Kate Moss is probably going to jail

December 22nd, 2005 // 29 Comments

Things are just getting worse and worse for Kate Moss. The Daily Mirror has reportedly turned over its video of her snorting cocaine to the police.

Police said at the time they would investigate the allegations, taking into account the impact on impressionable young people. No one at the Daily Mirror was willing to comment on the record, but a senior staffer who refused to be identified said the newspaper had turned over the secretly captured video to police under a judge’s orders. It allegedly showed Moss taking drugs with her then-boyfriend Pete Doherty, the troubled singer of British rock band Babyshambles. Police refused to comment.

I suppose things could be worse. I mean the tape shows her snorting cocaine, but at least it doesn’t show her doing something like shooting a man in the face or stabbing a kid in a wheelchair. That’s pretty good, right?


  1. oregonriverchic

    Poor Kate! I still love her to pieces, even if she goes to jail. BTW – Love the new Virgin Mobile ad.

  2. sedation

    She can just buy her way out of anything and she’ll have lots of famous people coming to her defense. Ah, to be mega rich and famous -you can have a kid and a career and still get away with acting like a coked out sororstitute in public. If this happenned to a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher or anyone whose work actually benefit society, their credibility and their careers would be ruined in an accelerated heartbeat.

  3. xd

    Poor Kate, why won’t they leave her alone?? why does she have to pay for what everyone else does? It’s horrible, so hypocritical. And she’s sooo pretty and cute!!

  4. rivercmb

    She already did a 2 week stink in a rich celebrity rehab clinic, what more do they want? Getting caught with coke is only a crime when its black people

  5. Alan_Alda_Is_Gangsta

    Unless Britain just invented some crazy laws I’m unaware of, nobody is going to jail.

    You can only to charged with possession of a controlled substance or being under the influence of a controlled sunstance. You can’t be charged with having done drugs in the past. I thank god for that.

    The only thing the video could be used for is if Kate had corrupted a minor (by giving him/her drugs), as evidence. Pete Doherty is a retarded man child but he’s not a minor.

  6. ~S.Starr~

    Alan_Alda_Is_Gangsta is right. You can’t be arrested for doing drugs on video. You can only be charged with possesion and UTI (under the influence not a urinary tract infection…hehehehe)if you are physically caught with drugs or doing drugs. If she really is in trouble then it is for another reason that the public doesn’t know about…like maybe the video shows her snorting coke around her daughter…then they could charge with a million and one things like child endangerment or Child abuse/neglect.

  7. Captain Awesome

    She’s going to jail like every rapist NBA player is.

  8. HeeHaw

    The whole thing is bs distraction. Get the proles focused on silly stuff that doesn’t matter, meanwhile, they won’t notice what their presidents and prime ministers are doing, bombing, killing, etc.

    “Look! Over there! It’s Kate Moss snorting coke!”

    (meanwhile, George and Tony bomb another brown country, and the U.S. approves of the Patriot Act / National ID card right under our noses, and your social security benefits are taken away…but that’s okay, the proles were focused on Kate Moss snorting coke. ;) )

  9. Voice of Reason

    Sadly, Alan_Alda_Is_Gangsta is wrong. The video is evidence of possession. Just as a video of someone stabbing someone is evidence of, say, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.

    Most crimes are committed ex post facto, stangely enough. You can be prosecuted for murder – despite the fact that you did it in the past. Drug possession – unless it belongs to a very weird special category that I’ve never heard of – is exactly the same.

    There is a defence in English law of being a hot supermodel who takes off her clothes for the betterment of public happiness, though. She’s a cert to get off on that. Oh, yes.

  10. justaredneck

    The UK is not the US but don’t they have procedures about evidence like the States? It is not illegal to snort Pixy Stix is it ?

  11. Voice of Reason

    Most crimes are not of course committed ex post facto. That would be really odd. The tend to be prosecuted afterwards, though!

  12. Tha-Flash

    Leave her alone you big bullies! Let her snort till the cows come home!

  13. curiousone

    who cares.

  14. rivercmb

    Well, she IS the hottest crack whore I’ve ever seen.

    I hope she loses her money so that we might get the chance to contribute to the Kate Moss Oral Foundation

  15. celebritywhore

    I feel sorry for her baby.

  16. SpiderMomma

    If she goes to jail, she could always make a prison sex tape to make a ton of money.

  17. Nay

    I dont know who I feel sorrier for, her baby or me for being bored enough to read any of this crap.

  18. sadietolstoy

    I’ll take Kate’s baby if she goes to prison. Her little girl’s adorable.

  19. Hubble Scrutiny

    Poor Kate, it must be hard for her living in a world where she is the only mother-fucker who has ever done anything wrong. I assume that all those casting stones have never sinned in the eyes of above (whatever god)?? If not, then just fuck off and leave her to continue to redeem herself and learn from her mistakes. PS – Geez, I hope her daughter wasn’t around … that could get tricky!

  20. Kenna

    Poor coked up Kate… hahaha! B!tch!

  21. AD

    I really wish people would stop running to defend her.

    SHE DID COCAINE. Accept it! That’s illegal, and she’s always known that. It’s not something “everyone” does, and she’s not so amazing of a person that we can just smile at her and pat her head and apologise for asking her about it.

    I know that if any other Random Girl got caught for this, she’d never have this kind of sympathy. Are you people naive, or just insane?

  22. powerpuffgrl1969

    I agree completely with AD. While I don’t believe that drug use should be a criminal offense, we are extremely quick to condemn “regular” people, especially those with young children, for doing illegal drugs (rightly or wrongly.) This dumb bi-yatch was VIDEOTAPED snorting cocaine and we’re supposed to feel bad that she’s actually facing consequences? Oh, please.

  23. slinkhard

    Seriously. Let’s stop shedding tears for the problems of poor millionaire Kate. It’s not as if she’ll end up facing any real consequences for this, anyway, like she would if she was a prole like us.
    Especially with the naive little defences like ‘She’s learnt her lesson!’ as if she really has given up the coke and not just given up being moronic enough to get caught.

  24. hafaball

    Aha, but they haven’t gotten the uncut version Muahahaha! Which, you know, has her peeing on random people and stuff…it’s gross.

  25. andrewthezeppo

    Also, While we all know she is a coked up crack monkey we don’t have any proof that she was actually chasing the white horse that day. I mean she could be snorting anything, powdered sugar, pixie sticks (who hasn’t?)

    I mean Johnny Depp didn’t go to jail after Blow came out, and I saw him snort a lot of white powder in that movie.

    If the cops don’t have the coke, that can’t prove it was an illegal substance

  26. I’m confused. Really. I’ve seen photos in Rolling Stone where people are holding up ounces upon pounds of marijuana, and they’re going to go after Kate Moss because she’s inhaling a white powdery substance up her nose? That makes absolutely no sense. As far as I know, video in regard to drugs, isn’t evidence. Neither is a photo. Murder is a completely different story – remember those dummies that took photos of a murder they committed and then had them developed at a store? *lol* No one is that stupid, not even coked out Kate.

  27. Bella

    i do blow. are you gonna arrest me?

  28. APINK

    Kate Moss is the most disgusting person I have ever seen. People who think someone with every bone sticking out is attractive just need their eyes poked out. I hope she goes to jail. And people wonder why women have such low self esteem, not all of us can afford cocaine to look that fabulous. *rolls eyes*

  29. PandaMadness

    Well, the girl did cocaine! Great send her to jail try to make a stand but the reality is cocaine is a part of modelling life! All these models looking high as hell on photoshoots and on the cat walks (with blank looks)! They are probably high as hell! Anyhow the point is that it won’t make much difference if she goes to jail for it; we all hope it’ll set a good example for the youth when actually the youth LOVE anything that’s outrageous and illegal! Teens DO drugs to be cool, Kate Moss is cool.. maybe not in your eyes but to all these girl wannabees she is..

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