Kate Moss’ legs: I don’t get it

November 6th, 2008 // 67 Comments

Kate Moss went shopping in West Hollywood yesterday wearing a ridiculously tiny pair of denim shorts. I can only assume she was trying to be a walking PSA for kids to stay off drugs because there’s no logical explanation for why she’d exposed her legs to the general public like that. Unless she’s getting a kickback from Perdue for making people think about raw chicken wings. If so, mission accomplished and hot sauce, anyone?

NOTE: Be sure to hit up the Full Size image for maximum effect. Cocaine is a helluva drug.


  1. bigbear


  2. bigbear


  3. Jeffrey Dahmer

    Way too stringy.

  4. jojo

    this woman is bull legged and chicken legged…nasty!

  5. Wendy

    Yeah my friends legs looked like hers when she became anorexic.

  6. Sledman

    Ok, I know how people always say this in jest, but honestly, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  7. Vince Lombardi

    She borrowed these legs from Tara Reid.

    And I believe the term is “bowlegged,” Jojo.

  8. JPRichardson

    I used to jerk off to her pictures back in the day… not anymore. Where, oh, where art thou, my dear Kate Moss of the 90′s?

  9. bink


  10. Stanky

    I used to jerk off to her pictures back in the day… not anymore. Now I get pussy.

  11. Johnny Depp

    I still see some fat.

  12. Fernando Narcos

    OH my God.Poor Amy Winehouse!Kate Moss done went and stole her legs!

  13. forfuckssake


  14. hudy

    I saw she has a personal blog on ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^, a private site for millionaire & celebrity I heard of from a friend of mine. Does she want to hook up with rich guys?

  15. dork

    Yummy, er, can you pass the celery and blue cheese….

  16. juggs mcgrew

    Cocaine is a helluva drug

  17. lok

    You know what? I’d still let her ride me. Skinny, but my guess is she’s still knows how to pound on a shaft good.

  18. snowman

    The Wizard is casting for the ScareCrow in OZ: Snowbound

    I hear Kate has the part..

  19. Elzbieta

    part of the problem lies in the fact that she has super dry skin

  20. Retards are funny

    @18 How beautifully put. Bet it’s rough that the only action you get is running into walls. “pound a good shaft”. You are seriously retarded. No offense to retards.

  21. Madonna

    Stop it you ugly people. She’s been training with me. I think she looks incredible!! Kabala is good for the soul chicken!

    BTW – Don’t miss my show with my new BFFs Brit and Justin tonight!

  22. I don’t feel so terrible about how my legs look now, after having lost 60+ pounds! LOL!

  23. Randal

    Kate, what matters is how you feel about yourself on the inside. If you feel great, you look great and don’t need to worry about what other people think.

    Stay positive!


  24. Sam

    Her vagina looks like the lower half of Nancy Reagan’s face, when she’s lying on her side in bed and grimacing.

  25. Cheahh

    This is what one would call sun damage, your arms and legs end up looking like shriveled up breakfast sausages.

  26. Kris

    Guess that’s what happens when you go from an athletic babe to a drugged out anorexic.

    *tsk tsk* What a shame.

  27. Deacon Jones

    God, what a fat cow

  28. Deacon Jones

    I liked that term

  29. Perpetually Tumescent

    I’d hit that! (But perhaps not in direct sunlight.)

  30. Ted from LA

    #7, Where else are you going to throw up??? Out your ass? That’s called shitting… and if the contents of your stomach go anywhere else, you’ve probably been shot.

  31. Sofa_King

    I don’t get it; she’s supposed to be a super model which would suggest some sense of fashion, yet here she looks like a crack whore that just updated her wardrobe at an Albuquerque garage sale.

  32. Mopey

    Sad thing is, I STILL can afford Kate Moss.

  33. Tim

    In my experience, skinny girls really fuck hard. Nimble, and lots of friction. I’d bang her like a church bell on Easter

  34. Deacon Jones

    I’d tear that up. Reminds me of a little boy. My rod is hot now. I miss Jimmy

  35. J

    Some of these photos look completely normal, while others make her legs look freakish. Obvious photoshop imo.

  36. Deacon Jones


  37. Ive seen better legs on streptocoscus patients…

  38. Sport

    I just threw up in my mouth. Check out picture numbe….There it goes again.

  39. People are so disgusting. ‘OMG EW EW!’ I’d like to see what you look like. Why do you expect her to be absolutely perfect, she’s only human! I suppose everyone here has no flaws at all?

  40. throb.bass

    dig the Kira Plastinina-esque top but those legs … whoa .. mcnasty …

  41. I don’t see the problem here. She just needs to shave, put on a bunch of lotion, and put on some jeans. Her legs are fine!!

  42. Miserable Bastard

    She probably has to get creative about where she stashes her coke when she’s wearing those shorts.

  43. bar room hero

    Her legs are NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Put her legs with Madonna’s arms and you’ve got your costume for next Halloween.

  45. Jessica

    Seriously guys, these pics have been photoshopped. Its pretty easy to see that. And badly photoshopped.

  46. That’s what happens when you spend your entire life as a skinny girl and you’ve never worked out. She just needs to tone up. A month in the gym would fix the saggy legs.

  47. 420

    @40: The difference is, she gets paid millions and millions of dollars to look like this. The logic just isn’t there.

  48. lola richie

    looks fine. she is aging and seems to not have a problem with it

  49. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Kate Moss: FORMER model. RIP.

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