Kate Moss will bust you up

Is Kate Moss the Ike Turner of super-modeling? It sure sounds that way. Last week her boyfriend Jamie Hince was spotted sporting a shiner, and while the couple at first made some lame excuse about it, now the punch-tastic truth is coming out. The New York Post reports:

KATE Moss has finally come clean about who gave her the scratches on her cheek she recently sported: boyfriend and the Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Moss had previously claimed a box of Christmas decorations fell on her head, but Brit ain’s Daily Mail reports she was overheard at a London party for designer Stella McCartney admitting that she was actually involved in a “scuffle” with Hince over their holiday plans. Hince, for his part, was left with a black eye, which Moss says was the result of her “chunky ring.” The on- again/ off-again pair are still reportedly on.

Some might wonder how Kate Moss, who weighs in at about 85 pounds, could lay that kind of smackdown on a full-grown man. But there are two things to consider here: 1) Jamie is British, and could probably be taken down with a crumpet to the forehead. 2) The amount of coke that Kate Moss has done in her life could probably stretch around the Earth six times. After a while that stuff will give you superpowers. (You can’t argue with science.) Kate probably could have made Jamie’s head explode like an overripe zit just by blinking her eyes twice. To put things in perspective, Amy Winehouse once suffocated a man to death just by twirling her beehive. True story.

Photos: WENN