Kate Moss makes a lot of money

July 7th, 2006 // 86 Comments

Who knew that getting caught snorting cocaine could be good for your career? Besides the guy who lives in the alley behind my apartment shivering violently, Kate Moss that’s who. Although she was initially dropped by H&M, she’s since gone on to make deals with Burberry, Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Nikon, Roberto Cavalli and Virgin Mobile. She was reportedly making about $7 million a year before the cocaine incident but she’s expected to pull in about $18 million this year.

Has anybody seen those Nikon commercials? Kate Moss looks like she’s 80 years old and her skin was crafted using the finest of wrinkled leathers. I’m not saying she should consider Botox, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she tripped and the area around her eye accidentally fell on a syringe filled with the stuff.


  1. Jaydel

    #1 Bitch!

  2. tinyTy

    This chick wasn’t even good looking when she was younger. Wrinkly bitch.

  3. RichPort

    I actually think she’s a bit milfy. I wouldn’t mind doing her doggystyle, ass up in the air and face down in a pillow of cocaine.

  4. tinyTy

    OMG she’s only 32 years old! I’m feeling better about my face all the time.

  5. blueballs

    She’s a skank cunt. It goes to show you how fucked up a world we are in were we award drug users and skanks like Kate Moss and Paris Hilton with celebrity status for doing nothing than looking pretty. I won’t shed a tear if Kate Moss ods and Paris Hilton gets hit by a train.

  6. Lush

    She looks 80 in those commercials… Gross.

    PS- the “FIRST!” comments are really annoying and more lame than you could possibly imagine

  7. xavierh

    I don’t know what the fuss is. She looks good for a 57-year-old human woman, though whether she’s actually human is still in doubt. I distinctly remember her looking a bit ‘off-worldly’ when she was younger, to put it kindly.

  8. BoredStiff


  9. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Apparently some young lady hasn’t heard about the youthful benefits of receiving a daily money-shot, poor thing.

  10. jrzmommy

    She TOUCHED Pete Doherty.

  11. artmonkey3000

    Normally I’d disagree about the botox and say a woman should age gracefully with, um…grace and stuff.

    But as this crackwhore does nothing with grace, I’m gonna go along with the botulism injection idea. It wouldn’t be the most deadly thing in her system, at least.

  12. damnit. I’m Jonesing some butter right now.. just for the weekend. Anybody holding?

  13. ellaminnowpea

    Kate Moss = Rode Hard & Put Away Wet

  14. alekwel

    no matter how old or wrinkly she looks, she still makes more money than you.

  15. siren823

    Folks, that is what happens when you do your livin hard and are put away wet. Learn a lesson from Kate, get off the coc and eat something every now and then.

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    MeganHarris, shut the fuck up with your made-up terminology and your feeble attempts to pass as “cool”. You probably buy fake LSD from the same guy every week because you think he’s cute and then roll around in dog shit acting like you’re tripping just because it gives you an excuse to cover up the smell of your vagina. Everyone hates you, including David Hasselhoff.

  17. PapaHotNuts

    A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a rolling Moss will infect your stones.

  18. Jaydel

    Hey Lush! Biatch please! What’s more annoying is dumb tricks who still use outdated words like lame that were popular about 15 years ago. Since you’re still stuck on stupid & the 80′s. Talk to the hand!

  19. bluemalibu

    Either it’s her weird pie-face cheekbones or just bad makeup; she looks like a clown. Honk honk.

  20. bigponie

    If you stare at the eye long enough and then squint a little, it’ll start to look like a punani looking at you.

  21. Jacq

    I guess Pete told her it was a Botox injection.

    I like a hot beef injection, every now and then.

    MeganHarris is the girl that we gave oj to in high school, but told her it was a screwdriver, and she acted sooooo wasted. Because it is mean to really get kids with down syndrome drunk.

  22. Pitch A. Tente

    The English have different standards than Americans. I always thought Kate Moss looked like an alien, but whatever tickles their pickles.

  23. Only in our twisted society could a bad drug habit become a good thing.


  24. That’s not Moss, it is a Vietnamese drag-queen wearing a Scooby-Doo mask, the only thing missing is a hat and fake beard. I am so going to grab it by its eye-wrinkles and pull, just to prove my point.

  25. clown

    I’ve never thought she was beautiful. Au contraire, she is extremely ugly. And as if it wasn’t enough sniffing cocaine, people decided to take her side! World is full of pricks.

  26. Queen LaQueefah

    I agree that the “first” comments are annoying. It’s not really a comment anyway if you don’t say anything at all, so saying “first” really doesn’t make it first. It only counts if you actually have something to say about the article.

    Oh yeah, and who would have thought that years of alcohol and drug abuse, paired with cigarette smoke and a poor diet, would ruin you prematurely? Not me, I’m sitting in the sun with oil all over my face, smoking a clove, then some crystal meth, and not eating for 4 days on end. Oh, except for that Purple Drank. If it’s not feeding me, then how come I actually throw up shit? So it does have nutritious value.

  27. Jaydel

    So let me get this right Queen, my nubian princess. What if next time I’d say something like……let me think. “First biatch!” Then add, “I’d still hit that”. Would that count as a first comment?

  28. Jacq

    #27 – Don’t forget “TCLTC”

  29. Jaydel

    Ha ha Jacq! I had to refer to urbandictionary.com to find out what TCLTC meant. Pure comedy!

  30. happy_bunny

    Wow. She’s younger than I am and has more wrinkles. Makes me feel better about my own appearance but damn, girl – It’s called sunscreen. Look into it.

    P.S. Ban the “First” nimrods.

  31. SpecialAgentWind

    Michael Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Kate Moss…I don’t understand how talentless, ugly and totally fucked up people still get to make more money than me, and none supporting the cause to kill of Paris Hilton. I just don’t understand. *sigh*

  32. Queen LaQueefah

    I don’t care what you say, only you know if it is really a comment or if you’re just saying it to say anything at all. The only one I think is mega-stupid is “first!”
    “first”? so what?

  33. oh please. if your a model its like a requirement to be a drug addict. really helps get that whole emaciated, heroin chic thing going on.

  34. jemsinamood

    #10 Agreed. She had sex with Pete Doherty. Enough said right there.

  35. Jacq

    #29 – Total shout-out! The SF has arrived! I like the example “Oh, and TCLTC.” Sweeeeet. We started that here many moons ago. LOL

  36. Jaydel

    I didn’t think it was that serious boo. I mean this is just a silly site and I’m bored as hell @ work. Don’t be a player hater sistah girl.

  37. WTF?!?!?!

    She is under 35, lives in a country where there is no sun and is already THAT wrinkles?! Shit! She’s more wrinkled and a 40 year old Australian surfer. (Or Tom Cruise’s Anus)

  38. Jacq

    Everybody, get the fuck over it. People will always put “first!” Who gives a shit? I scramble to put first, just so that everyone knows I was #1, and then go back and read the story.

  39. Jaydel

    Yeah dude. I’ve seen Tom Cruise Loves The …. plenty of times on here. I just didn’t know there was an acronym for it.

  40. Queen LaQueefah

    oh i don’t hate the player, i hate the game. anyway, did kate moss suddenly turn into a leather wallet? cause I don’t remember her being so HAGGARD before. bah, whatever

  41. Italian Stallion

    Can’t we all just learn from our late friend Rick “I didn’t rub my feet on Eddie’s couch” James. “COCAINE IS A HELLUVA DRUG”………..


  42. jrzmommy

    she looks like a streetwalker version of Gwenyth Paltrow.

  43. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    What is sexy about this bitch? Even my ugly ass has gotten broads of this caliber and better.
    Those crows feet are just awful!

    I’d fuck her though.

  44. jFp

    Its funny how some of you just hate everychick….

    I’d do kate any day…then I’d do her blow…then I’d make her lick a rail off my rod then I’d do one off her ass and then I’d walk that milf across the floor. Then I’d have her fetch me a beer.

  45. Tits_McGhee

    You can’t even tell if she’s really looking at you. You think she might be because one eye is straight at you and the other eye is focused about 30 degrees left of center.

    Yeah, I can totally see why everyone wants her as a model. I mean, with charisma like her’s and sweet ass physical appearances like her eyes, someone should vote her best coke whore/slut/supermodel/sperm bank ever!

  46. jrzmommy

    44-jFp–It’s not that we hate ALL of them, but look at the selection we’ve had this past week….Hohan, Whoreus (ad nauseum), PINK, for fucks sake, that blonde chick on the beach and Kate Moss who FUCKED Pete Doherty. We have no choice but to make our ignorant remarks. It’s not like the SF guy is giving us guys–other thant THE HOFF–to remark on whether we’d ride them like a pogo stick or not. We’re the real victims here.

  47. diamondprynzez

    I thought sex is supposed to sell.

    I guess not.

  48. RichPort

    I wouldn’t mind giving her the ol’ Zombie. You know, when you cream in her eyes then move the furniture so she can’t find the bathroom. Good times man, good times.

  49. GG 4.33

    Posted by RichPort on July 7, 2006 12:35 PM

    Sorry, hundreds of other men have beat you to that.

    I don’t think Botox would work. All that coke has made her face numb anyway.

  50. Proteon

    OMG what an ugly whore! I always thought she was ugly (#25) lol! I’ll bet her + a line of coke = 100x more fun than any of ye.

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