Kate Moss maybe isn’t doing drugs?

May 3rd, 2007 // 53 Comments

Kate Moss was spotted leaving London restaurant China Tang at 9:30pm, but when she arrived home at midnight she was staggering out of her car and had specks of white powder down her jeans. But that could be anything, right? Let’s not jump to any conclusions. Personally, I don’t consider it a decent night out until I’ve juggled bags of baking powder too. Sometimes I mix it up and juggle refrigerators. Yeah, I’m pretty strong.



  1. Danner

    She looks horrible!

  2. Yeah right, Kate Moss not doing drugs is about as realistic as Paris Hilton not fucking anyone.

  3. biatcho

    I looked like that last night too. Except I was leaving the NYC restaurant Poon Tang. And the white stuff wasn’t cocaine.

  4. She is hypnotically grotesque.

  5. fergernauster

    Doherty jizz… which is synonymous with cocaine.

  6. YouRang

    Assuming China Tang is a Chinese restaurant, I’ll bet she got hungry on her way home and stopped for powdered doughnuts.

  7. fergernauster

    She’s the UK version of Shitney. Only better looking. And thinner. And better-smelling. And more intelligent. And more bankable still, at this point in time.

    But I believe they are both sub-par mommies.

  8. Ricky Razzle

    Fairy dust

  9. .
    Thats numbing powder, she rubs it on her Vag so the scabs on Pete Doughtery’s dick don’t scrape her delicate flower.

  10. Fishstick

    ive given up on her. maybe if we grind up a sandwich, she will accidentally snort it and gain some weight.

  11. calicojack

    maybe she was baking a cake

  12. Fishstick

    up her nose.

  13. veggi

    Makes me want some waffles and cocaine.

  14. y_do_i_care

    Can anyone tell me how she is a model? I’d believe role model before runway model! Hahaha

  15. jpjrocks

    She is fugly….I’d do her just for the free coke

  16. BuckTheInfernal

    It’s baby powder. You know, because she actually changes her kid’s diapers. She also raises it responsibly and takes care of it too.

  17. FRIST!!!

    Well, it would make more sense to assume it’s cocaine if she had it on her BEFORE going into the restaurant. I mean, that could be food on her pants. But because it’s Moss, we jump to conclusions. Well, I don’t but you all do.

  18. FRIST!!!

    If it were crack, it would have fallen right off. If it’s coke or meth it wouldn’t stick there in clumps like that. Trust me, I would know

  19. jrzmommy♠

    NO! It was the powder sugar from her Hostess Donettes.

    She is morphing into Pete Doherty….you know how they say that couples who spend a lot of time together start to resemble each other…

  20. HughJorganthethird

    Chances are it is Baking soda which she or her lovely boyfrind where using to freebase. That’s my guess anyway. Did she drop a blackened spoon perchance?

  21. nose candy is what is needed after snorting the china food down.

  22. schadenfreudelicious

    Has anyone ever seen a photo of this woman with her…gawd forbid…CHILD..perhaps it’s just as well, the kid would get high just breathing the fumes off mom’s clothes…

  23. whoneedsenemies

    9:30 Enter Restaurant
    10:00 Enter Restaurant’s Bathroom
    10:01 Begin snorting drug o’ choice, freak out, jump on toilets, call Pete, snort some more, cry in corner, wipe up bloody nose, snort some more, dance on countertops, call Pete again telling him you spilled coke all over yourself and he needs to bring some more.
    11:45 Exit Restaurant’s Bathroom
    11:55 Realize you lost vest in bathroom rampage, forgot coke is all over you, oh shit
    12:00 Exit Restaurant

  24. holler margarita

    She probably has too much money to care if she fucks up and wastes a line of coke by getting it all over her clothes.
    What a dolt.

  25. ch474

    19 – I would have said that too if she didn’t look like the last starving Biafran.

  26. cokewhore. enuff said

  27. FRIST!!!

    Well if it is drugs, I want to sfiff her pants.

  28. Dureagonfly

    #23….that was “f”ing funny…
    It could be…..nay……it’s….you all know what it is..

  29. allykitten85

    I love Kate Moss!!!

  30. jamie

    I wanna be a rock star

  31. diarrhea riot

    How do you get coke on THE SIDE of your pants???? I always get it all over my tits, but that’s just me.

  32. wedgeone

    Maybe she’s just very very very yeasty.

  33. same old crack whore,,nothing changes…

  34. I don’t know why but it seems less shocking than Britney or Lindsay …

    Unlike the 2 others, she’s not doing it to get our attention, she only does her thing … I respect her, in her own special way …

  35. Lowlands

    If all her change goes to Pete Doherty then i question myself how she paid the taxidriver.

  36. Maskatron

    Relax people, she just spilled a dab of Splenda that she went to put in her decaf.

  37. Lowlands

    Yeah it’s quite possible,it could be also some kind of dried up Chinese mushroomsauce.

  38. Would you waste that much cocaine on your pants ?

  39. Lowlands


  40. Lowlands

    Does anybody know if she wiped her mouth off when she stepped out of her car?

  41. sk8trgurl69

    god i love cocaine.

  42. wedge1

    Why are people like Pete & Kate actually getting away with this behavior? If I worked for Scotland Yard, I’d be following these two around as closely as stink on shit. Be there when they fuck up, and you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame as you arrest them.


    Her loser boyfriend can’t even get a boner doing cocaine, but some girls get off on it, and love doing it. She has the money to hire people to raise her kids. I bet they get the best that money can buy. But she’s addicted to doing it and getting off on it, like any drugged-out sex-whore.

  44. iamsosmrt

    Ugg, she is so gross and untoned and ugly. I never noticed she had such a bad nose. God has not been kind to her and on top of it her lazy drugie lifestyle has made her look even worse. What has this idiot bitch accomplished in her life, what has she done in this world that means anything… all that come to mind is date Johnny Depp and I never like that butt pirate so in my book it doesn’t count. That manwhore actor Depp once said that he wants his kids to have a healthy normal upbringing so he bought an island for him and his kids and baby mama to live on… an island, what a greedy douchebag, I guess he never read that book “No Man is an Island”.

    Someone actually got pissed at me here on the “Superficial”, when I suggested Moss is a shit Mom and should have her daughter taken away from her. Boy I was way off. Crack goes with a Mommy like milk and honey.

    Supermodels make the BEST Mom’s!

  45. iamsosmrt


  46. Truthseeker013

    Dear Kate,

    When Grandmaster Flash dropped “White Lines”, he was trying to tell you something…

  47. Donuts! She’s diabetic, breaking news!

  48. Clete

    This is why our society is in morale decay. That skank being a role model is indecent. Unfortunately our society has made that homely girl very rich for that look. The advertisers could have save millions pulling homeless addicts off the streets who they would only have to pay a pittance.

  49. LorD_SNuFf

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but when i drop coke on my pants i tend to snort it up anyway….fucking rich people.

  50. She’s beautiful. Why do you say she’s a bad mum, just because their aren’t alot of photo’s of her and her daughter? it’s called PROTECTING her, and it’s what any decent parent would do.

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