Kate Moss is suing Pete Doherty over sex tape

December 20th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Kate Moss is suing Pete Doherty to prevent him from releasing a sex tape the two made during their cocaine-fueled relationship. Page Six reports:

The Babyshambles frontman is negotiating with Britain’s ITV2 network to tell all about their romance and share his home videos of her in a documentary titled “Kate & Pete: A Love Story.” Doherty, who split with Moss last summer, could make $1 million, a source said, adding, “Producers hope he’ll let them use a lot of film he and Kate shot on camcorders.”

What kind of idiot pays $1 million to show footage of Pete Doherty naked? That’s the worst business investment I’ve ever heard in my life. Sure, there’d be some nude Kate Moss in it, but that’s not worth the price of seeing Pete Doherty’s coke-shrunken penis. No one wants to see that. Well, except maybe Amy Winehouse. But only because Pete told her it could control the weather.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. steph


  2. steph sucks

    steph, you’re one clever little monkey, aren’t you?

  3. kEVIN

    have u guys seen her on a millionaire site MeetRich.com? I heard of this around some famous gossip sites.

  4. JVM

    The only thing worse than calling “first” here is the maggot that keeps plugging MEETRICH.com.

  5. ph7

    I think I’d like to see that. Cokehead chicks do anything and everything in bed.

  6. Auntie Kryst

    I got to call bullshit on this story. For one it’s coming from the New York Post, no need to explain further. Secondly, he’s only going to get a million dollars? That’s only around 500,000 pounds sterling. That’s not nearly enough money to keep those filthy limey coke monkeys stoned for an afternoon.

  7. veggi

    Wow! That’ll be awesome! Bones crackling against bones – maybe even some dirty talk…. like how she’s gonna puke up lunch..

  8. Santa Climax

    What is she 33 going on 50? Sad. If she were not so skinny, she could have had a guy like moi instead of Pete Doucherty.

  9. Gerald_Tarrant

    I’m just going to catch Kate on a bender and make one for myself.

  10. BunnyButt

    Hey, where’s Conscience Found? I haven’t been preached at or called a filthy name yet today…

  11. RichPort

    That would look like homeless people fuckin’.

    #7 – The NY Post is a bastion of American truth and journalism you Brit lover.

  12. LewdMan

    So, hypothetical. If one were to eat Kate Moss – would he – she – it get high? Just wondering?

  13. That Pete is so hot he gives me premature ejaculation

  14. Jumpin_J

    Hey RichPort, here’s quotes from your publisher of “American Truth”

    “The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in any country” (Guardian, February 11, 2003).

    Asked if his News Corp. managed to shape the agenda on the war in Iraq, Murdoch said: “No, I don’t think so. We tried.” (World Econmic Conference, Feb. 2007)


    You want the truth? Stop watch Faux News. Dumb scum.

  15. Wow. Kate & Pete: A Love Story. It’s like Cinderella, except instead of a glass slipper…it’s a glass crack pipe. And look! It fits!

  16. YaSeeKatie

    Ya see katie. That’s all you ever were to him. A sex tape waiting to happen.

  17. Guy

    I’m sure watching Pete roll around with a broomstick would be pretty much the same thing

  18. I'llEatHerLewdMan

    @13. Lewd Man your question is valid. Katie, I’ve come to whet your wick with flicks from my tongue. I’ll lick the coke out of you and make you safe for men again.

  19. veggi

    I’d rather see Paris and a smurf..

  20. What!

    We should have Kate and Amy fight it out for coke. Call it “Bum Fights Gone Wild”.

  21. RichPort

    #15 – Uuhhhh… Jumpin_J is it? Hi. How are you today? Still pathetic? Excellent. Below is a link you might want to cut and paste in your browser window, defining the word SARCASM:


    Please note the word includes no vowel between the second “s” and the “m” that immediately follows, so pronunciation may be difficult for you at first. You may use the “u” sound as in “Jumpin_J is a fucker” or the “i” sound as in “Jumpin_J is a huge clit”. The next time I need advice from someone who’s belt size eclipses their IQ, I’ll be sure to look you up. Please feel free to go fuck yourself at your earliest convenience. Many thanks.


  22. Ivy

    Am I the only gal who would like to see him naked?

  23. Gerald_Tarrant

    Ivy, yes. Even Kate had to be coked up to deal with Pete’s lack of package and scrawny girl like figure.

  24. woodhorse

    I will gladly buy a copy of their tape, the one and only porn I would be interested in because Dreamy Pete is in it and also the coke addicted cat.

  25. Miserable Bastard

    All but the last five minutes of footage is video of the two of them trying to find a condom that isn’t full of heroin.

  26. lila

    I said it in the 80′s and I will say it again and type it “THIS IS ONE FRIGGIN UGLY BROAD!!!” The term “Supermodel” was really thrown around then and still is.

  27. BunnyButt

    Yes, Ivy. Absolutely.

  28. Ript1&0

    Dude, if anyone doesn’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows, it’s Amy.

    I think she can manage to cop on her own without that fucktard, know what I mean?

  29. She should be suing herself for being so stupid in the first place. Unless you’re a psychotic attention seeker, who in their right mind does a sex tape these days?

  30. cookie monsta

    will fucking not put that on my ‘watch’ list. Two drug fucked mantis people going at it? nah, not my idea of essential viewing…

  31. Ally

    Drugs, sex and video tapes!, trashy rich model!,.. she is not even pretty.. I hate her!

  32. D. Richards (No life.) (No Purpose.)

    I’d like to see Kate Moss’s parts. Ficial’s right, though. Who wants to see some fucking addicts shriveled cock? Too bad Kate Moss couldn’t be in some softcore solo-video. Fuck you, Moss!

  33. Sapphire

    This, and I just got done reading about some ex-American Idol contestant’s sex tapes going onto the internet a minute ago. What’s with all these sex tape scandals? Why does anyone even go through the trouble of making sex tapes anyway? It’s stupid. It’s pretty self indulgent if you ask me, and you only wind up fighting about it, worrying about what happens to it, and suing someone over it. Get some porn instead.

  34. PunkA

    The networks should pay Pete then destroy the tape so it never sees the light of day. Kate Moss is the 2nd ugliest model ever to Ziggy. Yeah, you Brits like your models to be really ugly. I do not get it. Last think I want to see is two people doing it in a pile of blow. Bet Pete can;t even keep ip up for longer than .0002 seconds. The wanker.

  35. eastcoastgirl

    What a disgusting thought. Heebie Jeebies.

  36. So, I’m like, at Costco today and I noticed there’re now selling 18 pairs of scissors in a hunk of wood.
    But they don’t call it ’18 pairs of scissors in a hunk of wood’ – it’s called a ‘Paper Edge Kit’. (Not making this up – check your local Costco)
    So it obviously solved my X-mas purchasing probs.
    Binky : I’ll take ‘em all !! No one I know has a complete paper edge kit !!
    Then again….
    Oh I guess I’m off topic. Sorry Kate I just don’t care. Rolling stone gathers no…etc…

  37. RollingPapersGatherNoPotUnlessOfCourseYouAddSome

    I don’t think Kate is ugly. I think she has poor taste in men. Speaking of which, Kate me at 1-888-IFukToo. I got everything we need for great sex: pot, coke, booze and a camcorder. We can screw all night and regret it the rest of our lives.

  38. TS


  39. Tony

    sexysexysexy celebs is what i like to see

    and see lots of them here! http://www.makefive.com/categories/entertainment/celebrity/the-most-pathetic-celebrities-of-2007


  41. I grow tired…

  42. I can not pretend someone loves it to see this dirty asshole, doherty, in the works!!
    Suing? But the sucker has NOTHING. YEAH OKAY, four flat tyres!!

  43. Mick

    I think she’s really pretty and has great style. I just don’t really want to see her have sex.

  44. As if anyone would want to watch a Junkies porno


  45. she looks so worn out. as if sex exhausted her.

  46. Say honey, how would you like to make a private sex tape?

  47. I’d watch the goofy thing..

    Hey, they didn’t say how much she is suing for.

    One more thing, ok, so after the Paris thing and the Pamela thing, and even the Kardashian debacle, who in the FUCK videotapes themselves having sex without knowing that it ABSOLUTELY will be up for public viewing somewhere somehow.

    Stupid junkies always stealing my light bulbs and crap..

    How would you like it if I came into your house and took your ice cube tray?????

  48. lori

    Richport, you sound like a dumbed-down, nastier version of Dennis Miller. He was never clever or funny to begin with, so that’s not saying a whole lot for you, my friend.

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