Kate Moss snorts cocaine on tape

Cocaine_Kate_Video.jpgKate Moss has gone off to rehab to fight her drug addiction, and I’m worried about her. It’s a tricky thing, that rehabilitation. Sure it helps you clean up your act and maybe pick up the pieces of your life, but speaking from a purely medical perspective, it also runs the risk of making you clinically boring. If you’re high on the powder, then you’re not really hurting anyone. But if you’re boring? Everyone suffers then, man.

Thank God for this new video of Kate Moss snorting cocaine. If we all watch it over and over, maybe we can shame her into staying a healthy and active cokehead for years to come. I think it’s for the best. Oh, not for her. Definitely not. But it’ll give us some laughs. And laughs are the best.

*Update: Here’s a mirror if the video is down.

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