Kate Moss loves the blow

September 16th, 2005 // 11 Comments

kate_moss_coke.jpgIn case you haven’t already heard, Twiggy Janice Dickinson Naomi Campbell Amy Wesson Kate Moss was busted yesterday by British Newspaper, the Daily Mirror, who published photos of Moss using cocaine in a recording studio with boyfriend Pete Doherty.

Rumours of her drug habits have circulated for years but she has always denied taking Class As such as cocaine.

In a West London recording studio, though, Kate chats casually with Doherty and pals as she absent-mindedly crushes and chops out the chunky lines on the back of a plastic CD cover.

With her blonde hair hanging untidily around her shoulders, the model icon, worth


  1. sickyb

    OMG, am I REALLY the first person to comment on this, I mean come on people! Kate Moss is an expert at blow. And not the job kind either! She admitted today to her contracts that yes, she has a drug problem. DUH.

  2. Tommy Cruise

    No kidding. And H&M acts like it’s news to them, but they’ve decided to keep her on because she promised to clean up her act. Somebody should let them know Courtney Love is available for modeling as well…

  3. Rich N Famous

    coked-out supermodels are hot!

  4. Chas

    I wouldn’t have any reservations about doing some rails off her boney snatch. yummy

  5. sparkydingle

    Did they really think she managed to keep her rail thin physique with healthy eating and hard excersise? Eating salad and protien chicken doesn’t give you that strung out pasty white coked up skank look. That’s all hard partying baby. The best diet of all.


    i need drugs…

  7. Tommy Cruise

    Updating my previous commment, H&M finally came to their senses and has dropped their ad campaign featuring Ms. Moss. Although their decision to replace her with Naomi Campbell is definitely questionable.

  8. Sothisis41

    It’s funny how this has *blown* up into a big deal. And she’s probably cursing
    the photog that snapped that picture. She’s got to realize she’s hot and anyone within a half a mile will be taking her picture. In fact, the one time I saw her I took more pictures her than my entire honeymoon vacation!

  9. Proteon

    I thought supermodels doing coke was a cliche? Why the shock?

  10. Queen LaQueefah

    Please, she’s a model. It’s part of the package, ok? How come the President gets away with it and Kate Moss can’t?

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