Kate Walsh flashes her panties

July 22nd, 2009 // 30 Comments

Here’s Private Practice star Kate Walsh flashing her panties while getting out of her car yesterday in Brentwood. I figured these would be a nice change of pace after looking at Kate Gosselin’s snizz all day yesterday. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, Jon Gosselin, you had your chance. Maybe you should’ve thought of that before banging a bunch of coke-fueled college chicks like every man wants to do until the day he’s buried in the ground but will lie his face off if ever confronted with that fact hates because snuggling is fun!

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  1. Que

    Que interesting and relevant.

  2. lina


  3. sam

    Wow, even hot women wear panties!! if it wasnt for the superficial, I might have gone my whole life wondering whether or not they do. Thank you superficial and your hard-hitting, in-depth photographs that capture the fleeting glimpses of lady underwear. Thank you!! Who else wheres underwear?!? paparazos monkey wastes-of-life scum-of-the-earth should put cameras on the bottom of their shoes and walk around celebrities so we can find out cause we all seem to care so much. How is this not voyeurism?

  4. lina

    # 1

    I don’t like you!!!

  5. Taz

    id pump her silly

  6. If you cant get out of a car with legz twisted in a pretzel position youre asking for it…

  7. Erica

    Okay we need to talk now superfish. Since when are panties censored? Panties. If anything that dumb little star makes the picture look more seedy than it is, because it suggests nudity.

  8. Darth Retard

    She shaves very well.

  9. gotmilk?

    seriously? she’s not flashing anyone. it’s like the paparazzi sit & wait for ANYONE to get out of a car. enough already.

  10. yeah no need to put the star up if there is nothing to cover up!


  11. terpski

    seriously, while i LOVE seeing hotties and their panties, attractive women will stop wearing skirts all together if these slimy photogs don’t let them at least get out of their vehicles without stickin cameras up their snatches…..and then what will we do?!?! please, show just a snippet of decency, if these ladies wanted their hoo-ha’s caught on camera, they would just walk around in underwear…show some damn RESPECT.

  12. BH

    Really? You really think Jon G. isn’t breathing his first fresh, free breath of air in 10 years? Did you not watch the show and see how cripplingly, stiflingly, obnoxiously bitchy she was to Jon? I can’t believe you continue to be on her side. I’m on the side of the kids, myself, and still have some hope Jon will, through the legal system, get his kids out of the spotlight. Okay, a tiny-itty bit of hope left.

    I grew up on the beach and I get that nobody wants their panties flashed if they can help it, but geez, is it really always more than a bikini bottom would show? Sometimes it is less. It is damn hard to be ladylike all the time.

  13. -Luis-

    lol…tan line…

  14. wags

    After being bombarded with bikini pictures all day, I don’t see how a panty flash can be considered all that exciting.

  15. kris

    I hate the stars too. Do like Perez Hilton and have a spot where you can see the uncensored pictures!

  16. kelly green

    A tiny piece of white triangle isn’t enough to excite me, even if it’s kate.

  17. Amy

    I’m sorry Fish…but when has Jon “banged” hot college chicks? I was under the impression that he dated ONE college girl (who is 24 and shouldn’t still be in undergrad…I graduated undrgrad when I was 21)…and she was HIDEOUS. The second chick is older and has a double chin.

  18. Deacon Jones

    oh shut up Amy….

    “Snizz”….lol, I’ll have to remember that one

  19. PunkA

    Great legs on that chick. Too bad she sorta has manface and is bat shit crazy.

  20. Galtacticus

    Flashing her panty might be her best move till now.

  21. Randall

    What the hell?! When I see a star over someones crotch, I expect to see pussy when I keep clicking it. why do her panties need to be censored when the post before this was of some slut In a bikini with no star covering her cunt. this is nonsense. stop cock teasing and give me some greasy pussy pictures.


  22. mizzty

    Awww poor gal, Kate is uber-classy and wearing a good outfit and undies….it is sleazy that this happened to her

  23. mikeock

    This sort of thing would be cool if I saw it in real life, but a picture of it – when there is cooter by the thousand available online- is lame. Still, it’s nice to know she shaves her beaver. That’s what the headline should have read “KATE WALSH SHAVES HER BEAVER!”

  24. I live in Brentwood and yet I wasn’t there to dive in face first. These sorts of things frustrate and aggravate me to no end. If you need me Kate…holla.
    The Rake

  25. I don’t get it. She knows the paparazzi is dying for shots like this. She needs to be more careful with what she wears.

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  27. Guess you have to watch some TV show to understand the hotness. It didn’t transfer well to these pics.

  28. RtSS

    Oh, Kate my love… You are gorgeous! I would make some delicious panty tea with those nice frilly panties that you are displaying to everyone. She is so stunningly beautiful. Her voice is deep and husky, in the Cadillac commercials she is in. Plus with that red hair, one has to think that she either has fire down below, or has a nicely shaved pussy which is soft and pink. Kate, I promise you, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.

  29. Datamaster

    The legs are sizzlingly great.Can I see Kate.

  30. You’re so beautiful! I have nice frilly panties that are displayed to you all with some delicious tea will make panty. She is so stunningly beautiful. His voice deep and husky Cadillac commercials he’s in. Plus with red hair, one that he is either down under fire, or a nicely shaved pussy that is soft and pink is. Kate, I promise you, unless I have a face, you have a place to sit.

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