Kate Moss says no for a change

January 6th, 2006 // 29 Comments

*kate_moss_thumb1.jpgKate Moss will defy police demands to return to Britain to face allegations of drug-taking, insisting she’s too busy working. If police want to force her back sooner, they’ll have to speak to her lawyers, one of the her aides insisted. Yet last night, a source said she still intends to return.

“She will come when she has time but she has two or three photoshoots to do first,” the source said. “The police know who her lawyers are and if they want to force her to come back they will have to speak to them rather than the newspapers. You do have to ask yourself why, when there are so many terrible crimes out there, they seem to be concentrating on Kate Moss. Kate has every intention of returning to Britain, which is her home, when she has a gap in her diary.”

I love the indignation in this quote. But I think the reason the cops are interested in her is that – and stop me if I’m wrong here – the last time I checked, snorting cocaine was illegal. From what I understand, however, being a drunken nympho is not . Otherwise she’d get the chair.


  1. I think the real reason they’re demanding her back is that a judge has issued a bench warrant for her bukkake. But unfortunately, as a supermodel, she has bukkake immunity when abroad. I know this because my grandfather was a diplomat/porn star.

  2. Court

    What a great PR move: acting like an untouchable bitch.

  3. Liz

    The police want her dealer. Just doing cocaine isn’t enough to get you arrested in this country (it’s not worth the paperwork) but netting a dealer-to-the-stars, that would definitely be worth the paperwork!

  4. PapaHotNuts

    I tried this once. I was told by the police to report to the station at 5:00 pm, but I told them I couldn’t make it for a couple of days because of my work schedule. So they came to my work, threw me against a running police car, arrested me, put in jail, and informed the inmates to gang rape me for 6 hours. I could have dealt with 4 hours, but 6?? Can we say, unconstitutional?

  5. HughJorganthethird

    Gotta love those British cops.

    Stop or I’ll say stop again!

  6. MortyFishbein

    If police hauled in every motherfucker in Hollywood who did/does/is doing coke, there would be nobody left to make movies, music, etc. Hell, without drugs we wouldn’t have half the creative works of the last 500 years . . .

    Give me a friggin’ break!

  7. amma

    …Very funny comments…hahahah “stop, or I’ll say stop again!” Too true.
    Yeah, I don’t get it. Why should she go back? I wouldn’t. If they just want info from her, couldn’t she speak to them through a lawyer? I mean, there is risk to her…Seriously, in her position she is likely to know of some heavy-suppliers. Wouldn’t they be watching her to see if they get busted? I mean, it must be scary for her, she still has her family in Britain. Gotta remember, she was just a small town girl from a working class hood.
    As far as the substance use goes–it was irresponsible to be so casual about it. But I don’t think she is any different than any other of a number of entertainers.
    Plus, I like Kate! She’s got a rebellious thing going on…its a little more fun than the preppie models. BUT, I do feel sorry for her kid. Definitely she should have settled down before having a child.

  8. sammygirl

    I don’t care what Kate Moss does in her spare time, but I am offended that because she’s a “somebody”, she can stay in this country and work. The rest of us “average Joe’s” would’ve been deported by the INS in a heartbeat. You’ve gotta love the double-standard.

  9. tuesdayup

    So after the police say they won’t arrest her, she decides that they aren’t worth her time. Did she get some cocaine in her skull or something!?


  10. spamnews

    Points is – that was a film of her sniffing some white powder. That isn’t illegal. Indeed, sniffing coke isn’t illegal. Possession is. Of coke. For the purposes of sniffing.

  11. Password protected, events about excitement, the learning curve the section along the side, sickened.

  12. Edie

    You know, when you’re in dutch with the cops, and the best thing your paid public-relations spokesperson can come up with is, “Why are the police wasting their time with this when there are REAL criminals out there,” it’s time to hire a new PR person.

    Because that phrase — almost more surely that fingerprints or DNA — is the surefire sign that you’re guilty as hell and Lady Justice is about to wipe her ass with you.

  13. Helen

    I expect she’ll come back to London around the same time that Boy George flies back to New York.

  14. She is my idol, great role model for sure

  15. Queen LaQueefah

    Jeez, have a couple of threesomes and you’re labeled a nympho? Seems you guys are exaggerating just a little. Moss is probably combining the copious amounts of sex with coke for maximum dietary efficacy. After all, she is a model. Everyone has their motives. I, for example, donate handjobs to the needy on a regular basis. I am not a nympho AND I give back to my community.

  16. OMG!

    “You do have to ask yourself why, when there are so many terrible crimes out there, they seem to be concentrating on Kate Moss.”

    That is so lame and WORE OUT. “There are other crimes the police should be focusing on” Puh-lease….like we haven’t heard that excuse 800 other times.

  17. lucylicious

    I don’t care that Kate does coke, ’cause I know there are hundreds of others in the celebrity world that do too. What I am concerned about is the fact that she’s such a beauty icon. Am I the only person who just doesn’t find her attractive? Where I’m from we see such spread-apart eyes as a sign of inbreeding…

  18. Jewbacca


  19. derekd

    I can’t believe the “liberal” British government is busting her balls about a lil toot. I mean give me a fuckn’ break, if they locked up every super model on coke we would be staring at a empty cat walk.

  20. BurnZ

    KAte I got a hit for you if your suck me off

  21. AD

    If they started arresting all the celebs doing coke, guess what? I’ll bet many would work on quitting.

    I’m so sick of people saying ‘well if they did that, we’d have no celebs!’ GET OVER IT.

    Last I checked, using coke = still illegal. Kate isn’t some goddess that is immune to rules and laws just cause she has a nice body. Same goes for any other celeb out there who likes to take advantage of their ‘freedom’ from most of these punishments.

  22. insidious420

    I’d like to say a fact that 90% of you are ignorant to is that she was not CAUGHT IN THE ACT doing anything illegal — Liz and Amma above are the few who realize this. The cops don’t want her because she did coke, they want to USE her to find her dealer, based on the VIDEOTAPE of her snorting “something”, which, to be blunt, is bullshit.
    There’s nothing they can do about that videotape or any coke she snorted, they simply want to bust her connections.
    Aside from that, I thnk it’s time society grows up and stops trying to label everything for the masses. If someone wants to ingest something “illegal” when they know the risks and the only possibly person they are hurting is themselves, it is their personal choice and they should not be ridiculed for doing so in a mature way.
    “It’s not a question of wrong and right, you may hate what I may like” – Anthrax.
    Besides, she’s hot as hell : )

  23. derekd

    News flash AD.

    People get busted all the time and guess what? THEY STILL DO IT! You can’t protect people from themselves. So YOU get over it.

  24. rod townsend

    Why is everyone picking on cocaine? Cocaine never hurt anyone. Poor little cocaine.

  25. slinkysu

    I think a lot of you are missing the actual crime here – in that Kate Moss took out a wrap of cocaine, cut it up into lines and then SUPPLIED these lines to others. Not only is she guilty of possession, but possession with the intent to supply. She is therefore classed as a dealer, which is a more serious crime than being a vacuous airhead paid to pout in pictures for a living. I do agree with her publicist though – i am shocked that the way the police in this country deal with matters is through the press and not through lawyers – very odd indeed.

  26. Pearly

    Coke is illegal but anyone can get it..so Kate Moss is being made an example of that’s all. The really oughta lay off her since she’s lost a lot of jobs because of the bad press. Still, anyone who has been a celeb as long as she has oughta know not to do lines in front of a videocamera..am I right?

  27. hermanita

    She used to be so beautiful. What has she done to herself? It’s really, really sad.

  28. reggiebush

    seriously, what’s up with kate moss? is she even really good looking?

  29. yeah, i guess we’re all against drug use…but really, why is everyone on top of Kate for what tons of other celebs do? http://hollywoodsnark.com

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