Kate Moss is scared of England

kmoss_cavelli.jpgModel-cum-cokehead Kate Moss will stay in the United States instead of returning to Britain, where police have announced they want to prosecute her for possession of cocaine.

Moss is supposedly worried that a drugs conviction would make it difficult or impossible for her to re-enter the U.S. and work. A source close to Moss told the London Daily Mail, “Although her plan has always been to return to Britain for Christmas, if work commitments mean she needs to stay in the U.S., she will.”

I’m not sure what she’s so worried about. Scoring coke should be just as easy inside prison as out. And trading sex for cigarettes isn’t generally a problem for most international supermodels (though they generally don’t like the sex as much when it involves dressing up like Big Bird. But hey, you never know till you try). The prison diet, however, may pose a problem. If she loses any more weight she may turn into a twizzler. Tasty? Yes. Sexy? Not so much.

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