Kate Moss says no for a change

*kate_moss_thumb1.jpgKate Moss will defy police demands to return to Britain to face allegations of drug-taking, insisting she’s too busy working. If police want to force her back sooner, they’ll have to speak to her lawyers, one of the her aides insisted. Yet last night, a source said she still intends to return.

“She will come when she has time but she has two or three photoshoots to do first,” the source said. “The police know who her lawyers are and if they want to force her to come back they will have to speak to them rather than the newspapers. You do have to ask yourself why, when there are so many terrible crimes out there, they seem to be concentrating on Kate Moss. Kate has every intention of returning to Britain, which is her home, when she has a gap in her diary.”

I love the indignation in this quote. But I think the reason the cops are interested in her is that – and stop me if I’m wrong here – the last time I checked, snorting cocaine was illegal. From what I understand, however, being a drunken nympho is not . Otherwise she’d get the chair.

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