Kate Moss officially engaged to Pete Doherty

April 13th, 2007 // 76 Comments

At a gig last night, Pete Doherty confirmed he and Kate Moss are engaged when he dedicated a song to her and referred to her as his fiance. Which is basically the only explanation for this picture taken afterwards. If I just realized I was engaged to Pete Doherty I’d try to jump out a window too. Although I probably wouldn’t do it backwards while smoking. When failure means having to marry Pete Doherty, you better make sure you get the job done. Like have somebody shoot you as you’re falling and then push a piano out the window after you.



  1. Truthseeker013

    This is not for anyone here, but for the cyber-archaeologist who, ten thousand years from now, is searching for the exact reason for the decline of modern civilization. Yes, it started here.

  2. wolger

    kate is so hot!!
    pete is so fug!!

  3. wolger

    kate and johnny depp was the hottest couple ever. yum yum.

  4. andrewthezeppo

    she looks pretty hot in that pic.

    Its too bad she didn’t marry Johnny Depp, they both looked best when they were together!

  5. StoneRose

    *PPFFFFTTTT!!!* Haha. Nice, tits_on_snack. “Jack-O-Lantern”…if only he were the head belonging to the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow so Johnny Depp could decapitate him…and then give him a full-frontal lobotomy. And re-arrange his face while he’s at it.

    #20 – Sure. If you think snorting coke with a Jack-O-Lantern every day of your life while people make fun of you is “knowing how to party”, then yeah. She sure knows how to party.

  6. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I’m sure there’s a baby dangling joke in there somewhere…

    When’s this bitch gonna pull a Gia already?

  7. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    lol shack, that was a cute video!

  8. Carsten5577

    I hope that they will kill themselves very soon.

  9. This guy looks so gay, she probably likes it plowed…

  10. deedee24

    I think kate moss is awesome, i just can’t understand how someone so hot and so rich picked Pete Doherty… seriously she could get any guy in the world and she picks him…?? She works in fashion why doesn’t she just bag a calvin klein model or something?

  11. StoneRose

    Yes, the mysteries of the universe abound.

    I think it has something to do with the fact that the neon-lit word ‘vacancy’ is visible behind Moss’ empty pupils. *knock knock*… Its easy to be a smack-addicted hobo when your girlfriend is permanently out to lunch…

  12. iamsosmrt

    Yeay #61!!! LOL because it’s true.

  13. Shanipie

    MissDior…everything I’ve ever read that you have written is complete 13 year old drivel. Shut your face hole you stupid little twat.

  14. lovelyseaside

    God I love this man.

  15. crazyotto

    i HAVE got to party with these people….damn

  16. lovescontroversy1

    a little late but here’s a gorgeous shot of petey to clear up anyone’s confusion as to why kate is with him…


  17. nevertrustabunny

    Pete may be ugly as f**k but its not as if when they break off there wouldn’t be thousands of hot ladies wanting to get with him. Lots of girls adore pete, kate ain’t the only 1. There is charm about him, even though he look like an overweight owl

  18. Lowlands

    Let’s get engaged babe.Just say yes otherwise i’ve to break this guitar on your head.

  19. Lowlands

    #68)That’s probably how it really went.

  20. StoneRose

    Christ, 66, didja have to do that?

    Hideous – like a rhino-nosed, owl-headed, horse-mouthed zombie!!! *SHUDDER*

  21. rrd

    this news is so so sad. honestly, kate, what are you thikning?

  22. Teafairy

    every era needs its iconic rock n roll couple – Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein – Kate and Pete are ours. We may not want to live like them, but at least they’re more interesting than so many of the identikit Zelebs around today.

  23. licklick

    This is good if it keeps him from playing any more. He and his music suck big time.

    Anyway, just two English turds tying the knot. Happily, they won’t be in danger of polluting the rest of the human race.

    Fuck them and the Union Jack they rode in on.

  24. ihatechoosingnames

    i was at that show! pete doherty + carl barat performed together. The picture was taken after the show, when pete + carl were performing out of the back window of the venue.

  25. King Khunt

    If only that rent boy junkie cunt doherty would do the human race a favour and fatally overdose

  26. Jerry Hughes

    What Kate Moss, a bright and beautiful girl saw in that piece of excrement Pete Doherty beggars belief…

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