think she would go so far out of her way to say tha the picture isn’t airbrushed if it were. Kate Winslet is not a warped product of Hollywood, she’s a serious actress who grew up in England and lives in NYC. She is not a part of they mindset that airbrushing is just a way of life. I believe what her publicist said, if she hadn’t been in good enough shape to do this w/o airbrushing, she wouldn’t have done it.

  47. Rachael

    I agree with #47 (though I think its just all over doby make-up, not some kind of suit…that’d be more obvious than it is). Also note the trench coat that obscures all of her body excep her shins and feet on the cover. These are strategically shot, which to me makes them even more well done.

    However, I’m sure it was photoshopped at least a littel for lighting and such even if it weren’t technically air brushed.

  48. PunkA

    Eh, who cares. She is one of those naturally sexy type girls any guy would love to get with any day. She seems fun and down to earth. Comfortable with who she is. That is very sexy indeed. Bet she is great in the sack with that level of self-security, too.

  49. No, we’re looking at the photo thinking “Yes, that’s exactly how a woman SHOULD look” ;-)

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