Kate Moss loses sex tapes


Kate Moss is allegedly freaking out because two sex tapes she made with Pete Doherty have gone missing. They made eight tapes total and Kate already destroyed six, but she can’t find the last two and is afraid Pete will try to sell them for money. A source tells The Sun:

“There are still some bits and pieces floating about of Pete with Kate. She has got rid of most of it. Six out of eight tapes have been destroyed. But she wanted to bury the lot before he could humiliate her by selling them or putting them on the internet … Pete could do what he wants with them. And we all know what Pete can do when he’s desperate for a bob or two.”

Have you seen Pete Doherty? He’s a gremlin. Your parents could catch you trying to have sex with your sister and it’d be less shameful than having sex with Pete Doherty. And as you scramble towards the door you slip and your pants fall down and then you notice that everybody you’ve ever known is in the room. Yeah, even that’d be less embarrassing.