Kate Winslet claims this isn’t airbrushing at work

Kate Winslet is featured in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and is reportedly pissed at recent comments claiming her pictorial was airbrushed. Her rep issued the following statement to People:

“Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed. She is in terrific shape and what you see is how she looks or she would never have agreed to pose for those shots.”

The Daily Mail brought in an airbrush artist who offered the harshest critique – because it’s true:

The face: ‘There is no real detail in her face. Any detail or wrinkles have been removed. There are no eye bags, contours and smile lines. The whites of her eyes have been cleaned up and are now a really clean, crisp white. I’d say her lips have possibly been made slightly fuller as well.’
The skin: ‘Her skin has generally been retouched all over so she has no lines or blemishes at all. Her skin is completely perfect.’
The hands and feet: ‘There are no wrinkles or lines or veins on her hands and feet and this just is not natural.’
The figure: ‘Her back and lower body have been pinched in to make her look thinner and to give her some curves. Her bottom has been rounded off so it looks nice and pert. I would be very surprised if her bottom was like that naturally. Her thigh appears to have been made slimmer so it appears more toned.’

Okay, seriously, who is looking at these pics and thinking: “Yes, that’s exactly how a woman looks.” (Not counting World of Warcraft fanatics, and everyone who beats me at Halo.) So, c’mon, Kate Winslet, cut the crap. The freaking T-Rex from Jurassic Park looked more realistic. Your ass looks like Toy Story – and I’m talking the first one. Not the shinier second one where Woody gets too cool for the other toys, and I yelled “Stop being a dick!” in a theater full of toddlers.

Photos: Vanity Fair