Kate Moss will bust you up

December 2nd, 2008 // 31 Comments

Is Kate Moss the Ike Turner of super-modeling? It sure sounds that way. Last week her boyfriend Jamie Hince was spotted sporting a shiner, and while the couple at first made some lame excuse about it, now the punch-tastic truth is coming out. The New York Post reports:

KATE Moss has finally come clean about who gave her the scratches on her cheek she recently sported: boyfriend and the Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Moss had previously claimed a box of Christmas decorations fell on her head, but Brit ain’s Daily Mail reports she was overheard at a London party for designer Stella McCartney admitting that she was actually involved in a “scuffle” with Hince over their holiday plans. Hince, for his part, was left with a black eye, which Moss says was the result of her “chunky ring.” The on- again/ off-again pair are still reportedly on.

Some might wonder how Kate Moss, who weighs in at about 85 pounds, could lay that kind of smackdown on a full-grown man. But there are two things to consider here: 1) Jamie is British, and could probably be taken down with a crumpet to the forehead. 2) The amount of coke that Kate Moss has done in her life could probably stretch around the Earth six times. After a while that stuff will give you superpowers. (You can’t argue with science.) Kate probably could have made Jamie’s head explode like an overripe zit just by blinking her eyes twice. To put things in perspective, Amy Winehouse once suffocated a man to death just by twirling her beehive. True story.

Photos: WENN

  1. Who gives a shit??

  2. veggi

    He fights like the guys on this site – lots of wild slaps and high-pitched screaming.

  3. Mike

    #2….sounds like the night your mom had with a bunch of sailors last night.

  4. grobpilot

    These idiots (and I’m talking about all celebrities) deserve each other.

  5. boo

    Boy, she sure doesn’t let having a kid impinge on her lifestyle

  6. p0nk

    way to prove her point, mike

  7. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” B i l l i o n a i r e p a l . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  8. Where are my clones, this is truly a boring story!!

  9. Mick

    Love her. Plus, this story isn’t real.

  10. Yobo

    The years have been hard on Chris Kattan.

  11. swan

    superficial guy:

    I want to thank you for making me laugh just now. Seriously, I’ve had the worst day possible. These celebrity donkeys and you ripping on Kate Moss was just what I needed.


  12. Doggy Style

    hey fish, would you put up some pics of me and my girl doing it doggy style?

  13. What the hell is wrong with Kate Moss? I’m sure schleping these drugged up tools through her house is a great example for her daughter.


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  15. What happened to the superficial site??! I’m so upset that its blue now and that some bad girls loud promo keeps playing when i visit. It seriously sucks
    I’m sure they’re paying you shit loads but is it really worth it?? I totally never want to log in again for fear that annoying friggin promo is gonna play again. And I log in 10 times a day – i’m sure i’m not alone on this one – What Were you THINKING
    C’mon superficial – Keep it real!!

  16. Ted from LA

    Yeah, Fish, you’re really fucking this site up with all your promos and annoying ads. I know that is how you make money, but visitors probably help too. True story.

  17. bart

    the kills are the shit

  18. 1moreidiotintheworld

    What kind of pussy faggot is that guy??? Kate couldn’t weigh more than 80 pounds soaking wet and can’t put any weight behind a punch without snapping her arm in two……they deserve each other.

  19. rekk

    Yes! I love these trashy Brits. They’re my favorite – or should I say ‘favourite’. Anyway, keep ‘em coming. Dougherty, winehouse, moss – sure, Britney Spears is a mess, but she doesn’t add up to the train wrecks these people are! Trashier than Kid Rock on the rock and a side helping of Hogan. We love our British brothers and sisters!!!

  20. light weight or not… girls can fight DIRTY!

  21. hoteles valencia

    Uggly boyfriend.

  22. If she was trying to knock that nasty mole off his eye it clearly didn’t work.

    Take another pop at it, Kate!

  23. Now he will commit suicide next week, folks!!

  24. Jen

    It’s also quite possible that he just chose not to hit her back.

  25. he prolly swung back but but she overwhelmed him with zombie powers

  26. one800weirdo

    i’d hit it. – mind the pun
    actually, yea i would.. maybe she’s into the kinky stuff.. hm

  27. Actually, it was one of her goat nipples that hit him. She turned around too fast. I was there. Saw everything.

  28. Mike Hawk

    Cocaine is a helluva drug..

  29. olive

    Does that cigarette pack say “Dating Kate Moss causes ageing of the skin”?

  30. bitingontinfoil


    Yeesh! Quite the step down from the J. Depp…ya think?!

  31. Friday

    You can’t catch a crackhead.

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