Kate Walsh has a butt

June 4th, 2008 // 55 Comments

These are shots of Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh on the set of Private Practice. Her method acting apparently involves not wearing underwear. Can you say “Emmy?” Kate supposedly plays the same character on both shows. I honestly don’t know considering I’ve never seen a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy. A fact I wear like a freaking badge. No, seriously, I made one out of a trash can lid and some duct tape. Ladies.

NOTE: Pics are slightly NSFW, so don’t get fired looking at a bare butt. Save that honor for something really cool (i.e. lesbian ping-pong.)


  1. That’s as flat and boring as Frist’s butt.

  2. That’s as flat and boring as Frist’s butt.

  3. AllieCat


  4. (I said it once for each cheek)

  5. AllieCat


  6. AllieCat

    awww shit, i’m 3rd

  7. I thought a butt was more bulbous. This looks like a wall.

  8. Trover

    Apparently, a thong is optional after 40 on medical dramas? Guess it makes it easier for her to whore around.

  9. Pete

    She’s talented and HOT!!!

    (I’m trying to fit in with the theme on “Queen Latifah doesn’t have a disgusting body and Lily Allen isn’t a porked-out attention whore” week)

  10. Doesn’t that look a little photoshopped? Perhaps it’s just me…

  11. nipolian

    She really needs to get some bloomers on that tired old ass.

  12. What is the deal with not wearing undies under a skirt? Here is Exhibit A of why everyone should wear clean undies under a skirt.

  13. OC Dee

    I would be concerned about leaving snail trails from not wearing panties, but perhaps they do not think about sex a lot, and do not have to worry about such things.

  14. First Time

    she let out a big fart

  15. Randal

    Kate Walsh is a hit and has been since she started on Grey’s Anatomy.

    Besides a slight gust of wind, her outfit is conservatively sexy, splashed with just the right amount of tan circles in the skirt which compliment her top.

    Although her shoes match her purse, the type of shoe is not for her. A more open-toed summer heel with laces around the ankle would suit her better.

    Regardless, a great season of Grey’s Anatomy has ended and many are looking forward to next season and you too, Kate.

    You’ve made a new fan out of me!


  16. minniememe

    her left cheek is a little misshapen. certainly nothing to go ga-ga over.

  17. Bob Loblaw

    It’s a thong

  18. Fart Man


    this is because she was holding a fart!

  19. Solaera

    I’m more concerned that she is wearing crocs.

  20. opie

    can anyone say “Grinch Who Stole Christmas”?

  21. butterfly

    Seriously? Is not wearing panties considered hot? To me it seems messy and, well, exposing.

    Men out there? Please confirm if this is hot or not. I truly am curious.

  22. Barely Stearn

    Crikey! That looks like Britney’s shaved pubes! Oofah!

    Butt on a more serious note: I am going to go on record as saying that if this one did indeed fart and blow her skirt up, whatever it was that blew out of her anus was still more intelligent and more thought-provoking than ANYTHING that could ever possibly come from the mouth of Gwyneth Paltrow!

    …and here’s a thought: Rather than going through life with an ass like this why not avail yourself of the available technology and surgically sculpt that thang?!? Good grief, I’ve seen better asses in German POW camps!

    Let’s see:
    1.) Available free time…check!
    2.) Disposable income…check!
    3.) Looks-dependent career longevity (Meryl Streep she ain’t!)…check!
    4.) A solid citizen who can make the world a better place by having a shapely ass…check, check, check, AND check!

    Now before someone here calls me a chicken pussy (Love that, by the way!) and decides to go googling for botched ass implants, save yourself the time: I already know I’m extremely shallow and that as a human being I suck. STILL: Every gal should strive to look like Heidi Montag. I will continue to maintain that if Heidi Montag Clinton was running for President, Barack would continue being a Junior Senator sucking up to Robert Byrd for prime committee assignments. It’s a known fact: T&A is the lubricant that makes the media engine run like my tummy after a Domino’s pizza…

    P.S. Elliot Spitzer just called: He completely agrees with me and wanted to know if he could treat me to a three-way!

  23. pickle

    ha, youre pretty fucking funny, Superficial guy, and god i hope you are not also the Geekologie guy because this site is so shallow and horrible and i feel dirty when i read it every single day of my vapid and useless, hopefully soon to be over existence.

  24. tyler

    #21 butterfly – of course guys think that a skirt with no panties is hot!! Running your hand up a woman’s skirt and discovering that is very sexy.

    It also shows that a woman is not a total prude – being worried about being “too messy or exposing” is what keeps prudish girls from being more sexy.

  25. ball buster

    #24 that’s not being a prude its called class. Sheesh.

    #21 there’s a time and a place for everything. Tyler probably has pics of Britney & Lindsay’s bits all over his walls. Save it for the boyfriend, not these internet fucks.

  26. blowhard

    Of course, since I run about the place with a stonking hard-cock at all times and no pants, it could lead to serious accidental fuckage. And then bingo, 9 months later, you’ve got a kid whose sad fate will be to end up looking like Deborah Messing. Maybe not actually, since I think they screen for that now along with Downs?

  27. dude

    OC Dee, you had me at “snail trail”.


    okay everyone, it’s time we face the facts that the one and only original Randal has been gone for weeks and weeks. He popped into our lives for two short days, and was gone like the breeze. He taught us about life, love and what it’s like to always have something nice to say or say nothing at all. Okay, he didn’t teach us shit, but he made an impression.

    Randal, we hardly knew ye.

    All the fake Randals are entertaining enough, albeit not that original, so I’m willing to play along….

  28. dude

    btw, disgusting ass.
    I’m a GUY and my ass is tighter and more bubble like. Hit the gym, bi-atch.

  29. Yellow Bird Rules

    No Butts about it, with those bird legs she looks like the Yellow thing on Sesame Street.

  30. eve

    As if the flat ass weren’t horrible enough, she had to also wear CROCS!

  31. joey joejoe

    oh for fucks sake, my penis just recoiled in shock so hard my nuts looks like cameron diaz boobs on my back.

    quite with the scary shit, even Britneys naked poontang is enjoyable.

  32. dogonabone

    ladies, that’s what wearing ‘Crocs’ will do to your ass.

  33. Rob

    Yeah I’m 99% sure she’s wearing a thong. How are you all so sure she’s not wearing underwear from that picture???

  34. Mr V

    bleargh…saggy butt is saggy

  35. Maloney

    do they not sell any underwear in hollywood?

  36. Randal and NASA

    Dude your amazing powers of observation and fashion are a national treasure! You should be on the Space Station right now. The first to lead the colony of Mars!

    Truly my hero! (eats his own excrement while fondling his ancient umbilical cord, all the while whistling to the invisible flying beings circumnavigating his skull. Inwardly screaming while clutching his middle intestine that is now protruding from his abdomen, he/I rots and laughs hysterically, the pain now pleasure).

    You are a beacon of chromatic/geometric transhuman supradermal coordinative analysis. I flick the last semen drop from my masturbated penis in your honor sir/M’am.

  37. Malkin_is_a_vapid_cunt

    the crocs really bring the whole skank motif together

  38. Ted from LA

    Randal is the only original poster on this cite. Please, trolls, leave him/her out of your trolling. It’s obvious to any regular here who the real Randal is, but you keep fucking up his/her game. Classic shit, Randal. Keep up the good work.

  39. cady

    In addition, i want to inform you that someone here is keeping saying you are seeking a sugar girl on !!!.S u g a r D a d d y conNec t . c o m recently.. maybe you need to stop the slurring!

  40. Jane

    I can’t believe this is considered NSFW. It’s a side shot of a buttock and a half. Grow up! That star over the top of it makes it look ruder than it is!

  41. Ted's a Nancy boy

    Hey Ted from LA, how is Randal original? He makes insipid comments on how women dress and is wholly unreflective in every comment made. He thinks Kevin Federline deserves father of the year and not, say, some unknown guy who lost his wife but worked two jobs, serve in the military, and managed to decently raise his children to be good human beings, poor but rich in spirit.
    R notices ladie’s clothing ensembes and accessories and dutifully critiques them. You say this is original?
    Ted you have defended her or whatever before.
    One question Ted from LA. Are you too homosexual? If you are that’s cool. I just don’t think you actually are. I got nothing against Randal and am only busting her balls (except the K-Fed thing which was assinine and he should really shut up about everything other than women’s fashion).

    Ta ta sweety (skips away daintily, leaking ass fluids profusely on the sidewalk where later some hurried gentlemen slips and cracks his skull. There he lay and decayed while the ants worked their way into his head and slowly but determinedly carried away the whole brain into a nest which was located in a local chinese restaraunt, but hey, that’s karma).

  42. Janine

    Ok, this proves it, there is no doubt about it. Crocs are never a good thing, I don’t care how fucking comfortable they are. Just don’t do it.

  43. coco

    Anyone for pancakes? LOL – get it?! hahaha

  44. superficial sucks

    Just go to TMZ and you can see her pasty ass there. What’s the big deal? it’s just a butt crack.

  45. crabby old guy

    So THAT’S the fanny sitting in those Cadillacs on the TV ads.

  46. gotmilk?

    i thought crocs were just for fat people who couldn’t muster up the effort to bend over & tie their shoes. interesting..

  47. Ted Mosby

    Helloooo Dr. Addison Montgomery!

  48. ToeSniffer

    I’d like to smell her toes and feet after she takes those crocs off. Yum!

  49. reality check

    clearly is a photoshop work, notice that only the skirt had yellow dot in the butt area and the other are black, what a shitty fake work.

  50. xd

    do none of you know anything about thongs? it goes into your ass crack- so you cant see it from a picture like this.

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