Kate Moss is incredibly gross

January 8th, 2007 // 120 Comments






  1. Dcrew220

    Hopefully she and Pete will leave civilization forever.

    1000′s of codes for PS3, Wii, XBox360 and PSP

  2. dang sexy!!!

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Michael Jackson would love these pictures…

  4. shanonorato

    I guess this explains her choice of men…nobody else can bear to look at her naked. Sad that this is what constitutes a “supermodel”.

  5. Celetina

    Tubular nipples? Huh, that’s pretty rare. Still, she wouldn’t be the first…distended stomach? Probably a hernia; anorexics get them a lot…

    I could justify it all until I saw the ass. What is going on there? Stretch marks don’t go in completely straight lines across a curve; they follow the shape of the fatty tissue. I’ve never seen them that deep, either.

    Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?

  6. Danner

    She made 15 million on that body last year? *gasp*

  7. RichPort

    I just grabbed some hottie’s ass (and taco) with the intention that she turn around and kick me right in the balls… and she obliged… that’s my punishment for ever thinking about fucking this mis-shapen trogoldyte.

  8. hellcat1983

    I suspect that Photoshop may be afoot here…surely nobody’s body can be that bad…let alone a supermodel! I’m not nearly as thin as I would like to be but not in a million years could my body look 1/1000th as bad! I still stand by my firmly held belief that supermodels do NOT have nice bodies…and this is what happens when you pour that amount of drugs and Pete Doherty on them!

  9. BarbadoSlim

    It’s not surprising that this piece of eurotrash scumbag is “hot,” the fashion industry is run by self hating faggots and faghags and THIS androgynous perversion of a human “female” is what they like.

  10. Can someone please tell her teats that it’s not polite to point?

  11. dirt chicken

    @5 …. I think those are her “tracks” … she must shoot her dope into her flat ass.

  12. cole007

    Oh. My. God. I didn’t know nipples could do that first of all. It’s like they are trying to escape.

    Nextly, that is old-lady butt wrinkles. My grannie got them. She never had cellulite, but when she got older (she was always very skinny), the way your legs strech and age, creates the same type of deep wrinkle like old men get on their necks.

    Jesus crist, honey, put down the coke and drink some omega 3′s!!!

    And lastly, I don’t know what to say about the tummy, but I’m pretty sure that’s distended.

  13. artmonkey3000

    I shit & piss myself in fear, vomited in disgust, and now I’m crying because of the mental damage. The tears are mixed with blood, as it goes without saying, I tore my eyeballs out. So now I’m all dehydrated. Thanks, assholes!

  14. MrSemprini

    Oh my that burns really… ow, man, shee whiz… thud

  15. Wow, those are like lil smokies growing from her chest. :&

  16. dirt chicken

    @12 …. Just wondering …. How often do you see your grannie’s naked ass ?

  17. BarbadoSlim

    @16 that does bring up some titillating yet disturbing questions

  18. em167

    She has had a kid, remember? Those are in fact stretch marks, I have a few that look just like them. It makes me feel good though to see that celebrities have stretch marks too! (Even coked out nasty ones! lol)

  19. Mo

    Please tell me she’s not knocked up, just distended from not eating/overuse of drugs…ugh.

  20. octowussy

    there are actually no nude or topless beaches in thailand because the predominantly buddhist (and muslim as you travel further south) citizens find it extremely offensive… as if kate moss’ unfortunate body was not offensive enough on its own.

  21. cole007

    @16 & 17 – yes, I have seen almost all family members’ butts. We are from a hot region of the country where we swim quite often and therefore, butts – as the one in the photos above, are seen by all – stretch marks, old wrinkles, and cellulite flab, or unshaven legs. I have seen it all and more. And really, I have to say I have now seen the most disturbing nipples known to nature.

  22. cole007

    Oh – and thanks for your concern. I can see how that original comment would raise a red flag.

  23. acatnamedfrank

    Damn, there goes my breakfast… urp

  24. meee

    i kind of want to die.

  25. kjc

    HeeHee! And i thought my stretch marks were bad!

    Kate has given me the overwhelming urge to nipple cripple someone now…

  26. BibiLush

    that’s not a DISTENDED ABDOMEN!! that’s what your stomach looks like if you are thin, don’t ever work out, and are on vacation drinking mai thai’s and eating whatever you want. as for her wrinkles, i’ve gotten the same thing sitting on beach chairs in the same position for too long.
    the only thing strange on her body is how goddamn low her tits are on her torso. her nipples are like 7” from her underarms, and they’ve been that way since she was 16. must be genetic.
    are the tattoos of sparrows? X

  27. fergernauster

    She has birthed a child, bozos. Try it some time.

    Kate ain’t a stunner, yet I’d hate to see Beyonce’s lard-thighs and bottomless booty after pushing out a tot or two. Bleccccch. And on that point, Beyonce’s “To the left” or whatever such nonsensical “song” I still hear on the radio isn’t fit for insertion into a steaming, worm-infested pile o’ donkey dung

  28. psychward


  29. Those aren’t nipples. They’re self destruct buttons meant to be pushed upon seeing her naked.

  30. 1-Ton

    mmmm……Mike & Ike’s

  31. Tomkat

    Lincoln Logs!

  32. libtard

    I was under the impression that she and Pete were expecting a child together, but after reading the comments I’m beginning to wonder. Does anyone know?

  33. NotANiceGirl

    If you’re trying to keep a new years resolution to lose weight, tape this up over the mirrors/fridge/wherever….

  34. tits_on_snack

    I hope that when I grow up, my stomach hangs out farther than my little freak tits.
    That combined with ass wrinkles the size of the grand canyon, and the face of a hammerhead shark. Then I’ll just become a piece of shit drug addict, hook up with the world’s biggest douche, and make millions of dollars for doing nothing.

  35. youdontwannaknow

    I only WISH my tummy looked like that – distended or not! I’m a size 2 and after 2 babies in 2 years it’s not too pretty. As for the butt, again I WISH mine looked like that – grand canyon marks or not! Now for the nipples… I will pass! Even after having nursed 2 babies mine do not look like that. They are just wrong.

  36. woodhorse

    #7 LOL i must admit i screamed when i saw the penises she has for nipples.

  37. dirt chicken

    @21 – I have also been in the position to see my mother, grandmother etc in swimsuits, however ,I didn’t make the effort to study their asses or lack of grooming. That’s just gross … seek help.

  38. That’s not even her best picture. I found a better one from the same day, just click the link…………

    So now I have to agree with #12………

  39. Niecy

    Wow, and she is supposed to be a model? That is disgusting.

  40. lilypetals

    I’ve never quite figured out why

    Kate Moss
    ever became a model. Geezus christ! She’s the most disgusting
    looking woman alive. F*cked up teeth, cocaine addict.. i mean, did calvin klein
    just pick her up off of homeless street corners? i’m pretty sure that’s what

  41. The Jenny

    Death by Bronski *is* possible, folks, and not just the suffocating kind.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    @40…calvin klein is a weirdo pervert that’s why.

  43. BarbadoSlim

    He also designs nice suits, I wear them on those rare occasions when I actually do any work.

  44. wedgeone

    Holy Crap – where do we start here:
    boobettes, straight out of the itty-bitty-titty committee.

    nips, like pencil erasers. Or Mike & Ike’s. Or self destruct buttons. Or any of the other fine ideas mentioned above.

    belly – is she a preggo now? Sure is looking like it. When you have her $$$, your belly should never stick out farther than your cans. Fix one or the other.

    ass – it’s not the canyons of the crescent moon that bother me as much as the sand looking stuff on the cheek itself. At least I hope that it’s sand. Fish could be correct in that it’s leprosy.

    Conclusion: nothing appealing here, so can she really be called a supermodel anymore? I mean, at least Rebecca Romijn still has a one or two good qualities left.

    Lastly, plz welcome to the blog Britney Spears, posting under an alias in #35.

  45. Thikzipr

    Seems that when I was takling to Kate the other day she *boink* ouch – she was saying how she *boink* ow! dammit – how she gets a kick out of poking guys *boink boink* shit! my eye! Quit it already ya bitch!

  46. Damn.. she is ugly!

  47. hermione_q

    The thing is: she looks completely gross now, but when she was between 18-25 she looked incredible. That’s why she’s a s-model.

  48. Mick

    she’s always had huge nipples like that.
    I just didn’t know she had stretch marks on her rear. Most people get that when they are growing. A friend of mine has told me she has them on her rear slightly and she’s bone skinny. Her tummy is fine , really really fine considering she has a child. She just looks like she needs to tone up a bit.

  49. lilypetals

    42 & 43: Ehh, Calvin Klein is OK. :P

  50. NicotineEyePatch

    How many years did it take for her nipples to go from totally inverted and barely existing to Eberhardt Faber no. 2 eraser-tip length?
    From having no nipples at all to sporting those fucking glasscutters can mean only surgery or witchcraft.

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