Kate Moss loses sex tapes

July 23rd, 2007 // 100 Comments

Kate Moss is allegedly freaking out because two sex tapes she made with Pete Doherty have gone missing. They made eight tapes total and Kate already destroyed six, but she can’t find the last two and is afraid Pete will try to sell them for money. A source tells The Sun:

“There are still some bits and pieces floating about of Pete with Kate. She has got rid of most of it. Six out of eight tapes have been destroyed. But she wanted to bury the lot before he could humiliate her by selling them or putting them on the internet … Pete could do what he wants with them. And we all know what Pete can do when he’s desperate for a bob or two.”

Have you seen Pete Doherty? He’s a gremlin. Your parents could catch you trying to have sex with your sister and it’d be less shameful than having sex with Pete Doherty. And as you scramble towards the door you slip and your pants fall down and then you notice that everybody you’ve ever known is in the room. Yeah, even that’d be less embarrassing.


  1. Holly

    #48 Speak English you fucking moron

  2. I am so happy that Jesis has made the sex tapes go missing!! Kate needs to tell Pete that she will not be used like a pair of shoes, and Pete needs to surrender his penis to God.


  3. I just sucked O.J. Simpson’s dick and licked his asshole…yum..

  4. Hollywood Agent

    All celebrities now make sex tapes of themselves. They do this because they can’t stop looking at themselves. All of them are in love with themselves. Why do you think this dimwit made eight tapes. All of them are like sequels that she is the star of.

    I’m sure that Kate Moss is just waiting for her sex tapes to leak out ( by her friends, movers, or herself) . Then she might get some paparazzi time. Right now it’s just Paris, Paris, Paris!

  5. Kamihi

    Pete Doherty is so ugly I would pay to NOT see him have sex.

  6. Breaking Newz: according E.T.

    Brittney in trouble again…takez
    kidz on boat without life raftz…
    ztupid fucker?

  7. yo mama

    isn’t a coincidence that her sex tapes might get “leaked” out after she’s been dropped out of several major ad campaigns? i smell something fishy. i smell a jenna lewis.

  8. kelli's psychiatrist

    #48 kelli, if you think that Paris, even as lame as she is, would pay any attention to your pukey posts you are sadly and pathetically mistaken.

  9. justifiable

    Kelli, will you shut the righteous fuck up? You are a fucking moron.

    I don’t care if the world is going to end in two minutes, I don’t want to hear it from you.

  10. Kristina

    LOL wow, by the way i love the sites new look!

  11. Could someone please restrain Kelli so that the men in white coats can get the straight Jacken on? Don’t worry Kelli, you’re going to a safe place with soft walls and lots of zzzz’s.

  12. That is so weird!!! #20 & 21, when I was at work trying to post, it never went through. I even checked after. Man, this site IS fucked up!!!
    But I still love porn….

  13. #61 They’re on their way, I just heard sirens.
    Er….hope they’re not for me…..

  14. FirstTimeCaller

    Yeah I’d take a solid month of nothing but eye-watering close-ups of Britney’s cottage cheese ass if it meant Kelli would shut the fuck up

  15. C

    Poor Kate…

  16. Elvira

    Durrr, publicity stunt.

  17. Oscar

    He’s gross, broke, stupid, ugly, a drug addict and completely nuts. Good choice, Kate. That says a lot about you. Heidi Fleis probably has fewer diseases than Pete.

  18. Hfire3

    God, it was oh so close. She nearly smacked her forehead and said, “D’oh”.

  19. twinklejelly

    “Kate already destroyed six, but she can’t find the last two …”

    Wow, replace Kate with Harry and this could almost be lifted straight from the latest Potter book. Go get them there horcruxes Kate!

  20. ciec

    Kate is pretty woman.

  21. woodhorse

    I am wondering how Kate is going to be interesting without the train wreck boyfriend Doherty. I am already missing the good old days of reading about his making artwork from his blood. It only makes sense that she saved the artwork but burned his poems (sorry MK) as he is supposedly a brilliant song writer.

    KrazyHotKelli – your posts are every bit as relevant as Paris Hilton. Pay no attention to the Harshers.

  22. woodhorse

    One more little thing: Victor, I suggest you go back to drinking douche water until the abrasions heal.


  23. #1hater

    that picture + that headline = hilarity!!!!

  24. Christ on a Crotch


    Good for her that snow-blowing sow! Jesus me, are all celebrities STUPID or is it just me?

    Ewww, and I can imagine the tape; two skeletal, bad-toothed pigs grinding at each other while grinding their teeth, then they stop to take another hit of meth while guzzling 50-year-old scotch.

    Woo hoo…..

  25. Dizzybenny


    Lohan arrested early this morning drunk at the wheel and with cocaine in her pockets. (from yahoo.ca)

    well that explains how she keeps her body in such good shape!

  26. Jimbo, just because I left the porn running when I left this morning, didn’t mean that you were suppose to call over those hookers for breakfast. This
    time they better not be boys, I mean it.

  27. gotmilk?

    kate, get over yourself. no one in their right mind will want to watch that.

  28. LB

    one more celebrity drug addict LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Bling

    First of all….BLUKKKK! Secondly, don’t tape it or snap it if you don’t want the world to see it at some point…Trust me…;) lol

  30. ZUG


  31. Mick

    That is a horrible photo of miss moss!
    She usually looks alittle tired but pretty.

  32. Nijenna

    Morons. These people’s IQs are very low.

  33. Wait you can still have sex when your on coke? Wait what are the negatives again?

  34. Wait you can still have sex when your a junkie? Wait what where the negatives of a life of drugs again?

  35. John

    I would watch it.

    Also I would be interested to see what the attraction she had for Pete. He must have the biggest cock in the world.

  36. scott

    Hopefully she will be more selective now as to who she makes a sex tape with. Geez, these celebs are so dumb.

  37. roughdaddy

    hahah dumb bitch,,,come on petey bring out those tapes,,, i wanna see what a woman with 2 backs look like,,,,id still bang her though,,,well i dont know after pete? geezz

  38. Joe Bill Jim Bob Billy Jack

    The only way I’d bang this dumb bimbo would be after she douched that nasty thing with bleach. Then I’d put 20x the normal amount of chlorine in my pool and let her “bathe” in that. Then I’d pre-load on penicillin & anti-fungals. And of course she’d have to put a bag over that ugly face that usually has 400 mils of make-up to appear presentable. And she’d need surgery to make that body presentable.

    But other than that, I’d hit it!

  39. Que se joda por puta. Les esta bien empleado a todas estas gilipollas que se van con los “mas listos”. Drogata de mierda.

  40. ~~

    I feel like the only person who thinks Pete Doherty is fucking hot.

    I’d watch them if Moss was blocked out.

  41. wowman1

    I know its all speculation but this site seems to have some very explicit kate moss sexual content on it. I personally think its the sex tape but i am not sure.


    The above link takes you directly there. Thanks maybe someone else can confirm the video is there.

  42. Rebeccca

    Shes gets so much stick all the time! The last thing she needs is pete humiluating her again. I think his gone to far already by selling storyies* into the papers and mags about her jealousy and being insecure. If i was kate i think i would be far from insecure becouse the public love her, she’s got a pretty little girl, also how meny times has she been on the front cover of vouge? Most vouge models do that once in a lifetime (If their lucky)!

    Pete should feel bad enough already for sleeping with that french model, so why dose he what to stich her up again?

    If he dose sell the taps could kate sue?

    Everybody knows that when she was with him she was taking drugs. However how could she let her 4 year old daughter in the same house as him? She could of found needles or all sorts. Not only that but i’ve read a few times that kate and pete had violent rows.

    I hope kate won’t have to resort to paying pete money to get the 2 taps back.

    I think his best off out of her life, hopfully this time for good.

    from big kate moss fan and topshop_X

  43. Both are Euro trash that deserve each other…
    This is a classic example of being strung out on shit and the brilliant decisions that follow. Anybody that would bed with this loser Euro trash geek such as this deserves pure misery and all that follows.

  44. ew

    I’d be freaking out too if I had sex w/ Pete Doherty and actually taped it!!
    UGH!! *now I shall dream of Johnny Depp*

  45. kat_mil_b

    I happen to love Pete to death. Kate Moss is a fucking tourist and has been from the start. “Slumming it” no longer suits her. Atleast Pete is genuine, even the tragic, redundant aspects. I’d fancy a good “knees up” with him in a heartbeat (followed by rather a lot of Penicillin), and I’d say it’s Kate who is a wretched human being.

  46. your all wastemen or wastegash safe x

  47. Watching too bony cokewhores screwing, is definately NOT on my wishlist, thankyouverymuch…

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