Kate Moss is nature’s thermometer

November 6th, 2007 // 48 Comments

Kate Moss was spotted leaving a Notting Hill pub this afternoon and decided she didn’t need to wear a bra with her see-through shirt. Not exactly the greatest choice in wardrobe, especially considering how cold it is in London this time of year. Although you could’ve figured that out just by looking at her nipples. Or stepping outside. Or, I dunno, checking Weather.com. They’ve got all kinds of charts and readings or whatever. Me, I sort out the weather the way God intended: looking at pictures of celebrity nipples on my computer.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Duh

    damn, I was hoping this bitch had OD’d already…

  2. Duh

    and by the way, I was first.

  3. KamUK

    It’s not even cold in London yet – you didn’t check weather.co.uk did you?! I can’t even see a nipple. What a crap day on Superfish!

  4. Guy

    She looks like an attractive middle aged women for once.

  5. Soy

    her & Michelle Pfeiffer have the same plastic surgeon

  6. lamb

    not bad if she is 45ish

  7. Ooba Gooba

    She’s ugly. Who did she blow to become a model?

  8. Lysol

    don’t give shit ….let me know when she’s OD’d

  9. BishOP

    Lord, there isn’t even anything to hold onto when your banging her from behind. Then again her frail, drug addled body would probably snap in half from the vibration

    Ew, who would want to do that?

  10. Ted from LA

    Are you blind. I’m guessing you have never seen a tit in your life. It’s the round pointy thing in the middle of her breast.

  11. Auntie Kryst

    It’s like a little pinky finger.

  12. That’s almost as big as my dick

  13. @13 I figured you had a little dick Troll

  14. Binky

    Like… I try to support the site and everything…
    But you kids who need a star over the main pic – I’m betting you voted Bush.

  15. sicko

    Grosss lil pink erasers lol

  16. WTF?

    Atleast she’s good for something!

  17. Ript1&0

    The pupils are twacked.

  18. Ted from LA

    These nipples are almost as big as that freaks eyes in the photos below. Is Barbara Bush his mom?


    . . .
    oh is THAT racist ?

  20. She looks fantastic. Few women could carry that off.

  21. Trouble again on Huffpo
    “This comment is pending approval and won’t be displayed until it is approved.
    ‘Bill. As a friend.
    Maybe it’s time to drop the dogma.
    Because 9/11 was an inside job.’
    Reply | posted 08:24 pm on 11/06/2007″ ?

    And Dennis Kucinich . Impeachment today !?
    Rock on.

  22. The Obvious

    Where’s that troll she hangs around with?

  23. She “FORGOT” her brah!! Well, if you concider that as a big deal……………………..
    ……………..SHIT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME(but I’m a FAN of this sort of SHIT!!)

  24. Mr Juan Pablo Chang

    She has some of the worst teets I’ve ever seen.
    Nipples aren’t supposed to be cylindrical.

  25. fweem

    military grade nipples

  26. AmeriCanadian

    I guess it’s hard to remember your undergarments when you’re a cokewhore.

  27. Ned

    Put those nipples on Angelina Jolie’s brother and you know what you’ve got?…Well, I dunno….Now all I can think about is cocaine and chafing…Great. Now I’m gonna have fucking nightmares.

  28. bosendorfer

    she’s messed up, yes, and has shown terrible judgment at different times, but she is beautiful and she’s an original superstar.

  29. lamb

    #29Ned ..damn why ‘d You put THAT in my head

  30. Anonymous

    Um, do you know who Kate Moss is? She has done countless shoots braless and/or topless. This is not news, this is not a nipple-slip, this is nothing.
    Good day.

  31. hendero

    wow, after all the drugs, and ciggies, and drink, and a kid, and Pete Doherty, at 33 Kate Moss officially looks weathered. Who’d have thought it?

  32. Axeldee



  33. Yet another celeb see-through dress…

  34. Feckless

    @13 do you type a self depreciating statement and then argue with yourself or do you just sit there and watch the computer for the appearance of a troll?

    Thank you Superfish for the Kate Moss post. She needs to get her interesting boyfriend back though – James Hince is worse than a sermon.

  35. sara

    You know, it wasn’t even that cold yesterday. It was actually quite nice out, which is weird for November. And Kate Moss is always without a bra and/or topless (I’m not sure why she insists on continuing this habit, but like many of her other ones, I’m sure it’s hard to break).

  36. The face of an old women. All the drugs and the partying have really caught up with her once stunning looks. I think she really needs to look at herself because she is a mess. Another Britney Spears that does not look after her kid or kids right.

  37. sicasso

    a world in which this skank is considered beautiful, sexy, or even mildly attractive is one in need of catastrophic mass hypno-therapy. then or now, kate moss = fugly.

  38. She looks like a bitch, like me. I’m a bitch.

  39. Emmyem

    Oh, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. Or, maybe, I dunno. What’s up with that?
    Overuse. Funny kinda at first, now, I dunno, not so much.
    Big news at the Superfish yesterday. I’m bored this morning ,and I see THIS AGAIN.
    Come on, Superfical Man Impersonator. Give him back.
    “Nipple Slip” And the “coverage” to protect our innocent virgin eyes? Please. Meh, that was nothing. Oh wait, I DUNNO, it was gross.

  40. ys

    she’s still so cool.love kate~

  41. shutupyall

    Haters, haters, haters. Kate Moss has awful taste in diversions (see cocaine, Pete Doherty), but there is no way in hell you can claim she’s an ugly skank. Look at any one of her bazillion ad campaigns or photoshoots…the girl is stunning. STUNNING. And I’m usually a catty bitch, so that’s really saying something. Now all y’all best go waste yo’ hatin’ words on Britney or someone else who deserves them.

  42. fauxfu

    She looks fine. She doesn’t have huge tits, and doesn’t feel like wearing a bra. So what?
    Her outfit is not easy to wear, but she pulls it off too. How many normal women could even pull those thigh high boots more than halfway up their (sizable) calves?

  43. e g

    QUIT CENSORING NIPPLES that you can’t even see.

    God damn.

    Whats wrong with seeing nipples?

  44. BunnyButt

    Oh, sweet Jesus, Miss Universe is back with her happy platitudes. Yet another poster who doesn’t understand what superficial means.

  45. kitty_kat

    She was never that hot to begin with, but now the drugs have just made her fugly.

  46. elva

    i think she had better not wear such clothes, she is old enough. but her profile on a dating site called sugarcupid.com is good. there are many photo about her, she wear dress. it looks better.

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