Kate Moss officially engaged to Pete Doherty

April 13th, 2007 // 76 Comments

At a gig last night, Pete Doherty confirmed he and Kate Moss are engaged when he dedicated a song to her and referred to her as his fiance. Which is basically the only explanation for this picture taken afterwards. If I just realized I was engaged to Pete Doherty I’d try to jump out a window too. Although I probably wouldn’t do it backwards while smoking. When failure means having to marry Pete Doherty, you better make sure you get the job done. Like have somebody shoot you as you’re falling and then push a piano out the window after you.



  1. Here’s to a long and prosperous life together in drug hell.

  2. keys open doors

    yay waif

  3. Zoey

    Their kids will be beautiful and healthy.

  4. rockdust

    I sure as hell hope they don’t produce any crack babies together!

  5. tits_on_snack

    Oh those crazy drug addicts, what will they do next.

  6. -Stormy.

    This guy has to be hopped up on smack 24/7. Nobody else would allow themselves to be photographed with open wounds on their face. These two are perfect for each other. Best of luck to the newly engaged.

  7. So much dirt, so much filth, so much disease…

  8. tits_on_snack

    Sadly these two piles of human waste already have children. Just not together.
    Wait. Where are these children, like, ever?

  9. Danner

    The two crack whores were meant for each other.

  10. Niecy

    Its funny how instead of helping her, he seems to be playing the guitar.

  11. annie

    Now, that’s class.

    …they deserve each other.

  12. ^^^ my boyfriend made this video homage to FRISTers

  13. Let’s see…which of these statements would be less funny…

    Say it ain’t blow.

    Say it ain’t ho.

    Hmm…you decide.

  14. DrPhowstus

    Somebody grab her feet, then Suge Knight her ass.

  15. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Watching others’ downfall makes my pants happy.

  16. tits_on_snack

    “Wait wait, stop. Let’s do this hanging out of the window, so that people can see us. We’ll act like we don’t notice them though.”

  17. combustion8

    How is this guy still alive, I’m guessing he would net me 23 cents in a dead pool.

  18. beifiori

    Lord help us, please don’t let them breed! that’s all we need, another drug addicted cracked up baby, and oh what a fugly one ‘twould be!

  19. veggi

    That’s one bassackwards serenade.

  20. ph7

    Say what you will, but I dig Kate Moss because she sure knows how to party!

    Who doesn’t love party girls?

  21. Wow Just Wow

    Crack is the new black.

  22. SuperG

    She dated Johny Depp, THE most gorgeous man on the planet, but ends up engaged to Quasimodo…fucking mind-blowing!

  23. Oh that’s great. As if we didn’t know that already…
    and the NEXT time you post something about Kate and Pete, he’s gonna get rushed to the hospital with Kate running behind the ambulance van holding a pipe and a needle saying “YOU FORGOT YOUR MEDICINE HONEY!!!”

    FUCK PETE! I coulda totally banged Kate Moss if Pete didn’t already drug her up that night…and literally, he DRUGGED HER UP.

  24. tits_on_snack

    #20 – Sure. If you think snorting coke with a Jack-O-Lantern every day of your life while people make fun of you is “knowing how to party”, then yeah. She sure knows how to party.

  25. Superfish

    #22 good point.

    what REALLY IS ind fucking blowing is the fact that i saved a bundle on my car insurance by switching to geico…oh yea, and not having a car. that’s fucking GENIOUS!

    yea, i spelled “genius” wrong. see? i still can’t spel.

  26. daηielle™↵

    I can only imagine how the two of them must smell. Probably somewhere along the lines of fishsticks combined with microwaved cheese.

    I mean, Pete could pass for Brandon Davis’ twin with that greasy hair and “druken” eye look going on.

    And Kate, photoshop does wonders. That’s all I have to say about that.

  27. Hemlock Queen

    They’re going to be the new Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Except white and British.

    Way to go Kate. Your career is making the hugest comeback on the face of the planet, and you go blow it all with that sack of crap. Who looks like a complete walking STD. Gross.

    #22, totally agree!

  28. The amazing this is……they’ve been dating forever and gone through all this stuff, and you KNOW that after they get married it will be over in 6 months.

  29. I like that photo actually, i’d like it more if she fell out of the window afterwards though.

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Was this in England? huh, closed “Flat” all those bad teeth and GINGIVITIS!!!!, they’re just getting some air.

  31. chaunceygardner

    You know what’s unbelievable? When she finally ODs, there’s gonna be tons of news coverage full of talking heads and crying fans, all over that piece of skeleton shit.

  32. jrzmommy♠

    Oh, how rock and roll. *retch* When is she gonna grow up. Why does he always look dead?

  33. FRIST!!!

    Oh to be young and in love and on so many drugs…

  34. FRIST!!!

    I envy those two…..

  35. TheRanchTooth

    Check out all the cows ripping on Kate…I guess they’re not mooooooooved by her love story.

  36. santori

    Not a word about the Pete Doherty-Carl Bar

  37. iamsosmrt

    All I can say is I am so glad this bitch is a mother she can clearly take such amazing care of herself so certainly raising a child must be a bag of COKE for her.

    I am so glad that they never prosecuted her ass for snorting what we all know she snorted and I am so fucking pleased as shit that she never got her daughter taken away from her because she is the fucking picture of pure loving motherhood. If anyone deserve to have a child it’s a crazy bitch who acts like she’s a 14 year old prostitue when she is a 30 something grown woman responsible for a child.
    Most of all it’s great that she would get engaged to a fucking butt ugly drug addict ass troll. Surely now her little daughter really will have it all. A drugged up mommy and a drugged up daddy.

    Kate Moss by the way refers to her daughter as her very own MINI ME. So I guess she wears designer ass ugly outfits and instead of eating her vegetables the kid enjoys the model’s diet; crack and cigaretts. Fanfuckingtastic!
    Famous people are the best parents EVER.

  38. tits_on_snack

    #35 And I suppose every dude here who rips on Pete is only doing it because they secretly wish they looked like Helena Bohnam Carter as a bloated snaggletooth corpse dredged up from the bottom of the mississippi river? Come on.

  39. MissDior17

    #38, I’m sure you must know that as you’re there with them 24/7.

  40. whitegold

    She is one lucky fucking lady!

  41. HughJorganthethird


    I have crackhead neighbours and I gotta tell ya they aren’t all that interesting either.

  42. allykitten85

    Kate is hot.

  43. iamsosmrt

    What I HAVE seen her do even is fucking unacceptable for any parent to do. So many shit people have absolutely no buisness being parents. The world would be better off without their retard genes being passed on anyway. But thanks for being a celebrity ass kisser and defending miss front page snorter. Because that’s just what rich worthless famous losers need more people kissing their asses and growing their empires. If she wasn’t famous her child would have been taken away a long time ago.

    I have no idea why you would defend her but maybe it’s because you are a drugged up Mom too.


    WHAT, Thoes two are still alive. Lordy Be

  45. Shanipie

    I don’t know what you all are talking about.
    They both totally deserve their fame and are sexy. I wanna threesom them right now!


  46. woodhorse

    Thanks Fish!! I love me some Pete/Kate posts!!! There is nothing else that makes me feel so gleefully hateful as those two god-forsaken reprobates. What a wonderful day.

  47. woodhorse

    Fish! I love you. I just read your commentary again. This is like the best post ever – in the history of typing.

  48. diarrhea riot

    That’s the only way to give Kate a Dirty Sanchez without fucking up the carpet. What a cute couple.

  49. diarrhea riot

    She is so ready for a tea-bag.

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