Kate Moss has the best Halloween costume of all

October 31st, 2008 // 94 Comments

While other celebrity chicks are slutting it up for Halloween, Kate Moss is staying true to the holiday’s roots by flying to L.A. and scaring the bejeezus out of Angelenos with her natural looks. Keep in mind that Moss is a) only 34 years old and b) earns millions of dollars every year based solely on the fact that she’s supposed to be good-looking. Guess these are the results of lifetime spent slamming heroin directly into your eyeballs and hoovering up so much coke that your septum has more holes than the single-bullet theory. If this is the standard for supermodels these days then Abe Vigoda might as well throw on a pair of silk panties and pasties and hit up Calvin Klein for a contract. On the plus side, America’s economic crisis doesn’t seem nearly as scary compared to the fact that, if you’re a male, you’ve probably had a sexual fantasy about this monstrosity sometime within the last few years. Yeah, I know; it’s no king-size Snickers bar, but times are tough everywhere. Now get off my porch!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Alfredo


  2. britney's weave

    holy shit — and that’s not photoshopped.

  3. SCary!!!!!


    i wont sleep tonight.

    Fuckin Fish

    pew pew pew

  4. Dan

    Yiiiiaiks! scarry shit!

  5. Sicko

    BaCrack Obama and his deadbeat daddy would hit it

  6. My eyes!!


    I literally jumped back in my chair when the picture loaded. OMGWTF! Can you imagine the hours of make-up and sophistication of specialty lighting that are necessary to make that look good in front of a camera??

  7. Hamper_Lint

    That sucks !

    I always thought she was very beautiful :(

  8. Hamper_Lint

    That sucks !

    I always thought she was very beautiful :(

  9. Hamper_Lint

    That sucks !

    I always thought she was very beautiful :(

  10. Wonk Eye Kate

    Wonk eye!

  11. SCary!!!!!

    I would usually say, step away from the keyboard when jacking off, so you dont end up posting the same thing three times.

    @7-8-9 Please tell me your’re not jacking off to this. You should be put to sleep if you are.


  12. Mcfeely Smackup

    holy shit, she look 50 years old.

  13. Yikes!!! Bleh Bleh Bleh, horf, chortle, gag. WTF? She almost makes ZombieMadonna look… who am I kidding *wretch*, they are both nausiating. seriously, I’m queasy. To raise their respective stocks, I offer an idea. The should team up and do “2 nasty-once-thought-attractive-but-now-just-hideous-girls one cup”

    I’ll be waiting by the mail box for my Nobel Peace Prize. Does it come with Bacon?

  14. Mazzy

    Jesus Christ…what a fuckin mess.

  15. Haeea

    Look at her pupils!! With all the flahes from the camera they should be tiny but they’re huge.
    Jeez…she’s off her face on summit!

  16. Lexoka

    She looks like an ugly old dude :s

  17. Sport

    Happy Halloween is right – jesus.

  18. You guys are high. This is what any women in her 30′s looks like without makeup and without BOTOX.

  19. Jaylin

    If it weren’t for her cheekbones, she’d never be a model.

  20. Lola

    I’m not going to say she looks better in person (because I don’t know her) but cameras these days make most people look awful, the show business world is going to be a strange place when all programs are made using HD.

  21. 18. you are nuts

    to number 18….you are fucking crazy or on drugs or blind. chicks that are 34 do not look like that. i think what you are getting at is middle aged chicks arent expected to have the fresh looks of an eighteen year old…however that is simply not the case here. kate moss has ravaged her body and she is now paying the price. my 50 year old mom looks younger! and not only that, but kate moss is not a normal woman…she is a “super model”…she is supposed to look beautiful. fucking yikes!

  22. Tom

    She’s only 34? Omg. I always thought she was much older than that. She looks like my grandmother.

  23. Styxchix

    I’ve wondered for years what all the fuss and hoo-ha was about Kate Moss, thought she’s very average and for some reason everyone has always fallen all over her…..that said though, I would hate to be photographed after getting off a long-haul flight! Who would look glamorous then?

  24. Ken S

    Jeez… Working on “Chinese Democracy” really has taken its toll on Axl…

  25. Larry

    She looks like Aileen Wuornos, the floridian prostitute serial killer

  26. m

    why hasn’t anyone mentioned that sickeningly disgusting herpes sore above her lip? wtf!

    btw… what is zomg? lol

  27. JT


    Would’ve been nice if you could’ve given some form of WARNING pop-up before the page loaded to reveal Gollum 2008. Scared the shit out of me.

  28. m

    gollum 2008… hahaha

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  30. this is the sexy sexy kate moss? o.0

  31. She doesn’t look bad at all if you ask me. Go kate Go! Don’t worry ’bout the haters girl you look fine.

  32. xox

    ^ as if she’s reading that. wtf is with some of you people??

  33. MBA Nixon

    She has a snakeskin passport cover. That’s worth cool points, no?

  34. ZZ Top

    Anyone who would, willingly, share and swap bodily fluids with Pete “crusty” Doherty is a SKANK!!!!

    I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!!!!!!

  35. kat

    Wow…. these pics made me happy… I’m 10x prettier than the worlds most famous supermodel!

  36. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Thats pretty much what you would expect a hollywood star to look like without all her goddamn makeup on….. They are all homely cunts who owe everything that they are to the hair stylists, make-up artists, and fashion designers that their bottomless purses can buy making them look hot and desirable. I’ve always said you could put them all to work on any fucking pig and make it look like a million dollars

  37. sapphire eyes

    I’m almost 10 years older than Kate Moss, wear very little makeup, and I don’t have a third of the skin damage that she does. My sister is 49 and looks better than her.

    What an embarrassing photograph of Kate Moss. That’s gotta hurt to look at those pictures of yourself in print.


  38. ToTellTheTruth

    Those drugs are a MOTHERFUCKER

  39. HALLELUJA, you see what you get?

  40. Balls McCoy

    Wait…I thought this was a story about Kate Moss but all I see are pictures of David Lee Roth

  41. Ted from LA

    For the record. It’s not a herpes sore. It’s a cigarette burn.

  42. Binky

    This site is even sucking more than usual.

    Hey Fish guy . Inside job ?

  43. you guys suck…she probably just off a 12 hour flight from london, give her a break.

  44. tomorrowsparty

    So bikers have been sharing her, right?

  45. bort

    is that really kate moss? damn she looks monkey scary!!! id rather have sex with my toaster!!

  46. Shit

    ugly face
    ugly body
    ugly legs
    ugly personality

  47. dorkmonger

    That’s really UFO researcher Timothy Good

  48. Alew221

    #33…you just made me laugh out loud! Hilarious.
    #44…she’s a fucking famous model who knew there’d be cameras around! if I was a millionaire celebrity known purely for my looks I’d damn well make sure I looked great – ALWAYS!

  49. Thigh Highs

    This really surprised me for some reason. She really looks like hell…I look better after a rough night of drinking!

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