Kate Moss has the best Halloween costume of all

While other celebrity chicks are slutting it up for Halloween, Kate Moss is staying true to the holiday’s roots by flying to L.A. and scaring the bejeezus out of Angelenos with her natural looks. Keep in mind that Moss is a) only 34 years old and b) earns millions of dollars every year based solely on the fact that she’s supposed to be good-looking. Guess these are the results of lifetime spent slamming heroin directly into your eyeballs and hoovering up so much coke that your septum has more holes than the single-bullet theory. If this is the standard for supermodels these days then Abe Vigoda might as well throw on a pair of silk panties and pasties and hit up Calvin Klein for a contract. On the plus side, America’s economic crisis doesn’t seem nearly as scary compared to the fact that, if you’re a male, you’ve probably had a sexual fantasy about this monstrosity sometime within the last few years. Yeah, I know; it’s no king-size Snickers bar, but times are tough everywhere. Now get off my porch!

Photos: Splash News